“Capt’n” Jim McMahan’s Coffee Talk April 8: Texters Beware – Bel Air Police Crack Down on Distracted Driving

From Harford County Councilman “Capt’n” Jim McMahan:


SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT TARGETING DRIVERS USING HAND HELD DEVICES. Under a special grant the Bel Air Police Department has set April to cite drivers violating the State’s Distracted Driving Law. Officers spotting violators will issue citations that range from $70 to $160. Drivers with learner’s permits or provisional licenses face additional penalties including up to a 90 day suspension.


Did you ever wonder how many people are incarcerated in our Jail? During the Month of March the Harford County Detention Center Admitted 566 and released 611 individuals. On the 31st day of March there were 400 inmates, 348 men and 52 women.

NOW THRU APR 25 SOLES-4-SOULS is a global 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the impact of poverty. Donate used but serviceable shoes at any Harford Bank location. . All those who donate used shoes are eligible for tax deductions by completing the online tax receipt form found on Soles4Souls webpage: http://soles4souls.org/tax-receipt-form

APR 10-11-12 BEL AIR HIGH SCHOOL’S PRODUCTION OF Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage adaptation of Billy Wilder’s film Classic “Sunset Boulevard” The Bel Air Drama Company is celebrating their 25th year of productions. Showtime begins at 7:00 PM all three days with a Matinee on Saturday the 12th at 2:00 PM Tickets can be purchased on line for $10 at www.belairdrama.org or $12 at the door

APR 12 KITE DAY IN BEL AIR. The annual kite day at Rockfield Manor on Churchville Road will begin at 10 AM till 4 PM. All are welcome to this spectacle of grace and color. Shall we always remember the man who got this started. Paul Hines of Churchville.

APR 12 CHURCHVILLE RURITAN CLUB PANCAKE SUPPER 4 to 7 PM at the Churchville Elementary School.

APR 13 SPRING BAZAAR AT DEER CREEK OVERLOOK CITY SLICKERS SHOULD READ THIS. Deer Creek Overlook is a beautiful and historical place for us old timers in Harford County. It is what we used to call the Harford County 4H camp. This would be the perfect time for folks not familiar, to visit this country setting and Bazaar. It is easy to get to. Take Rt 24 North from Bel Air thru Forest Hill into Rocks State Park. Turn onto Cherry Hill Road and follow the signs. If you miss the road you will see it from Rt 24 and you can back track.

Apr 26 WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES an annual event to raise money for SARC. To register go to www.sarc-maryland.org or call 410-836-8431

APR 27 RABIES VACCINATION CLINIC from 2 to 4 at the Harford County Equestrian Center off Toll Gate Road in Bel Air, Fire House Number 4 in Havre de Grace and the Norrisville Volunteer Fire Company And the Abingdon Fire Company. Cost is $5 per animal.

APR 27 THRU MAY 18 WATERCOLOR EXHIBITION of the Baltimore Watercolor Society in the Gallery at the Liriodendron Mansion West Gordon Street Bel Air. Art Exhibit hours: Sundays 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

MAY 4 RABIES VACCINATION CLINIC –This is the second and final clinic. Cost is $5 per animal. Locations include Joppa Magnolia Fire Co.,Darlington Vol Fire Co., Aberdeen Vol Fire Company and the Jarrettsville Vol Fire Company. Hours are 2 to 4 PM

MAY 16 BIKE TO WORK DAY More later

JUNE 1 GRAND OPENING OF THE HISTORIC ICE HOUSE at the Liriodendron Mansion West Gordon Street Bel Air. Native American exhibit of cultural life-ways from the Paleo migrations of the last glacial recession, through Archaic Landscape changes that make up the Susquehanna drainage area now the Chesapeake Bay Region. The late Dr Howard Kelly had an abiding interest in the Natural Sciences. The Liriodendron was the summer home of Dr Kelly, one of the founding surgeons of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. All are welcome. Time will be announced later.
For additional information you may contact Dan Coates – dancoates@comcast.net

JUNE 1 THRU JUNE 29 MASTER CARVER Jeffrey Moore of “foul play studios” will present a display of wood carvings of birds, and animals. In the Liriodendron Gallery Sundays 1 to 4 PM

June 12 to 19 EARLY VOTING 10 AM to 8 PM at the following locations. McFaul Center in Bel Air—Edgewood Library –The UNIVERSITY (HEAT) Center in Aberdeen – and the Jarrettsville Library


  1. well... says

    I don’t understand this. Why do they need a “special grant” to enforce a law? Is there another grant for arresting murderers?

    • Meter monitor police says

      Bel Air Police call it an initiative. I call it a way to make there extremely lazy police force actually do work. These town clowns would not know what to do if they had to be a cop in Edgewood. They are experts at writing parking tickets that’s about it.

    • Marc A Eaton says

      Grants are funded to put extra Police on the streets during peak hours to look for offenders. It has been done for years for DWI, seat belts and other types of laws. A police officer on patrol does enforce the laws, but they are also handling calls for service and other duties. These grants are used to put extra bodies out there who target only these violations. The Federal grants are helpful because the money does not come out of the agencies budget.

  2. Commander voter says

    The federal/state government spend tons of money on grants and this allows agencies to have “overtime”. Just another way to spend money that the governments don’t have. Also, why does Captain Jim still have the “coffee talk”? Are they going to give equal time to his opponent or anyone else who wants to put out useless knowledge. I read the dagger for news that helps and why are we giving people who are trying to get re elected a free forum to reach the voters and not the other side? Gotta love the way some people think they can have a catchy name and use it. I want to be called Commander Bill….Mr Bill for short.

  3. Scumbag Pat says

    I don’t understand why politicians like Slutsky and McMahan put “coach” and “captain” on their campaign signs. Who cares what you were do the world a favor and put Politician Slutsky and Politician McMahan on your sign. That’s what you both are now

      • commander says

        is that all you can come up with? Seems it would be a improvement for scumbag to win the sheriff’s race. I, for one, think that the coach and capt’n are not necessary. Wonder what the capt’n is for? So can I use my retired rank for a sign. Here comes the commander. Just make sure everyone sees it and knows that I am a coach! Call me coach. If I was elected sheriff. I’d be Sheriff Bill for the rest of my like. Again, I would like to see equal time for Jim’s opponent and for the other guy. Why are we giving him free press for dripple. Oh you can just call me Captain James T. Kirk…..He is a real captain….just like captain crunch is real! BUT I must say Captain Kangeroo has a neat haircut!

        • Fed up in Harford says

          “Cap’n” Jim uses the Dagger for his Streisand-style coffee talk because he has zero Facebook presence and his website has been under construction since the last election – it still shows his picture from his 80th birthday, I think. Wonder if his opponent is a little more tech savvy.
          “Captain” and “Coach” should remind you peons that these are men of authority. When you see a Keep our Cap’n sign you should feel ashamed for even thinking of dumping the poor man overboard. Everyone else needs to sit down and wait for a Council person to die or move up, that’s how we do things here.

          • commander says

            yeah but he has a golden paracute. So he could get promoted and be an admiral….is’t that a hotel in Ocean City? LOL

      • marc's fifth cousin's brothers friends neice's uncle's neighor's says

        Did someone mention the sheriff’s race? Oh you have started it now! The comments are going to start flowing and dilute the issue. LOL

        • Independents R US says

          Bob Peck is running as an independent for sheriff. Check out Bobs site and his nonpartisan approach to policing.