98 Rock DJ Stash Arrested for DUI Following Three-Car Abingdon Crash Sunday Night (UPDATED)

Popular 98 Rock radio personality Stash was arrested for driving under the influence Sunday night after police said he was involved in a three-vehicle crash in Abingdon which sent at least five people to the hospital.

Stephen G. Smith, 48, of Bel Air was arrested and charged with DUI and other traffic offenses following a three-vehicle crash which occurred on state Route 24 at Interstate 95 in Abingdon shortly after 9 p.m. Sunday, Maryland State Police said.

Smith’s 2006 Nissan Quest was northbound on Route 24 at “an apparent high rate of speed” when state police said it struck the rear of a 2011 Hyundai which was stopped at a red light, pushing it forward into the rear of a 2009 Nissan SUV also stopped at the light.

Smith then traveled through the intersection and an additional 300 feet north of the collision scene.

Troopers determined that Smith was exhibiting signs of being under the influence of alcohol, and was charged with DUI, negligent driving, and other offenses.

The driver of the Hyundai, Heather Manto, 34, of Bel Air and her four passengers, Todd Fisher, 30, of York, Pa., Joshua Stavrakoglou, 28, of Baltimore, Joshua Cowan, 32, also of Baltimore, and Harvey Dail, 29, of Abingdon were all transported to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, where they were treated and later and released.

The driver of the 2009 Nissan Suv, Clinton Cottrell Sr., 48, and his passenger, Katherine Cottrell, 47, both of Bel Air, were not injured.

One of those injured in the crash told The Dagger that Smith attempted to leave the scene shortly after the crash, and was seen throwing items including beer cans out of his car window. When first approached, the victim said, Smith identified himself as “Stash from 98 Rock.”

Smith did not appear on Harford County Detention Center logs, according to Monica Worrell, spokeswoman for the Harford County Sheriff’s Office. Those involved or charged in such accidents may not necessarily be taken to the facility’s Interagency Processing Center, she said, depending on their injuries and other factors of the judicial process.

Smith was not on the air in his usual afternoon drive-time slot Monday. By Monday evening, a link on the 98 Rock web page to Stash’s “jock” profile was missing, and his Twitter account had been disabled. No mention of any weekend event appeared on the 98 Rock Facebook page.

On December 3, 2007, Stash slipped and fell 14 steps at his home; resulting in a skull fracture with a contusion of the brain. He was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit with a breathing tube and had to undergo rehabilitation to regain speech and motor skills – including relearning to speak and write.

According to a WBAL TV-11 story, which originally aired on May 15, 2008, Stash was taking up to six doses of painkillers a day, and developed a strong dependency on the drugs. He sought treatment at Maryland General Hospital and eventually went to a detoxification ward.

During his interview at the time, WBAL-TV commented that Stash said he had decided his drinking days were over.

“I think maybe before I was running a little too hard, going a little too fast, chasing the rock and roll thing super hard, and I’m still going to chase it a little bit, but I’ve got that established and what’s important really is loving my family as much as I can,” Stash said.

“It turns out that a bang on my head was maybe what I needed to see the whole picture, to see everything I was missing,” he added.

The full WBAL TV-11 interview can be viewed here.

From the Maryland State Police, Bel Air Barrack:

(Abingdon, MD) On Sunday, July 22, 2012, shortly after 9:00 pm, troopers from the Maryland State Police Bel Air Barrack responded to a three car crash on northbound Route 24 at I-95, in Abingdon, Md., that injured five people and resulted in the arrest of a Harford County man for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Upon arrival, it was determined that a 2006 Nissan Quest was traveling
northbound on Route 24 at an apparent high rate of speed and struck the rear of a 2011 Hyundai, which was stopped at the red traffic signal. The impact pushed the Hyundai forward into the rear of a 2009 Nissan SUV, also stopped at the red light. The Nissan Quest then traveled through the intersection and an additional 300 feet north of the collision scene.

Troopers found the operator of the Nissan Quest to be Stephen G. Smith, 48, of Bel Air, Md. Troopers investigating the crash determined Smith was exhibiting signs of a person under the influence and he was arrested at the scene. Smith was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, negligent driving, and other traffic offenses. The driver of the Hyundai was Heather Manto, 34, of Bel Air, Md. In addition to Manto, there were four passengers in the Hyundai who included: Todd Fisher, 30, of York, Pa., Joshua Stavrakoglou, 28, of Baltimore, Joshua Cowan, 32, also of Baltimore, and Harvey Dail, 29, of Abingdon. All five occupants of the Hyundai were transported by ambulance to the Upper Chesapeake Medical Center where they were treated and later released.

The driver of the 2009 Nissan SUV was Clinton Cottrell Sr., 48, and his
passenger was Katherine Cottrell, 47, both of Bel Air. Neither person was transported to a medical facility.

The Rt. 24 corridor has been an area of recent focused enforcement efforts by the Maryland State Police and the Harford County Sheriff’s Office as part of their combined traffic enforcement initiative. This increased police enforcement is the result of an increase in traffic crashes and incidents of dangerous driving reported in the area.


  1. Whatajoke says

    “I was running a little too hard, going a little too fast, chasing the rock and roll thing super hard”

    Give me a break, dude. You’re a radio DJ, not a rock star. How pathetic. I hope they really throw the book at this dbag this time. 98 Rock really needs to get their act together. First the anti-pitbull rant, then the firefighter thing, now this. I hope they pay their PR folks well.

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    • Patty Casper says

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      • christina says

        Shock Trauma or not, someone was hurt because of someone else’s ignorance. Ask the question, what if that was you or someone you cared about? You would probably be screaming from the rafters. Have a little sympathy for those hurt.

        Well-loved. Thumb up 18 Thumb down 2
      • Really? says

        @Patty C, So let me get this right … a drunk tries to get rid of evidence, tries to flee an accident scene that he was involved in and because people are upset about it, you think they live in glass houses? WOW! Is all I can say? Shame on you Patty. Get a reality check… Your “hero” is not above the law. Sounds like you may be the one who lives in a glass house. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! Thank God this drunk got caught – this is NOT an isolated incident. I hope they throw the book at him!

        Well-loved. Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1
      • whatajoke says

        Hey Patty, why don’t you read my comment instead of just applying your own ignorance to it? I didn’t say he started the pitbull or firefighter thing, I said 98 Rock as an organization has said/done a lot of stupid shit lately and I hope they pay their PR people well. But believe it or not, 98 Rock IS responsible for all of it, because they condone this type of behavior. In fact they seem to enjoy the hysteria and play it up. If they came out with a statement on these subjects and/or got rid of the cancer then maybe people wouldn’t think they’re the trash that they are. They play to the lowest common denominator, people like you.

        Well-loved. Thumb up 13 Thumb down 2
      • Phoenix says

        @Patty C, 5 of my friends were involved in this horrific accident and for you to make it out that because they didn’t end up in shock trauma that it is no big deal is absolutely ridiculous!!! I understand I am going to have a bit of a biased opinion seeing as though these people are not only my friends but like family. I had the same anger toward Stash and sympathy for those involved when it came to the people (strangers) in the other car involved. Every life is precious! He needs to be prosecuted to the full extent, Stash is obviously a liability and not might but WILL kill someone if he is allowed to continue the same behavior. I am beyond grateful that that someone was not any of my friends or the people in the other car. If Stash has no respect for others, he should have the foresight to think about how his actions can negatively effect his family.

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    • MS says

      I saw the same interview on WBAL where he said that, too funny!! Rock star? What instrument does he play, skin flute?

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    • Vic says

      Stash did some stupid shit but that doesnt have shit to do with 98 rock is the employer to blame when one of its employees does something stupid

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  2. Turtlespoon says

    it would be in 98 Rock’s best interest to address this matter very candidly and with great import that NO ONE is above the law.

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  3. Chris Wilson says

    98 Rock’s facebook page had a picture and a write up on the event he was at Sunday….Cancun Cantina, for the biker bash…Quote 98 Rock: “Stash is there giving out plenty of prizes”….then goes on to talk about beer, babes and bikes….
    Try as they might, I don’t think they can limit their liability in this, as he was working for the station at a niteclub on the day of the accident….

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    • mel says

      he didnt have one drink at that event, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. i love how people act like they know everything when im his own daughter and i know what happened. get off your computer and do something with your life instead of worrying about my fathers. he made a mistake, AND HE HUMAN. i bet youre perfect, right?

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 16 Thumb down 20
      • BJ says

        Well Damn! If he didn’t have 1 drink at the event and it ended at 7 and he was driving drunk at 9, sounds to me like you need to get your facts straight. After saying goodbyes and having a 45 minute car ride from Hanover, MD to Edgewood, MD, what was he doing….drinking behind the wheel??? EVEN BETTER!

        Well-loved. Thumb up 15 Thumb down 3
        • BJ says

          I am, however, sorry that you’re going through this. A child should never have to defend their parent. He should not have put you in that position.

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      • Brittany says

        Your dad may be only human but it doesn’t change the fact that his negligence put other peoples lives in danger. My dad died when I was 11 because of a drunk driver, he had just gotten home from Iran (Army Infantry) when a drunk hit his car and my dad was crushed to death. So sorry I don’t feel sympathy for you defending your dads actions just be glad his stupidity didn’t get him killed and try to at least feel something for the people hes hurt.

        Yeah I am not perfect I make mistakes but I certainly don’t make mistakes that could potentially KILL people. Also I have my own little girl and I would never ever put myself into a situation like this because my family always comes first and I know that my actions will effect my husband and my daughter.

        Well-loved. Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3
      • Charles Baltimore says

        I don’t give a #^#$# whether the dude was working or not. If he had hit me I would have beaten the dumb out of this drunken midget. He was driving drunk going way over the speed limit and almost killed a bunch of people… end of story!

        Well-loved. Thumb up 11 Thumb down 4
      • Lynsey Purcell says


        It is noble for you to protect your Dad. I hope you can step away from all the comments. The only ones that know what happend are the ones that were there and you know as you have grown up in the music industry, people will either love you to death or string you up. This will blow over.

        I have known your Dad since I was 12, I am 35 now. We recently spoke and he told me how much you and your sister’s and brother mean to him. Hold on to the good things to get thur this.

        Well-loved. Thumb up 12 Thumb down 6
  4. Jason P says

    This is terrible. I’ve known Stash a good while and outside of the obvious issues he’s dealing with this couldn’t have happened to a better person. I
    hope he finds the support he needs to turn
    It around again. He’s not just a radio jock but a father, husband, and one of the hardest workers in the industry.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 14 Thumb down 9
  5. lisa mendez says

    Shock trauma or not, if you saw the accident photos, the parties involved were very lucky to have walked away without more serious injuries. And a good man, husband or father wouldn’t have tried to flee without ensuring nobody was killed in the accident. He also wouldn’t be drinking and driving while on probation for a previous offense and while on a suspended license and with no insurance. That doesn’t sound like a very hard working or responsible person who cares about anyone but himself imo.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 20 Thumb down 3
    • BJ says

      Nice. Check out Maryland Judiciary Case Search Results. Stephen Gregory Smith from Bel Air sure has a ton of traffic issues and is on probation for DUI from October 2011. In June 2012 pulled over for speeding and failure to display registration, all in a 2006 Nissan. Wonder if it’s the same hard working, responsible guy.

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      • BJ says

        On 4/18/12, pulled over for driving on a suspended license and priviledge.

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  6. christina says

    I hope all involved are ok and I hope Stash realizes what he has done. I also think that any station that arranges a gig at a bar/club, should set up a dd for the employess. There is enough money in the budget to make this happen. Its safer for all involved.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1
    • Lee says

      Amen, Christina. A designated driver is indeed a good idea.

      Aside from that, a recovering alcoholic hosting a bar event is never a good idea. He shouldn’t have been sent there by his workplace, no matter how popular he is and no matter how much he may enjoy those appearances. Festivals, concerts, sure. There’s alcohol here and there. At Cancun Cantina and the like, alcohol is ALL THERE IS.

      If this was a choice vs. an assignment, that’s another story. Get well, Stash.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 4
  7. Terese says

    Hardworking, husband, and father? NOT! He needs to pay consequences. He should be ashamed of himself. There are some serious issues that def need to be addressed. Thank God no one had to go to shock trauma. I can’t believe your comment Patty Casper! What is your tie to this guy????? Committed groupie who is taking up for her idol Stash? Grow up and get a life!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 12 Thumb down 8
  8. Bill W. says

    Call it what you want, a drunk is a drunk. Sorry for those involved in the accident and this guys poor family. Get this guy off the road. Lock him up. Sounds like that is the only way he will be off the road. Driving on a suspended license, without insurance, on probation for previous DUI. What will it take for him to be off the road? His own life or worse, someone elses. LOCK HIM UP.

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  9. Devon Shilling says

    @Patty I’m sure if you call my friend Heather and tell her that she shouldn’t be upset she will instantly get over it. I’m sure the hospital bills will just magically disappear from Saturday. And I’m sure we car will no longer be totaled. She a single mother who just got laid off too so I’m sure it’ll be super easy for her to find a job with a big old broken nose on her face. But I’m sure if you call her and tell her not to throw stones all that will go away. You insensitive jerk

    Well-loved. Thumb up 21 Thumb down 6
    • Cindy B says

      It’s the personal stories of those impacted that are not often reported. I’m so sorry for your friend and anyone who is, through no action of their own, involved in something like this. It goes so far beyond the actual accident. Even if the person who is responsible has insurance that covers monetary issues, there is the time needed to deal with insurance, car repair/replacement. The inconvenience and disruption to family/work life is vast. Then there is always the emotional component that the money doesn’t erase.

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  10. mel says

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    • BJ says

      Mistake does not equal choice. Choice does not equal mistake. Parenting 101.

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    • PB says

      You’re out of your league, son. I know you’re angry, but when good people do stupid things ( which we all do more than we care to admit ), then there are consequences.

      It’s just how the world works.

      Well-loved. Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1
    • BJ says

      It could have affected any of us, or our families, or friends. You do not get drunk and get behind the wheel. You do not get behind the wheel when you don’t have a license. You don’t try to leave the scene of an accident that you caused without any regard for the people that you injured. Face it, your father could be dead right now, so could any of the other people that he plowed into. Yes, it affects all of us. There are laws for a reason.

      Well-loved. Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1
    • laura holland says

      i am sorry this happened to your dad. he is a great dad and you will get through this. i have a son who just got a dui so i feel for your family. my prayers are with you and your family tell your dad to hang in there.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 16
      • BJ says

        Sorry it happened? I think you meant to say “I’m sorry your dad and my son got caught”.

        Well-loved. Thumb up 11 Thumb down 5
    • Bill W. says

      Mel, you have a lot to learn and I am very sorry you are going through this. Perhaps you should talk to your father. he def has made A LOT of bad CHOICES. Opinions are one thing but facts are facts. The man needs to get off the road and get some help. I think you also need to realize that this is a VERY SERIOUS issue. NOT JUST A MISTAKE. Please talk to your family and get the man some help – in all seriousness. He should not be on the road or on the air.

      Well-loved. Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1
      • Terese says

        Please stop trying to fit your dad’s battles. I am sorry for you and hope you can help turn this bad situation into one that you can be proud of. Talk to yiur mom. Go to Al ANon. This is very serious. It would benefit you immensely if you stopped reading and commenting on here. It is what it is. You cannot change what has already been done. Thank god everyone walked away. Thank God yiu did not lose yiur dad. Tough love my dear.

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 4
  11. Devon Shilling says

    It does affect me. The woman who’s car that he totaled is a single mother who now has no vehicle. She had recently been laid off and is job hunting. How is that going to work out with her face all smashed up? It’s ok to defend your father but if he’s such a stand up guy he shouldn’t have tried to hide evidence and flee the scene. You have to understand that people are upset and just want him to take responsibility for his mistake.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 14 Thumb down 5
    • Turtlespoon says

      well said.

      someone close to me was a passenger in the car. i’m grateful that he and all his friends are well.

      Well-loved. Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2
  12. Devon Shilling says

    Maybe accepting responsibility and an apology would go a far way.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1
  13. mel says

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      • mel says

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        • BJ says

          Give your smart comments a rest Mel. I am very ‘productive’, a citizen who can say whatever the hell I want, a mother, and also a life long listener of 98 Rock. I would like to know what they are going to do about this as a consumer so I will follow the story until I have an answer regardless of what your smug, teenage, know it all ass says. Like I said earlier, I am sorry that you are going through this. But obviously, you are too entitled, selfish and rude to understand how people other than yourself are affected by your father’s CHOICE to accept a shred of sympathy that you don’t even deserve. Go read a book and learn something about grammar and punctuation, don’t waste your summer. Good luck to you and your family.

          Well-loved. Thumb up 25 Thumb down 9
          • mel says

            You’re right. Congrats. Sorry for sticking up for MY FAMILY.

            Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 2 Thumb down 11
          • BJ says

            Mel- Please know that I am truly sorry that you are going through this. There is a lot of anger right now from a lot of people. It is right for you to stand by your family, I’m sure your father appreciates and needs your understanding. It is all very unfortunate and I do wish you well and I am glad that your father is not hurt. His decisions are not a reflection of how much he is obviously loved by you and many others. Take care of yourself.

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          • mel says

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          • BJ says

            No Mel, I was not apologizing for telling you off, you needed it. I told you off because you were rude and attacking me personally, not because you were standing up for your family. It is one thing to stand by your family and another thing to tell people they don’t know what they are talking about when a record is in black and white and that they are unproductive, etc. I am sorry for what you are going through, I also wish that this was not happening to you, that is it simply.

            Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 4
          • mel says

            I didnt not need to be told off, only making things worse on your part. And I didnt not attack you personally, as you did to me. But thank you, I am finished speaking to everyone of you because your opinions are not the same as mine, and it doesnt solve anything to fight. Im sorry for that. What happened, happened. Let it be and let whatever happens now, happen. I just ask for respect of privacy and personal information about my family to be left alone. thank you.

            Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 12
        • Turtlespoon says

          no one should be passing judgement in either way. that’s what the people of law enforcement will do.

          regardless, we should all be grateful that EVERYONE walked away.

          and if i were Stash, i would not want my daughter posting ANYTHING about this matter online.

          Well-loved. Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1
          • Just_Saying says

            Good thing you’re not Stash. Then you’d be a low-life, drunk driving, hit-and-run attempimg, evidence throwing, lame songs on the radio playing d-bag.

            Well-loved. Thumb up 20 Thumb down 10
    • Molly says

      He’s not arguing with you, he’s simply making you aware of the fact that you should probably stop talking and realize when you are in the wrong. I understand sticking up for family…but to say that this doesn’t effect anyone but YOUR family is absurd! My brother is now not able to come to work for a week where he works for his FAMILY business and is extremely relied on…thanks daddy stash! Heather’s friends and family now have to drive her and her daughter around due to the fact that her trunk is making out with her dash board as we speak. Not to mention the other innocent victums of the situation which will probably suffer from life long back injuries.
      I’m not usually one to speak out like this…but you’re going over the top. maybe “go live your life off your computer”…open a book, go outside, or better yet open a traffic laws violation booklet and educate yourself on the laws of having CAR INSURANCE, A LISCENCE AND MINTY FRESH, ALCOHOL FREE BREATH before getting behind the wheel yourself!

      Well-loved. Thumb up 14 Thumb down 7
  14. MS says

    It is really a shame when things like this happen. Only goes to show that those in the public’s eye are also human and make mistakes like the rest of us; they should not just be put up on pedestals.

    I hope that all who were injured in this incident recover well, and that Stash realizes his mistake and makes amends as best as he can. But just because someone makes a mistake (which we ALL do) does not mean that everyone should hate them. S*@# happens; let’s learn to help those who need help, hold those accountable that make mistakes, but also learn to forgive.

    There’s too much crap separating us all already. Let’s not add to it and continue to divide. Stash, I hope you get it together man. Get some help with your addiction, and get clean bro.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1
  15. dls says

    You are just making things worse. Stop talking, I’m sure your father doesn’t want you fighting his battles with people on the Dagger.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2
  16. Mark says

    Obviously a topic abundent with emotional attachment given the cicumstances. Truth of the matter is Maryland averages over 20k DUI arrests per year with an average 36% of them involving vehicle collisions (according to state sanctioned records). Had this particular incident NOT been involving a public figure none of these people would be having an interaction on a public forum. It’s understandable for people to take things of this nature personally when it involved friends / family however it’s unfortunate that folks can’t maintain rationality when discussing their viewpoints. Mr. Smith clearly has issues which plague his decision making abilities and he’s lucky it wasn’t at the expense of someone else’s life. I would HOPE as a MD state resident you would want him to be prosecuted in a manner as ANY OTHER resident with his charges and passed criminal / driving record. That being said there is not one person who is with out flaws; some may be more austere than others however that is a matter of perception. Turtlespoon nailed it “everyone walked away” – take something good out of a bad situation.

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  17. Charles Baltimore says

    I can’t believe the sob stories people have about this moron. “he is such a good guy”, what a load of BS! The guy was drunk, going almost 70 MPH and almost killed a good friend of mine who is an Army Iraq war veteran. If I had been there I would have beat the dumb out of the little drunken midget. What a POS! Obviously he never learned his lesson.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 11 Thumb down 6
  18. Patty says

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    • BJ says

      Patty- You are truly ignorant. You better watch out for karma saying shit like that.

      Well-loved. Thumb up 10 Thumb down 4
      • Patty says

        Again, like I said no one was seriously hurt, that is what matters. The Law will handle the rest!

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 11
  19. Devon Shilling says

    Patty Hows she going to replace her car when the great responsible dad was driving around with no car insurance?It is TOTALLED! It’s her fault? She should have to pay for that?!?! And that’s really gonna help her get a job so she can pay for this losers mistakes…you are what’s wrong with the world. I’m sure she’ll think about how sorry he feels for him when she’s figurin out how to pay her bills and feed her daughter.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3
    • Patty says

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  20. Devon Shilling says

    Now that Patty I agree on. The law will handle the rest and I can’t WAIT to watch it unfold!

    Well-loved. Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1
  21. John says

    It’s over and done with now. A huge mistake was made. Patty is right though. If it was Joe Schmoe it wouldn’t have been made into a production. It’s no ones business but those involved quite frankly. What happened was the result of extremely bad choices. I recommend everyone go back to their lives and try and let the family and those involved regroup, solve the issues at hand, and move on. Sitting on a website and bashing people left and right is not fixing anything. The law will handle it and it will be what it will be.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2
    • Meg says

      The only real reason being a radio personality matters here is that he was promoting partying as “Stash from 98 Rock”, not Joe Schmoe who happens to also be on the radio. Nothing against partying, but when you promote it as a personality and then put lives at risk, you’re only using your powers for bad. Perhaps it was his wake-up call (AGAIN) but I would hardly consider it a mistake. I may just be a measly “Jill Shmoe” but when I know I’m going to go hard, I arrange for a ride. More people will pay attention to him than they would to me. Not only has he set a bad example while being open about his title, he disrupted the lives of others. Yes, everyone is alive, doesn’t mean they are fine. There’s a lot of long term damage, emotional and financial distress that can follow.

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      • Meg says

        For the record, I am not bashing him or judging. I’m directly responding to the idea that the only reason anyone cares is because who he is. I care, because I know those affected. And I’m sure if you poke around on various articles about your average Joes in accidents, you will see plenty of comments as well.

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  22. Kara says

    A mistake is something you do once and regret it….you learn and move on. Obviously, this was not a mistake as he was driving under the influence in October. He needs serious help.

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  23. scott says

    Patty is an idiot. I know stash and have for yeers, however he made yet another mistake in a long line of mistakes. He needs to grow up.
    Patty needs her tubes tied.

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    • cowgirl says

      You should be ashamed of yourself Scott for such comments!

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  24. scott says

    Give out a break, you’re not helping your father at all.
    Maybe go and make sure your dad is sober and hide the keys from him.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 12 Thumb down 7
    • mel says

      Scott, things are hard enough as is and i dont need your smartass remarks to add on to the difficulty of our lives now. You say what you want, and I will as well. Maybe go and live your life off your computer instead of telling a teenage girl how to live

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 8
      • dls says

        Seems like Mel is the one on the computer all day. Go out and play

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  25. John says

    It is no ones right to judge. You don’t know what is going on in their lives. It’s not anyone’s place to judge and make comments on someone’s character. It is not a direct reflection upon the family. What needs to happen is everyone needs to leave it alone and pay attention to their own lives. You have an opinion? Good for you. It does not mean everyone needs to hear it. It isn’t helping the situation whatsoever, only worsening it. This too shall pass and all will heal.

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    • mel says

      Thank you. Couldn’t of said it better myself.

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  26. scott says

    Oh my, what a foul mouthed young “lady”…your dad is a loser who could have killed multiple people. Now go away you little brat, adults are talking here.

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  27. scott says

    Oh my, what a foul mouthed young “lady”…your amazing debating skills have chamged my mind, your dad is hero! Yay Stash, you didn’t kill anyone, you deserve an award! Party hardy dude!

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  28. Just_Saying says

    This is the best part of the discussion in my opinion, when people start giving their opinion on how others should express opinions.

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  29. Emily says

    Mel, I’m sure your Dad and his lawyers would not be happy to hear that you are posting on- line regarding the him and the incident. Do yourself and your family a favor, stop posting.

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  30. calculon says

    Is it me or does Mel seem not be who she claims? Really, how many 9th or 10th graders have such eloquent speech and how many spend their time sitting around reading the Dagger online? Is it really necessary to bring up that you’re a teenager in every post?

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  31. wondering says

    Does anyone really believe that mel is really Stash’s daughter? If she is, she isn’t very bright and is digging the hole much deeper for her father and his case. It is quite obvious the guy has a problem with drinking and driving and speeding, thank God no one was killed. My goodness what a record. You just never know…

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    • Alexis says

      Wondering, Mel is stash’s daughter and she is a very bright girl. She works hard in school and is a great sister and daughter. Her point is that a family dealing with this internally is already hard enough. The negative comments only add to the already issues they face as a family. As his niece, no one in our family condones this behavior and we all understand how dangerous and irresponsible it was. Dealing with the news and it’s consequences is enough for all of us without the digs at him as a father. We understand how this was CHOICE and not one that we would ever agree with. So while this is a horrible situation, Mel is going through more than you know. I would ask that as much as this upsets everyone including his own family members, take a step back and realize that they too are also hurt by this situation. Mel does not condone his actions either, she just loves him as her father.

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  32. sad says

    Mel, most of us would defend our parents when people call them a bad parent so your not wrong for doing that. But drunk driving is a choice not a mistake. I would hope your dad sees that things could have been worse. I hope all who were involved recover to 100%. and if someone gets a good lawyer, find out if he was drinking on the job and go after 98rock to.

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  33. FORMER 98 ROCK FAN says

    Not their only high-profile DJ to get a DUI…Just look at casesearch. 98 Rock might want to postpone their next “Bacon and Beer and then Drive Home” event… Hey everyone, come get drunk with us…It’s what we do best!

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  34. cowgirl says

    Mel, Don’t pay attention to the people who are negative to you. You are a sweet girl and your family has alot on their plate lately. Just help your family in what ever way you can. Don’t listen to the negative comments, just move on towards a positive direction. Commenting back to them just feeds into them. People who know and love your family will help and stand by all of you.

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  35. M.A.D.D. says

    When someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, when they under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is a CHOICE not a mistake. Thankfully no one lost their life over his CHOICE to drive while impaired. He needs help, I hope his family will stop excusing his behavior and get him treatment.

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  36. Kristy says

    I do not feel sorry for this loser. I don’t care if he is hard working or not. He was driving drunk and could of killed someone. My best friend was killed by a drunk driver. And all he got was a slap on the wrist.

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  37. Rob says

    That’s not his daughter. This whole string of comments is insane.

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  38. H-BOMB says

    Being a victim in this accident and the brother of someone who was killed by a drunk driver I have this to say. For those of you defending Smith, stop. As many of you have said, it was not a mistake it was a choice. Rather than considering his family, his own life, and the lives of others, he got behind the wheel of a vehicle, while still drinking, and drove. I personally watched him throwing opened alcohol containers from his vehicle and personally watched his stumbling as he tried to walk. I heard his slurred speech and have zero sympathy for him. Mel, I say this as the son of an alcoholic, do NOT tolerate your fathers behavior. I turned my back on my own dad ages ago when he decided that alcohol meant more to him than his own family. Think of it this way, if he cares about his family he will, and should have already gotten help. See to it that he does, for his sake, for anyone on the roads sake, and for you and your families sake. I would hate to hear that he passed due to his own negligence. No one here was even attacking you family necessarily, they were attacking a media figure who knowingly made a choice of a career that would put him in the spotlight for good and for bad. He made a choice to only care about himself, and that is truly a shame. I myself have made mistakes in the past. However, there is a key word here, “past”. The first time or two may have been a mistake, but at this point its no longer a mistake but a choice to potentially harm himself and others. The only person you deserve to be upset with is your father, just as I was with mine. Good luck Mel, and God bless you and your family.

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    • Cheese Wagon says

      I’ll say hold up on the H-Bomb. If your brother was killed by a drunk driver then he killed himself. Don’t make a martyr or victim out of someone who isn’t. The other guy was the one, the father of three kids, who was the victim of a drunk driving incident and had nothing in his system.

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      • H-BOMB says

        Actually, unfortunately for you and your arrogant comments, he was under the influence of not only alcohol, but also pain killers and cocaine. So why dont you get off your high horse and shut your mouth. Before someone does it for you.

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  39. JodeMode says

    One word: Alanon. Look into it. I’m an old friend of your dad’s and a member of the group for similar reasons. Support and understanding and answers are there… it’ll take time, but the chaos will slow down in your head. Sorry you and your sibs are going through this. Really – hit up a 12 step member for someone you can trust that can help you sort through all this. That is all.

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  40. JodeMode says

    Actually, that’s not all. All the things you’re worrying about, you have no control over. The only thing you can do is take care of yourself and that’s what he’d want you to do right now. I know this is a nightmare. My cousin is an alcoholic and I WISH I could unremember the shit did has done but somehow you learn to love the person, not their actions. Feel fee to e-mail me… This is heartfelt, even if you don’t know the source.

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  41. Consider This~ says

    Hmmm…., so their seems to be a collective an all of the busy little bees are buzzing about. After reading about how great Stephen Gregory Smith is from his”family” and his friends I thank Christ for those of you in the minority who say PROSECUTE!
    My proverbial rocks are meant for the former judges, ADA’s, MVA, etc… I understand a drunk is going to do what he/she wants. It’s human behavior but, 57 different moving violations since 1995???!!! If you all want the system to change then change it. Get out and vote in a new judge, mayor, governor, etc… And, if that requires to much energy, feel free to stand outside of the released prisoner gate at the I.P.C. when good ole stash ambles out from his 90 day stay and pick up a rock and throw.-

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  42. Will says

    Your all idiots…go find something better to do than sit in front of your computers and bash someone you don’t even know. Pathetic…

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  43. ralph says

    i dont think he planned this its an accident made by a bad choice..who are we to judge this man..let him deal with this and quit judging him..i pray for stash and his family through this hard time and thank god nobody was killed ..

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    • Mike Welsh says

      I will be happy to judge him should he take his case to trial. If you are a citizen and resident of Harford County, that is your duty.

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  44. Jim says

    Mel, you’re really not helping matters here. this should be a lesson in taking the high road. people are going to make comments and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Your father would be better supported by you not chiming in. not to mention, there is nothing you can say to justify his actions. are people wrong for assuming he is not a good father, absolutely, but why is that any of their business? move on, support your father and family, and let it go.

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    • Peg says

      she’s a loser. he’s a loser. I am sure the whole family is a bunch of losers. A year later and I understand he is still drunk all the time……trash.

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  45. Peg says

    Sounds like little miss Mel is a spoiled little bitch who needs a reality check. Your dad is a drunk and has negatively affected the lives of others. You are an apologist and attacking people on the internet is not a good idea. Maybe you should take your pathetic little ass to something more constructive instead of being a loser defending your loser father on a stupid website. Your father is a pathetic loser. You are a pathetic loser. I don’t care how old you are. Trash is trash.

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  46. ME says

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