Harford County Board of Education Jan. 23: Approval of Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2013; Osman Induction into Educator Hall of Fame

A decision on a proposed operating budget for the fiscal year 2013 is on the January 23 meeting agenda for the Harford County Board of Education. Superintendent Robert Tomback has proposed an unrestricted operating budget for next year of $447,334,549 and a restricted operating budget in the amount of $24,493,44. The Superintendent’s proposal includes salary increases for employees.

Employee salaries must be negotiated with each of the five employee bargaining units in HCPS, therefore the proposed increases are not defined at this time.

In other business board business, Don Osman will be inducted into the Educator Hall of Fame. Osman is a retired educator and a former member of the Harford County Board of Education. Recognitions are also planned for Katherine P. Lambert, who was named the Eastern District Teacher of the Year for Adapted Physical Education; Dyann R. Mack, the Maryland Association of Elementary Principals Assistant Principal of the Year, and the Harford County 2012 All State Student Musicians.

School board members will make a decision on promotions and appointments to be proposed Monday evening by Superintendent Tomback. Other action items include the approval of the monthly personnel report and a “Non-Retention and Third Year Probation Report.”

Resolutions are planned for Career and Technology Education Week and National School Counseling Week.

Survey results will be presented on student motivation and parent satisfaction.

As always, the meeting will conclude with a report by Superintendent Tomback.

Below is the published agenda for the January 23 meeting of the Harford County Board of Education. The meeting is set to begin at 6:30 p.m. in the HCPS A.A. Roberty Building in Bel Air. Please note that published agendas are subject to change.

102 S. Hickory Avenue, Bel Air, MD 21014

Board Open Session – 5:15 P.M. – Board Room
Board Closed Session – 5:20 P.M. – Board Executive Conference Room
Board Business Meeting – 6:30 P.M. – Board Room

6:30 P.M. Call to Order – Dr. Leonard D. Wheeler, President
Quorum Roll Call
Adoption of Agenda
Pledge of Allegiance

*6:35 P.M. Recognition
HCPS Educator Hall of Fame – Donald R. Osman
Eastern District Teacher of the Year for Adapted Physical Education, Katherine P. Lambert
Maryland Association of Elementary Principals Assistant Principal of the Year, Dyann R. Mack
2012 All State Student Musicians

*6:55 P.M. Public Comment
*7:05 P.M. Introductions
*7:10 P.M. Board Committee Reports and Comments

Old Business
Action Item(s):
*7:25 P.M. A. Consent Agenda:
1) Minutes of Previous Meetings: (Goal 1-4)
• January 9, 2012
• January 18, 2012
2) Monthly Report on Personnel, Non-Retention and Third Year Probation Report (Goal 3)

Old Business

3) Proposed Resolutions: (Goal 3)
• Career and Technical Education Week
• National School Counseling Week

*7:30 P.M. B. Decision on Board of Education’s Proposed FY 2013 Operating Budget, Mr. James M. Jewell (Goal 3)

New Business
Action Item:

*7:40 P.M. C. Decision on Promotions and Appointments, Dr. Robert M. Tomback (Goal 3)

*7:45 P.M. D. Presentation on Board Strategic Plan Update #4, Mr. William A. Lawrence
• Presentation on Student Motivation and Parent Satisfaction Survey Results. Progress Report Parent/Student Satisfaction Survey Data
(Goal 3) Ms. Leeann Schubert, Mr. Phil Snyder, Ms. Teri Kranefeld
• Grades K-2 Student Motivation Survey
• Grades 3-5 Student Motivation Survey
• Grades 6-11 Student Motivation Survey
• Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

*8:05 P.M. E. Superintendent’s Report

Future Meetings Review