Harford County Campaign for Liberty: Tell Del. Impallaria to “Stop Micromanaging the Local GOP Central Committee and to Start Fighting for Our Liberties in Annapolis”

From the Harford County Campaign for Liberty:


It seems like Delegate Impallaria may be feeling some well-deserved political pain.

In a letter he sent to a significant share of District 7 constituents dated March 25th, WHICH WAS PRINTED AND MAILED AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, Impallaria cited the Harford County Delegation’s full support of the Chicago-style political blitzkrieg known as HB 1513.

As you know, HB-1513, is the bill currently introduced in the House of Delegates designed to purge Tea Party activists like you and I from any level of Republican leadership.

The problem with Impallaria’s letter is that all claims in the letter are demonstrably false.

Please call and email Impallaria today to tell him to stop micromanaging the local GOP Central Committee and to start fighting for our liberties in Annapolis:


Here are some of the falsehoods exposed from Impallaria’s recent letter to Harford County voters in District 7.

False Claim #1:

Moving the primary from September to June causes an 8-month lame duck session of the Central Committee.

Actual Fact:

All of the current Central Committee members vowed at the January meeting to serve out their term, except for one member who may be moving.

There is already a mechanism prescribed in the bylaws of the Central Committee to address this possible vacancy.

False Claim #2:

“The last time a vacancy occurred on the Harford County Central Committee, the replacement was appointed by someone in Western Maryland with no ties to Harford County.”

Actual Fact:

Ah! Mr. Impallaria’s lie has evolved into an embellishment. In his initial justification for this terrible bill, he claimed that the person who appointed the replacement was from West Virginia.

Now that the facts have been made known, he states that this person was from Western Maryland.

In actuality, the person to whom he refers is Alex X. Mooney, who was the elected Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party when the vacancy in question occurred.

The 12-member Republican Central Committee was deadlocked 6-6 on a replacement, so, PURSUANT TO THE BY-LAWS OF THE MARYLAND REPUBLICAN PARTY, Chairman Mooney appointed a replacement.

That very replacement is now the unanimously-elected Chair of the Committee.

False Claim #3:

“The current Central Committee has been totally dysfunctional, not carrying out any of its constitutional duties.

Instead, they spend their time abusing one another, attempting to throw responsible committee members off, and attacking elected officials – clearly not their job.”

Actual Fact:

This claim is not only highly subjective, but also devoid of any understanding of reality since NOT ONE OF THE DISTRICT 7 DELEGATES HAS EVER ATTENDED A SINGLE MEETING OF THE HARFORD COUNTY REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE SINCE 2010.

What’s worse is that again, it is totally false. There was never a vote to remove a member.

Additionally, the current Committee has achieved 4 of the 6 goals it set in the first year of its service.

Republican voters currently outnumber Democrats in Harford County by over 5,000, which is wider than any margin any former Committee enjoyed.

Stated Aim of HB 1513:

“By making the bill emergency legislation, it gives us the ability to quickly fill vacancies on the CC.”

Ignored Reality:

The Central Committee passed a motion at its January, 2014 meeting establishing a mechanism to replace members who might resign between the primary and November.

The Chair even presented the motion to MD Republican Party leadership and the MD GOP approved it as the preferred method for replacement.

Therefore, there is absolutely no need for the Delegation to insert itself into the affairs of a sovereign, elected body, usurping the authority of both Harford voters and the Chairman of the MD Republican Party.

So, why the hurry to pass this bill, you ask?

The true motive, revealed by the over-zealous Delegates McDonough and Impallaria both on radio airwaves and in print, is to purge from the Committee TEA Party members with whom these delegates differ ideologically.

And apparently, the entire Harford Delegation agrees with them.

If Impallaria is willing to lie about this issue, what else is he lying to you about?

The voters of District 7 deserve answers.

Let’s not let these Delegates, some of whom live in Baltimore County, place themselves on the Harford County Republican Central Committee by fiat.

Let the voters of Harford County make the decision on whom they want representing them.

Keep up the pressure.

Insist the Delegation withdraw HB 1513 today:

Delegate Rick Impallaria

Delegate Pat McDonough

Delegate Kathy Szeliga

Glenn Glass
1-800-492-7122, ext. 3280 (toll free)

Wayne Norman
1-800-492-7122, ext. 3284 (toll free)


Greg Johnson
Steering Committee Member
Harford County Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Please call and email Impallaria today to tell him to stop micromanaging the local GOP Central Committee and to start fighting for our liberties in Annapolis:



  1. Both the same says

    Ahhh, Patrick McGrady having greg attack Impallaria… While the bill is a horrible one, if people like McGrady had any integrity on the HCRCC there wouldn’t be a need for this bill. This has been the most worthless Central Committee in the history of it’s existence…

    Unfortunately, there is no difference between Impallaria and McGrady, both are worthless in Harford Politics…

  2. Tea Bagging It says

    Isn’t Rick Impallaria’s brother Tim on the Central Committee? All these idiots in Annapolis and DC need to go.