Perryville Motorcyclist Killed After Striking Car on Route 22 Friday Afternoon

From the Maryland State Police:

(Bel Air, MD) – On Friday, September 14, 2012 at approximately 2:18 p.m. troopers responded to MD Route 22 (Churchville Road) west of MD Route 543 (South Fountain Green Road), Bel Air, Maryland, for a serious motor vehicle crash.

Preliminarily investigation revealed that a silver 2010 Hyundai Elantra, operated by a 17 year old male from the 200 block of Fairwood Road, Bel Air, Maryland, was traveling westbound on MD Route 22 west of MD Route 543 attempting to make a left turn into WaWa. A blue 2006 Kawasaki motorcycle, operated by Monte Alonzo Greenhow 49 yoa, from the 200 block of Thomas Point Way, Perryville, Maryland, was traveling eastbound on MD Route 22 in lane two just prior to the entrance of the WaWa. The operator of the Hyundai turned in front of the motorcycle taking his right away.

The operator of the motorcycle attempted to take evasive action, however was unsuccessful and struck the right passenger side rear of the Hyundai. The operator of the motorcycle was ejected and was subsequently transported to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased by medical personnel.

The operator and juvenile occupants of the Hyundai were not injured.

Troopers are continuing to investigate the crash. MD Route 22 remained closed for several hours while the scene was investigated.


  1. Ron Chapman says

    As a motorcycle rider myself, prayers out to his family. Very tragic. As responsible riders you are always scanning and trying to analyze the cars around you, to include your exit plan “in case”. Unfortunately there is no guarantee with no steel frame around you. These accidents take a human toll on both riders and drivers alike.

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  2. oldskool says

    As a rider also, the juvenille should be charged with vehicular manslaughter. I saw the bikes skid marks and they were long, the poor rider tried but unfortunately failed. R.I.P.

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    • rob says

      Actually, if the bike skid marks were long, then the bike was travelling at a high rate of speed. The young man will be charged, because at the end of the day, “legally”, it is his fault. But that doesn’t excuse the, perhaps, actions of the motorcyclist involved if he was speeding. That is an extremely dangerous intersection in front of Wa Wa’s with accidents almost everyday. I live around the corner and the police/fire are always there. SHA should close left turn access into and out of that driveway and that will solve the problem permanantly.

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      • J Roe says

        Perfectly said! How can we, as Bel Air residents, get the SHA to stop the left-turns? Do we need a petition drive or what? I’d be willing to get it started, if so.

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  3. Sheeple says

    I’m sure they did not see the bike, the car driver will be charged because they were at fault. Part of the problem is the government came up with daytime running lights on everything so now people look right thru motorcycles and emergency vehicles.

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    • David A. Porter says

      Government mandated daytime running lights? Are you really that obtuse? Only GM has daytime running lights. There is no government mandate. Stop appealing to the sheep with your idiocy.

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      • Anonymous in Bel Air says

        Perhaps Mr Porter needs to be a bit more observant. There are many cars that have daytime running lights or a daytime low output headlight feature, not just GM vehicles. Toytoa and Subaru are two that immediately come to mind.

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        • David A. Porter says

          Chiselhead. My 2007 Scion tC does not. Nor do many other cars. I am observant… you are just being contrary because it satisfies your ego. Take a poll… stand on a corner… or in your case, perhaps the middle of the intersection.

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        • David A. Porter says

          And the issue… that you casually avoided addressing was the notion of government mandated daytime running lights.

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          • Anonymous in Bel Air says

            Ah, Mr Porter, I was not the one who made the statement about an alleged government mandate. (right now only Canada & some countries in Europe legislate the use of DRLs) Please also note that I did not stoop to name calling in my post. Nor telling you to go, essentially, commit suicide. You do show considerable class.

            Anyway, here is an entry from the website of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

            “Are DRLs available on vehicles in the United States?

            First offered on a handful of 1995 domestic and foreign model passenger cars, pickups and SUVs, daytime running lights have become a more common feature. They are standard on all General Motors, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Saab, Subaru, Suzuki, Volkswagen and Volvo models. Other manufacturers also offer daytime running lights on certain models. GM offers retrofit kits for vehicles that do not already have DRLs. The kits can be used on non-GM models, too.”

            Now, Mr Porter I am sure you will notice that none of the brands mentioned by the IIHS is the aforementioned Toyota that I listed. A simple Dogpile search of Toyotoa Daytime Running Lights on the internet reveals many pages of writing about Toyota DRL’s. The lead link on my search is an article on how to disable them. So, while your car may not have DRL’s, Toyota does indeed make cars that have them.

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          • David A. Porter says

            My mistake. I was focused on the fact there is no government mandate and my data is old. You were focused on the fact I made a mistake and smelled blood in the water. Given all the excitability of people around here about government mandates in all phases of life except reproduction and marriage, I decided to call it out for not being true.

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    • Kharn says

      If you’re ignoring a motorcycle’s headlight because you think its a car’s DRL, you’re going to hit the car just the same as you would the motorcycle.

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  4. Kate says

    This is another tragic accident at this site. I myself was involved in a very similar accident right in that same spot. A truck turned took away my right of way and I smashed right into him. I was injured and have some injuries that will plague me the rest of my life but I at least wasn’t killed. That intersection is terrible and when that WaWa was built people complained it was going to be a problem which it has been. I wonder how many accidents actually occur there. When the County allows the zoning that it does with the traffic on most of the major roads, we are going to hear more and more about accidents and people being killed in accidents.

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    • Kharn says

      Another problem is people turning left from 543 SB into the Royal Farms during the afternoon rush hour. When 543 NB traffic is heavy, one car attempting the turn can stop SB traffic and subsequent drivers block the box.

      Instead, the drivers should be turning onto 22 EB and turning right into the store.

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      • oldskool says

        Amen, I refuse to let anyone in or out at that area, same for someone trying to go NB on 543 and making a left out of Burger King

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  5. Doug says

    You’re responsible for your vehicle, period. This isn’t about lights or zoning, sounds more like an inexperienced or distracted driver.

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    • Kate says

      You are right Doug but there are areas in this county that are very poorly planned as far as traffic and turning is concerned. This particular intersection is very bad. Someone took away my right away but cars making a left cross 3 lanes of traffic cannot see that 3rd lane which is a turning lane and starts on an incline. What probably needs to happen is no left turn from the side of 22. I can assure you there are many accidents just like this at that site. Maybe someone can find the stats from the police to how many calls they make to accidents there.

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    • J Roe says

      And motorcyclists are responsible for their vehicles, as well. they are not exempt from the speeding, lane-changing laws, although many think they are.

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  6. Rob says

    I have been riding motorcycles on the road since 1986. Last weekend I sold both my bikes. This was my greatest fear. The way these people drive out there is just getting too dangerous. God help the families of both involved in this horrific accident. RIP Monte

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  7. volunteermom says

    Why is it that when my brother had the same senerio, a car took his right of way and he hit them, he was told that he was at fault? It was explain that he needs to have total control of his car at all times. Are the rules different for motorcycles?

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  8. Original Observer says

    My most heartfelt prayers for Mr. Greenhow and my deepest condolences to his family. Most of Mrs. Observer’s side of the family ride. We’re always a little on pins and needles while they’re out (although, truth be told, I’ve considered getting a bike myself with the rising price of gas; but I can hardly hold onto the $125 for the motorcycle course at HCC much less buy a bike; but I digress). Despite the ninja bikers who ride the public streets like they’re motocross courses, the greatest menace to bikers isn’t themselves: It’s we who drive four-wheelers. And nothing exemplifies this better than a horror story I read when I was in high school. A woman pulled off from a red light into an intersection and, much like the instant case, right into the path of a biker who had the right of way. Mind you, that light had not changed from red when she pulled into the intersection. At her vehicular manslaughter trial, according to the account, her defense was, and I quote, “I had the right of way, didn’t I? He was only a motorcycle.”

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  9. J Roe says

    That is a horrific intersection. Left turns should NOT be allowed in or out of that WaWa. I have said that for years, as there is at least a dozen accidents there every month. I feel terrible for the motorcyclist, but also for the 17-year old boy. He didn’t do it on purpose, that’s why it’s called an accident. If the eyewitness supposedly saw “Long skid marks” from the motorcycle, then obviously he was speeding (as most motorcyclists do on those roads). Maybe he could have better avoided the accident if he had been driving defensively. Also, people need to STOP waving left turners through (in the act of trying to be helpful). All that does is create a scenario where the left-turner can’t see the second lane. A problem just waiting to happen.

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  10. Beemerman says

    Another car-motorcycle collision caused by a driver turning left into the path of an oncoming motorcycle…

    Don’t blame this on the road. (Thousands of people drive through there safely every day.) Don’t blame this on the victim. (Unless you were a witness, you don’t know how he was riding.) Put the blame squarely where it belongs: On an inattentive driver not paying attention to what he was doing.

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    • rob says

      You don’t have a clue. Your not a traffic engineer. That intersection of that driveway and Rt 22 is extremely dangerous and has led to literally hundreds of accidents over the years. The sight lines are terrible, traffic is heavy, 22/543 is a failing intersection just to name a few. While the law will indicate that the left truning driver was at fault, there are many tangibles and intangibbles that go into an “accident” including any potential contribuatory negligence by the vehicle not at fault. Since you were not a witness, how would you possibly know that he was inattentive? Maybe he just made a mistake in a very poor intersection with really bad sight lines.

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    • Kharn says

      I live within earshot of the intersection. Hearing sirens during the evening rush-hour is the norm, not the exception. Drivers do play some part of it, but the intersection is a major contributor.

      Cutting access through the Burger King lot into WaWa’s lot would allow 22W traffic to turn onto 543S and drive through the BK lot to the WaWa, avoiding the left turn in an uncontrolled intersection, but then idiots would cut through WaWa and BK to avoid the light when going 22E to 543S so several speed bumps would be required to keep their speeds low.

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    • Bob says

      Because you were there and saw it all happen, right? While legally it may have been the kids fault and perhaps the bike rider has some contributory negligence, poorply designed intersections can cause accidents. Ask a traffic engineer. Your engineering degree is from where?

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  11. J Roe says

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • HELL YEAH says


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  12. Sandy Baker says

    We are actually friends of this family and while people may have their opinions about who was riding this bike or his age is not important!!! This was a wonderful caring man who loved his family deeply. My daughter and his daughter have been friends for years and we are so hurt and just shocked by the loss of this man. Our prayers and thoughts are with his wife and children at this terrible time.

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  13. JFK says

    Why God;why?still can’t believe it all I can do is cry when I read the name and try not to want to hurt the driver..

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  14. Joe Schlom says

    I can’t help but notice J.Roe’s extreme hate for motorcycles, and self righteous entitlement. I don’t like a lot of stuff either, but I’m not about to take away someone’s privilege, and perhaps, right.

    “Racing cycle,” Since when is a 2006 Kawasaki sport bike a racing bike? You sound like an ignorant asswipe making comments about stuff you don’t know shit about. Unless I’m missing something, nothing denotes this motorcycle as a Purposely built drag racing bike.

    Yeah, the MD MVA had something to do with that. They issue an “M” designation on the back of your Maryland Drivers License. It stands for Motorcycle, and they don’t discriminate people based on age, and what type of motorcycle they plan to ride.

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    • Dumas Family says

      Our deepest sympathy goes out to Pam, Theo and Jasmine. We were deepest sadness when we heard of Montes’ death. May GOD continue to strengthen the FAMILY during these times and the times to come.
      “RIP MONTE” you will be missed my brother.

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  15. The Money Tree says

    Find a certain hideousness to all these folks tacitly blaming the victim here. So a grossly inattentive 17 year old driver in a car full of kids (which is proven to increase accidents), pulls in front of a motorcycle. There is no evidence the motorcycle was speeding; no evidence the guy on the motorcyle did anything contributing to the incident…but there’s absolute evidence this kid wasn’t paying attention, and it’s the fault of the guy on the motorcycle? Far as I’m concerned vehicular manslaughter is an appropriate charge. Intent doesn’t matter – this kid wasn’t paying attention and somebody died.

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    • Bob says

      I guess you were there Money? So what is this absolute evidence that the young driver wasn’t paying attention? Please share it with us.

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        • Bob says

          Well Money we have laws in this Country that apply to vehicular traffic and there is a judicial process that we go through. An investigation is more than just A equals B. I would suggest you keep your outrageous accusations and inflammatory comments to yourself until the process sorts it all out.

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          • The Money Tree says

            My inflammatory comments? You might not like my bluntness – you wouldn’t be the first. However, you’re the one suggesting the bike rider contributed to his own death with zero evidence to that affect so who’s being inflammatory?

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          • The Money Tree says

            I might also add…Mr. Greenhow has never had a traffic ticket in Harford County for anything after living here several decades and while that isn’t absolute evidence of anything it does suggest you’re not dealing with a yahoo on a motorcycle that doesn’t know how to drive. I’ll put that record up against a car full of teenagers any day.

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  16. HarfordMom says

    I have read through all these comments, it seems people blame the intersection (which I do know is bad), the teen, or the motorcycle driver. Anyone ever think that maybe this was all just a horriable accident? That all 3 might of played a roll? We dont know all the details, all we know, is that a father lost his life, a young teenager, now has to live with this for the rest of his life. Which is horriable, if it was just a accident. I dont know either the driver or the motorcycle rider, so I am a complete impartial party here. I have family and friends that drive motorcycles, crusiers and croch rockets (street bikes), and also have been a teen driver and have family that is now teen drivers.

    My friend riding his bike (just up from this intersection) back in april and hit a car from behind, he wasn’t speeding, this car took his right away, his bike was destroyed, and he had to have reconstructive surgery along with MANY other problems. This wasn’t right next to wawa, he wasn’t speeding, and the driver of hte car, was a older woman (like 50′s 60′s.. not old old, but not a teen), she was on her cell phone.

    So instead of passing the buck from one person to another, why dont we let the police decide who was at fault, and just pray for both the family’s.. Someone lost someone dear to them, and someone else has to live with this accident every day of their lives. And if this was just a horriable accident, how is it up to us, to condem this teen?

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      • Bob says

        That is a general comment. There is this little thing called “contributory negligence ” that often pops up. Let just wait and see how it all sorts out.

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    • The Money Tree says

      An accident is when you trip over a curb, spill tea on the carpet…leave the red shirt in with the load of white. There is an expectation when behind the wheel of any vehicle that the level of care should be higher because you risk the lives of others. This isn’t about turning the white sheets pink; somebody died here. If you can’t see well you don’t take that turn. You don’t hug the bumper of the car in front of you, nor text, nor laugh it up with the folks in the backseat. This kid needs jail time.

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      • HarfordMom says

        In no way, shape or form was I comparing this to mixing up your laundry. But how can you assume that he was texting, or laughing it up with folks in the backseat. Maybe he misjudged, or just didn’t see him. If everyone judged distance perfectly, than there would never be a accident. I feel terriable for the family that lost a loved one. I have lost loved ones in more ways than most people on here could imagine. And NONE of them are easy.
        I am not defending anyone, I am just wondering why people are quick to jump to conclusions, that he was being a “typical teen”. It isn’t right to sterotype based on age.
        yes, the boy did pull out, and impeeded to motorcycle’s right of way. but we dont know why, so you want to throw this kid in jail, when the possiblity of it being misjudgement or just a bad accident.
        granted, if it is shown, that he was doing stupid stuff, than yeah, he deserves punshiment. But let the police investagate, and do their jobs. And let the judge pass judgement on this individual, or better yet, let god pass judgement when it is his time.

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        • The Money Tree says

          You clearly miss the point. Unless this was done deliberately it’s sort of a given that this kid didn’t see the motorcycle. Didn’t and should have are key here. If you can’t see by checking your rear view by glancing in the mirror and giving a quick look back you don’t change lanes. Surely there can be things outside the control of a driver that might mitigate, but ultimately every accident if the fault of someone; short of a heart attack. This isn’t an accident when someone ends up dead – it’s purely and simply gross negligence and as such should put this kid in jail.

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          • HarfordMom says

            No I didn’t miss your point, just expressing my opinion.
            Yes, every accident is someones fault (within a few exceptions). But you dont know the case, you dont know what happened.. How can you be so quick to judge.
            You know, even in the front, cars do have blind spots…

            But I am done going back and forth.. Simply, I will pray for both families.

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          • The Money Tree says

            I understand the sympathy factor of wanting to create a narrative to excuse this kid; he’s 17…nobody wants to wreck his life, etc., etc. I’m kinda done coddling kids; many if not most drive as if the world should orbit around them; too fast, arrogant and rude, cutting people off and continually riding the bumpers of people in front of them, both the boys and the girls. Driving is not a right; it’s a privilege and we ought to have a zero tolerance policy for teenagers that includes losing your license on the first offense when it includes aggressive driving. I can judge in this case because somebody died here so I’m not sure in this case if the kid was being aggressive or negligent, but it was one of the two. We have way too many fatalities lately and all of it is avoidable.

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        • oldskool says

          Because 17 y/o’s aren’t experienced enough to know how to handle a 3500lb killing machine. When I was 17 I thought I was invincible. Guess what? None of us are. Every day I drive in this County and I see impatient people pulling out of side streets cutting myself or other people off because they couldn’t wait 5 more seconds for the cars to pass. It’s “all about me attitudes” that kill people.

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    • Bob says

      As usual, people miss the bigger issue here. Your government bears the responsibility for making the road ways safe. Read SHA’s Mission Statement. If they extended the center concrete medium so folks could not make left turns in and out of that driveway, the sirens I hear almost daily going there would STOP! Its a bad situation, has been since day 1 and people will cointue to have accidents and people will continue to die until the left turn is taken away! PERIOD!!!!!

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  17. DELNOH says

    teen driving is real horrible in Harford county, and.compiled with high volume of traffic its about as bad as it gets.

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  18. Respected-Co worker says

    I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Greenhow. He was extremely intelligent, with an impeccable work ethic. A lot of you are implying that he was some wreckless and/or irresponsible daredevil who was more than likely at fault just because he was on a bike with Skid marks at the scene. Skid marks do not indicate speeding, nor did the article elude to that. the only conclusion you can make from that if you didn’t witness the accident is that he tried to make a sudden/abrupt stop at significant speed. If I recall correctly the speed limit on 22 is 40 or 45 MPH. I’ve never ridden one, but I’m sure not many bikes can stop on a dime traveling at rate of speed.

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    • Reconstruct says

      Skid marks are an outstanding piece of evidence in the reconstruction of any accident. Each vehicle produced has a minimum stopping distance at every recorded speed based on factors such as speed, weather, road conditions, condition of brakes, tires, etc. The length of a skid mark is an quite reliable measure of the vehicle’s speed. At the end of the day, the left turning vehicle is always at fault. I didn’t witness the accident and neither did anyone else on here, so most of the dialogue on here has no relevance. But understand, in civil litigation, the courts will consider contributory negligence and many other factors when looking at both participants in the accident as well as other external contribuatory factors such as the safety of the roadway itself. So we will just let all of this go through the process and see how it plays out.

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  19. Neeky says

    1st Sergeant Greenhow, as we called him will always be remembered. You have touched so many lives. Your legacy will live forever. My heart goes out to his entire family. Prayers are on the uprise for 1st SGT and the young man, the driver. We must stop the finger pointing and pray.

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  20. R. BARNES III says

    GOD bless both parties involved! This was a tragic event with no survivors so many are hurt by the sudden lost of my Big Brother MAG. You will not be forgotten, my prayers are for ever with your family! Sincerely, RB3

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