Baltimore County Job Fair Aimed at Luring Harford County Teachers Gets Shut Down

This is the story of what happened when the Harford County teachers’ union told the school board about its plans to help teachers leave Harford County Public Schools.

Speaking on behalf of the Harford County Education Association (HCEA), the union representing teachers, HCEA board of directors member George Curry took to the microphone at an April 14th school board meeting to make the following announcement:

“…We have, in partnership with Baltimore County Public Schools, set up a job fair for Harford County teachers with Baltimore County on April 25…”

Curry went on to explain to the Harford County School Board that the likelihood of flat funding from county government for next year, combined with a lack of salary step increases in four out of the past five years, had left many Harford County teachers struggling financially. In addition, Curry said, HCPS would be forced to cut teachers each year, if funding levels didn’t increase. Therefore…

“We, the [HCEA] Board of Directors feel that it is our moral responsibility to assist all teachers, not just our members, on the verge of losing their jobs to have assistance finding a new home that will treat them as the treasured assets that they are, since Harford County does not, and provided no such assistance in helping them find new positions last year.

We feel it is also our responsibility to assist all of our teachers to find a position in a system that is willing to provide them with the job and financial security and that Harford County is unwilling to provide, even at the expense of losing members of our own organization.”

Curry went on to say that the decision by the HCEA Board of Directors was not an easy one, and no one was happy with the situation. However, he said, “We must present options that benefit the teachers of Harford County.”

But the job fair never happened.

For an explanation, we fast forward to the school board meeting Monday, where HCPS teacher Pete Rost said in public comments that Baltimore County Public Schools was asked to back out.

George Curry followed up, adding that the Harford teachers’ union had “no obligation” to inform the school board about the job fair, but, “Obviously the statement that I presented hit some nerves and got some attention…For some reason HCPS felt the need to interfere and shut this down.”

HCPS Response

Asked about her plans to inform teachers if jobs are to be cut next year, Superintendent Barbara Canavan said through a spokesperson Tuesday that the she would not make a public statement at this time, citing the ongoing budget process and county funding that is not yet finalized. However, she provided the following excerpt from an email that she sent to employees:

“Both the Board of Education and I are committed to providing information to those affected in a timely manner. All resources including employee email, board meetings, our website and social media will be utilized to fulfill our commitment.”

Regarding the fate of the job fair, Canavan said, “There is a very collaborative and professional relationship among the school systems in Maryland. The job fair was not aligned with the standards the school systems have established with each other and was consequently cancelled.”


  1. Tea Bagging It says

    Yet another failed publicity stunt by Ryan Burbey and HCEA. I hope the teachers are not paying for this lackluster representation provided by HCEA.

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  2. BoardofDirectors says

    Speaking on behalf of the Board of Directors for HCEA, this was not a publicity stunt. The intention, which was described to the board of education, was to provide employment for those who may be displaced. Additionally, it was to provide job security in a system that provides proper wages and healthcare for teachers.

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    • youcantmakethisstuffup says

      It was a childish and petulant thing to do; and strategically-speaking, it was idiotic; and if the board of HCEA doesn’t have the strength to admit that, then I feel very sorry for the fine teachers in this county who are shackled with representation by such amateurs.

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        • Paul Schatz says

          I no longer read this awful website but a friend told me I was honored by your random mention. Obviously you are unable to come up with anything intelligent to say so you drag me into this. To be honest, I doubt that I would have been in favor of HCEA’s move discussed here. I served the students in my fifth and third grade classes rather well and I am so gratified by the lovely notes I get from them as adults. I also tried my best to work for the teachers of the HCPS to the best of my ability. You choose to call someone you know nothing about a clown. I actually have some pity for you. Your anger is all consuming. I would be more than happy to talk to you on the phone so you can inform me of my shortcomings and I will try my best to understand why you hate me. You can contact Cindy Mumby here. She can then contact me and hook us up. I wish you all of the very best.

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          • mvphkr says

            Mr. Schatz, you are a class act. Kudos to you for your calm response to such an ill-mannered, ad hominem post. I hope you and your lovely wife Fran are doing well… :-)

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          • disappointing says

            Mr. Schatz is a perfect example of what I have posted in the past – people will turn away from Dagger because of the frequency of low level discourse on this site. Until Dagger does a better job of monitoring and curbing the content of some postings readers, who like Mr. Schatz have already abandoned Dagger, will continue to grow.

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          • says


            You’re among the biggest hypocrites around here. If you want tighter moderation, perhaps we should start with you.

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        • youcantmakethisstuffup says

          maybe, but in the pragmatic, grown-up, real world, you never get your way through temper tantrums, name-calling or by attempting to back the other side into a corner by embarrassing them. That’s what makes this so pathetic.

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          • Cdev says

            This is reality. The County Executive told teachers to take a hike. They are following his advice. If teachers with 5 or more years can get an instant raise of 7-15K by going to Baltimore County, Baltimore City or Cecil County why shouldn’t they. The Financial reality is the County Executive is hostile, The County Council sits by and watches and the BOE who seems to sympathize has it’s hands tied. Add to that people who seem not to care or are down right hostile. The reaility is obviously clear. Teachers aren’t valued. I am sure HCEA told HCPS out of courtesy. I doubt they will do so again.

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          • W says

            In the real world companies are always trying to steal their competitors best employees.

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          • Kharn says

            But when we do, we don’t tell anyone. We call the specific employee we want, invite them to lunch across town and talk to only that person.

            Throwing it in the other side’s face is just bad manners.

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          • W says

            It wasn’t thrown in anyone’s face or behind anyone’s back. It was done in the open with the approval of BCPS leadership. HCPS leadership didn’t like it and that is why the objection was raised. If HCPS can’t compete with surrounding school districts then they should not stand in the way of employees seeking to better their positions elsewhere. The only thing this action has done is further antagonize and worry already frustrated and scared teachers who need to plan for their professional future and financial security for their families. After last year no teacher should feel they have job security if Harford County. In the view of many this action by HCPS leadership looks petty and will only result in motivating more teachers find jobs someplace else.

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  3. Set Sail for Fail says

    If this was “for real,” why even blab about it publically at a meeting? Do HCPS faculty go through any ethics training?

    Employment is a private, personal matter/choice.

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    • Right says

      Isn’t this how it works in the “real world”? A friend of mine just left her job and went to work for a competitor who offered her more money and better benefits. I don’t see a thing wrong with that.

      Also, since a neighboring county is willing to come in here and hire our teachers, doesn’t that say something about the quality of our teachers?

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      • Cdev says

        Valid point….Kharn and company talk about how education should employ private sector solutions and the private sector hires the competiotions experienced employees all the time. Simple HCPS solution…..Pay More to keep them!

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    • Right says

      Now, I have to agree with Kharn on this point. Right after HCPS teachers get their $7,000 a year salary increases, BCPS better WATCH OUT!

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    • Mandarin says

      Kharn, you are too freaking funny. When do you honestly think the situation will reverse? When will Harford County ever make up for the lost steps? I thought you were smarter than that. Thanks for the chuckle during such a drab rainy day.

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  4. Citizen says

    The collective attitude of some Harford County citizens confuses me. Teachers are asked to come to Harford County to work and signed to a contract that has not been honored for five years. When those teachers are confronted with the possibility of having their contract dishonored for a sixth year, or worse, the possibility of losing their job, they took some action to protect their employment and income. This is called a publicity stunt. I am not a teacher and I do not belong to any union but I think HCEA and Mr. Curry are to be congratulated for being proactive in looking out for teachers and their families at a time when it seems like the disrespect for them has never been greater. How does the personnel department entice top graduates to come to Harford County? That job must be as difficult as being head of tourism for the state of Arkansas.

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          • Original Observer says

            Again, we’re talking one individual out of how many teachers in BCPS? So what if this one teacher is even his own school’s teacher of the year, much less the national teacher of the year? The question is, how well are teachers treated in BCPS as opposed to HCPS? The link at the start of this part of the thread gives one teacher’s opinion of how BCPS teachers are treated; her experience doesn’t sound too fulfilling. She, too, is but one teacher out of an unknown quantity thereof; but it begs the question: Does BCPS really treat their teachers any better than Ryan Burbey would have you believe HCPS teachers are treated? “The grass is always greener,” Tyler Perry once said; “but you gotta know the water bills are higher.”

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  5. Right says

    Well, it goes to the attitude that some people here have towards teachers. They simply don’t like them, and that’s that. And they do NOT want to see ANY good come to them. If a teacher is doing well financially, well then they don’t NEED a raise. And if they aren’t, it’s because they obviously don’t know how to manage money/live within their means/knew what they were “signing up for” when they entered the profession. If they want a raise, they are greedy and don’t belong in teaching. If they “work to contract”, they obviously don’t care about kids, and don’t belong in teaching. If they get angry because of all the abuse they take and fight back, they are immature and don’t belong in teaching. They tell them “if you don’t like it here, then get out”. Well, here was an opportunity afforded them to do just that, and now they are ticked off. Why? You wanted them to get out, right? Well, you should WELCOME someone coming in and wanting to take away all these supposed greedy, selfish, immature teachers who can’t manage money, aren’t in it for the kids, are not appreciative of what they have, don’t live in the real world, etc. So why are you ticked that someone wanted to open the door for them to leave????

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    • right on says

      Unfortunately your description applies to most of those that make comments on education issues in the Dagger.

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  6. Right says

    Also, I love the use of the word “lure” in the headline. As if someone would have to be lured away from HCPS! Then again, I guess if you considered a five or seven thousand dollar annual pay increase a lure, well, there it is!!!

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    • I Wonder... says

      I wonder if that is the spin that Coach Slutsky gives Cindy since he always saves her a seat next to him at the BOE Meetings.

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  7. Inside there says

    Was this going to be an annual thing had this not been disapproved?

    Either way, it seems out of order to have a county governmemt employees representative body organizing a job fair to be employed by another county government. You tell me?

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  8. Honest Teacher says

    HCPS has become my safety net. I’ve put in applications for Cecil, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City. It’s nice having a job here, and I love what I do, but I’ve got a family to support, and as it stands now, I have no idea how I’m going to pay for my kid’s college tuition in eight years, so I have to be proactive. HCEA doesn’t need to organize anything for me, or for anyone else. The writing is on the wall. Harford County has come just short of openly stating that losing qualified teachers is part of their savings plan, and that is a sorry state of affairs. If I happen to be teaching for Harford County next year, you can rest assured I will continue to earn my keep and go above and beyond the call of duty, as I have done for the past five years. If I’m lucky and I get hired by another school system, I’ll gladly tip my hat to HCPS and thank them for the five years experience for which someone else was willing to pay a little bit more. Good day to you all.

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    • Lagmeister says

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • Because says

        Professional: [One who is] engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.

        That’s it… you get paid. Nothing is said about greatness. They just want to be paid a fair wage. And you are insulting them and feeling justified in doing it.

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        • Lagmeister says

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  9. First Citizen says

    Interesting response from Mrs. Canavan. I suppose no one in BCPS was aware of this standard until after they agreed to the job fair, created the flyer, and allowed it to be published. Or maybe she was concerned about how many teachers were going to go.

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    • Lagmeister says

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  10. Brianc says

    If HC teachers want to move to teach in BC, why not simply go to the BCPS website and see the “job opportunities” link. It clearly states the positions that are open. I mean the HC teachers are educated, right??? why do they need a job fair, like they are kids right our of college. Sometimes “academia” are not that smart at all. But I’m just an uneducated guy, so what do I know…

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    • James cook says

      Ryan and his ilk prefer the honey boo boo approach to solving their problems.

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  11. Adjusting my tin foil says

    A lot of counties have gone to electronic applications for employment, were computers to be brought in and the canceled “Job Fair”?

    I fail to see the reasoning, or logic if a teacher knows they want to apply to Baltimore County Public Schools, they could just do so, without a “Job Fair.” I don’t know, are there THAT many open vacancies? Ignorantly, I have not looked on their website to find out myself, but if the answer to that question is “Yes” then I have to ask, Why so many open vacancies?

    “Job Fair” to me is a presentation held by dozens of companies in a large square footage building to recruit college level entry positions, and otherwise, many skilled people from all walks of life. It gets these companies name out.

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  12. Paul Schatz says

    I was informed that one of the geniuses who seems to hate teachers and public education dragged my name into this. Obviously I have nothing to do with this controversy and have been retired for ten years. I live out of state currently and am terribly proud of my career as a teacher in Harford. This website attracts miscreants and haters. I have been avoiding it for several months and intend to do so for the rest of my life.

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      • Lagmeister says

        Never I have I seen such an emotionally crippled group of people claiming to be victims of hate with such little reason. With all the real hatred and violence going on in this world you have to ask yourself what kind of weak-willed people are crushed by questions regarding their salary.

        It does explain why a child can get expelled from school for offensively chewing Pop-Tarts.

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          • Cdev says

            There is a huge difference. One is a temporary removal from the school setting while still continuing to receive educational supports the other lasts a year with no educational support!

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  13. Fred says

    Burbey again shows his Marxist intentions. Stifling the free market. How dare teachers leave for more money. This is unacceptable.

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  14. Lagmeister says


    The child was booted out of school over a Pop-Tart!!!!! Your attitude (why am I not surprised) is that at least it wasn’t for a year. I rest my case. Insanity abounds.

    Let’s see, according to teacher’s posts here, teachers are the cornerstone of our freedoms. So, now we know one of those freedoms is not chewing a Pop-Tart in a manner they find offensive. The government giveth and the government taketh away. Other freedoms not allowed are any comments made at anytime that a teacher may find hateful – which could be almost anything but especially means questioning increased taxes so they can get a raise.

    I guess we need a website so we can check it daily in order to find out what teacher permitted freedoms are allowed on any given day.

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    • Cdev says

      Teaches don’t make policie like this . The BOE makes these policies.

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      • Lagmeister says

        So, the BOE has a specific written directive that if a child chews a Pop-Tart in a shape offensive to a teacher they must be suspended? I can see it all now: after confiscating said offending Tart, a committee of teachers gathered around and each gave their input as to the degree they were offended. All being in agreement, they booted the young urchin to the curb.

        Sorry, you can’t dodge out on this one. The entire thing is subjective. The teachers completely agree with the policy. I never found one example of the union or any individual teacher disagreeing with what was done.

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        • Concerned Teacher says

          Trollmeister… “The teachers completely agree with the policy” is a complete and utter falsehood. In most systems with zero-tolerance policies (and it is almost always a school *system* policy and not an individual school policy), teachers in general do not like zero-tolerance policies because they inevitably lead to situations where good kids who make mistakes are disciplined as if they are multiple-time repeat delinquents. Zero tolerance was intended to do two things: (1) act as a deterrent to bad behavior (massive fail) and (2) relieve administrators of the responsibility of having to judge a disciplinary action on its merits (massive success, unfortunately). You end up with situations like the one on the Eastern Shore a few years ago where a lacrosse player with a pocket knife in his equipment bag used for repairing the strings on his lacrosse stick faced expulsion for bringing a weapon to school just as if he had brought a shotgun. Because administrators fear having to make judgements that can be criticized, they love hiding behind zero-tolerance policies. As teachers, who understand that many students have mitigating circumstances to their situations, we hate them.

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          • Lagmeister says

            Concerned but not to action,

            I am very glad to read your response. But since the Pop-Tart infraction was nothing more that a judgment by the teacher, I would say not all teachers agree with your stance. And, just as the administrators can hide behind zero tolerance so can the teachers.

            Get the union to work against zero tolerance in all its forms and then you can tell me how teachers are the cornerstone of our freedoms. Vote out the ruinous tax and spend politicians (that you always support) and then tell me teachers are a benefit to the economy.

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          • Jaguar Judy says

            If school administrator and teachers aren’t qualified to exercise some judgment in behavioral matters they certainly aren’t qualified to teach a classroom of students.

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          • Cdev says

            Tell your board of Ed that! They make the rules that give the teacher and administrator no discretion in dealing with look alike guns and drugs!

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          • Concerned Teacher says


            In the case of the Pop Tart gun, I will play Devil’s Advocate and offer the alternative view that the choice the teacher made was to abide by a stupid school policy, or not abide by the policy and risk disciplinary action. Was that whole situation absurd? Of course. There is no debating that, really. Unfortunately, however, we teach in a system run by fear and intimidation for the most part. We get pounded on a daily basis from people on the outside who are convinced that we are all slackers working at a job that any idiot could do, and also pounded on a daily basis from people on the inside who micromanage our lives and feel that the best judge of a teacher is whether or not she has objectives written on the board.

            I really do fail to see the connection you made between my position on zero tolerance policies and whether or not I am a benefit to the economy.

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          • Kharn says

            Concerned Teacher:
            When every policy is distilled down so there is no discretion or decision making required you also reduce the level of trust the employer must have in the employee and the competence standards can be lowered.

            Empowered employees require careful selection, high pay and faith in their abilities from their superiors.

            Powerless employees just get fired when they fail to follow the flow chart and can be paid peanuts as you can always find another college graduate who promises to follow the flow chart, while the employer’s job becomes verifying compliance, regardless of the impact to the community.

            Its up to you to decide if you want to be in the former or the latter. I much prefer the former.

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  15. Lagmeister says

    Cdev ,

    I didn’t know that the BOE sent an official look-alike drawing of a firearm chewed from a Pop-Tart. And since the chewed Tart matched the ‘official’ drawing the child had to be suspended. No discretion allowed because there is an official match to the offending chewable. We all believe that. Not.

    Or in reality, the teacher is the one who solely determines if something is a look-alike. Some teachers think fingers inadvertently pointed are firearms. Some think Pop-Tarts are firearms. Fact is, the teachers make the decisions and use zero tolerance to hide behind.

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    • William Munny says

      The State Board makes the Rules. The HCBOE is nothing more than a show for parents.

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    • Cdev says

      There is no question he chewed it into the shape of a gun, pointed it at another student and said bang. Do I think that this war intered a suspension? NO! But the LEA has a zero tolerance policy on Look alike guns and drugs. The administrator and teacher have no discretion over the matter. If people in that county want a different policy they need to get the BOE to change the rules!

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      • Kharn says

        And it was still a pop-tart. Does HCPS suspend every boy that sticks his index finger out and says “bang!”? Because that’s about as much a gun as a pop-tart. (do they make every boy wear mittens so there is no chance of gun-shaped hands?)

        People must still apply intelligence to their job even in a zero-tolerance world, the administrator should have said “Stop playing with your food.” and dropped the whole incident. Or do you honestly believe the administrator would have been fired for doing that?

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        • says

          Except if you took the time to actually look into it instead of just believing the headlines and the pundits, you would find out that the kid was not suspended for chewing his breakfast into the shape of a gun, nor simply because he was pretending to shoot kids with it. He was suspended because when he was asked to return to his seat, he because defiant and argumentative. This brought on a referral to the office, which was approximately his 20th referral of the year. Like most schools, this one had an escalating discipline policy, and this child had escalated to the point that he earned a suspension.

          Not that factual information will change anyone’s mind; confirmation bias is alive and well here on the Dagger!

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          • Lagmeister says

            What you are saying is not what the letter to the parents said. The Pop-Tart suspension is as I described it.

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          • Kharn says

            Your claimed series of events is even worse for the school. It takes TWENTY referrals before someone gets a suspension? When I was in elementary school, you got suspended after three.

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          • Cdev says

            So Kharn you don’t trust the school to excercise discretion in discipline?

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          • Politically correct says

            People bare starting not to even trust the public school with educating their children. Steady Decline in enrollment all while the wealth and population rises.

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          • Right. says

            I think a few of you just confirmed what “Except” said above about confirmation bias!!!

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          • Politically correct says

            Personally, I’m still amazed a technical high school devoted to trade skill education still exists.

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  16. Lagmeister says

    The teachers with their union are one of the primary reasons this is a one party state. Whether it is a policy or a tax, they own it. I never see one posting here that the taxes are too high. I never see one complain that 1 in 13 students (of which most are males) are on prescription drugs just to make them more malleable in school – and thus easier to put up with. Sorry, the teachers are only very unhappy that they aren’t making more money. Drug up the males or ban them with their finger guns is fine but a lighter paycheck is not fine.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 9
    • Except... says

      I can see why you are so angry towards public education and teachers. It is obvious that both failed you.

      Well-loved. Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1
      • Lagmeister says

        That’s funny, sucking up the political swill is the only measure of success for you. Sorry, by every objective standard my life has been highly successful – but, admittedly, I was not educated in Harford County. Not so surprising, it has become all so governmental to call people ‘haters’ for suggesting that the government be grateful for what it already has. It is downright off putting to see teachers cloak themselves in such sanctimony.

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        • Right. says

          But as a person, you are an arrogant, condescending, judgemental, simple-minded, self-righteous, bigoted creep. I don’t consider people who display these traits as you do to be successful, nor do I know anyone else who does. I think the above poster was correct. Your schooling has failed you. Along with many other things, apparently.

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          • Politically correct says

            Don’t forget the latest hot buzzword, “intolerant.”

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          • Lagmeister says


            And you are an obstinate, crude, refractory, hapless, lazy and disorganized governmental lickspittle, or – quite fun this – how about a chin-chuntering, chap-flapping, crapulous, puttering, pipsqueak for the regime.

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          • Except says

            Lagmeister leads the league in “Hidden Due to Low Comment Rating” this year!

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  17. Because says

    The taxes aren’t too high.

    And as a responsible parent you have a right to determine how your child is medicated or is not medicated.

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  18. Lagmeister says


    Taxes aren’t too high? What an idiot. You are out of your mind. But I get it, you are a bloodsucker from the live-off-the-taxpayer crowd. But hey, you will soon run out of warm private sector bodies to suck dry – unless you’re currently 85, which I doubt because you would be old enough to know that you are out of your mind. Consider this an advance ‘I told you so’.


    It was a Pop-Tart doofus. Which part don’t you understand – Pop or Tart? You are also out of your mind. Just another abrogation of responsibility by the front line teacher. In the real world this is insane. But in the government controlled world reality is whatever they say it is. And that is why they deserve a raise, right?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 8
    • Cdev says

      Again your complaint is with the BOE not the teacher or administrator who follow the policies set forth!

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      • jj johnson says

        It’s a good thing the kid didn’t say it was a pop tart penis or he’d be on the sex offender registry too!

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    • Because says

      If your government is running a deficit, your taxes do not cover the cost of the services you tell your congressman that you wish to receive. Simple math Lagermeister. If you don’t pay for the services in taxes the government borrows to finance your list of needs you feel entitled to.

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      • Lagmeister says

        Your comment is appropriately ‘simple’-minded, an Occam’s razor for the short of wit.

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  19. roscoe says

    Hey leggy in when was the last time property taxes were raised in HC? I am not advocating for higher taxes either, however the county chooses not to award raises while funding the purchase of dump sites and then contract the garbage out to BC, purchasing environmental dumps in HdG, Tiffs for developers, empty jail buildings, money for new schools that weren’t identified as such for Craig’s town. The CE has shows a history of not taking care of his employees and teachers as well.

    Well-loved. Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1
    • Lagmeister says

      First things first: the regime downstate used the we-haven’t-raised-taxes-on-this-in-awhile logic for the gas tax. Regular was $3.60 per gallon when they added their increase. We could end up with the highest gas taxes in the country. You may think it’s good reasoning. Personally, I think it’s like saying it’s okay to give someone a beating because they haven’t given them a beating in awhile. And, the only reason that they needed money in the highway fund is that they robbed it.

      I still contend the real problem is with the state and not the county. There would have been more money to go around if the state funded all of the teacher’s pensions. The state raises taxes then squanders the money like there is no tomorrow. I don’t follow Craig’s decisions and I am not a particular fan. I can understand him possibly having some animus toward the teachers since they vote as a block to elect those who stick it to the county

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 6
      • mostly blue says

        Craig has done his fair share of squandering funds as well but not even close to what the O”Malley administration has done. The consequences of not funding teacher raises are being felt already as bus routes will be reduced, teachers are leaving ( personally know of 10 or more than have been offered positions in BC, New Jersey and PA. The fact is that HC is not paying its teachers enough to afford to live and work in our county. The experience drain will be felt in our kids and their performance in school. The BOE has also chosen to play victim and hasn’t become more efficient, but administrative overhead, delayed funding technology or books and deferring maintenance at some schools that are fairly new.

        Well-loved. Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0
      • roscoe says

        I just filled up today $3.54 gallon, a little less than the price when the taxes were increased, what say you?? The market adjusted to the tax hike and so will homeowners if taxes go up. If you don’t like HC, you are more than welcome to move as well not just the teachers looking to make a living. HC shouldn’t be so cheap that just about anyone can afford to live here. If it costs less, then the quality will be less eventually. Hey, no one wants to pay more when they can get it for less, I get it. it is up to our elected officials to grow some from time to time and govern effectively. HdG is in the red because the have undercharged for water for years, now the fund is too low and they may have to increase the rate by 20% just to break even. These guys are a complete joke, no wonder no one can trust government because none of these guys have the guts to do the right thing.

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        • Lagmeister says

          It is a phased in tax that starts right before the 4th of July each year for several years. If you can remember, post what you pay this coming 4th when the tax hits.

          Oh, and just so you know, when the taxes get high enough folks of means leave. I find it funny that you think it should be expensive enough in Harford County to keep out the riffraff. Oh, I can leave anytime I want, and I am sure I will when I am ready. And since you don’t know, there is no real competition for the sale price of gasoline. The price goes up when the price of crude goes up – almost instantly.

          Maryland needs new businesses moving in that have high paying jobs. Those are the taxpayers that will keep the state afloat. A high tax state is not where the businesses are going. Over 50% of Maryland’s income is government money. We are disaster waiting to happened. Think otherwise all you want. And, again, keep thinking higher taxes to keep out all those nasty lowlifes. You’re a bigoted trip.

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          • Because says

            You could move, and we’d put an end to your irritation, at least as displayed in this forum

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        • Lagmeister says

          It is a phased in tax that starts right before the 4th of July each year for several years. If you can remember, post what you pay this coming 4th when the tax hits.

          Oh, and just so you know, when the taxes get high enough folks of means leave. I find it funny that you think it should be expensive enough in Harford County to keep out the riffraff. Oh, I can leave anytime I want, and I am sure I will when I am ready. And since you don’t know, there is no real competition for the sale price of gasoline. The price goes up when the price of crude goes up – almost instantly.

          Maryland needs new businesses moving in that have high paying jobs. Those are the taxpayers that will keep the state afloat. A high tax state is not where the businesses are going. Over 50% of Maryland’s income is government money. We are a disaster waiting to happen. Think otherwise all you want. And, again, keep thinking higher taxes to keep out all those nasty lowlifes. You’re a bigoted trip.

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          • mostly blue says

            Gas tax in MD is somewhere between 14th to 19th depending how you count the diesel tax and other fees. it is fully 49 cents less than CA. I don’t know how you came up with the determination that MD has such a high gas tax compared to other states. It should be noted that MD has better roads and better kept roads than CA in general and our state is active in building and improving its roads. Yes, the transportation fund has been raided to fund other things, and I don’t support that because it just masks the total spending and it doesn’t fund the very thing it was designed to do. Being a bigot? How so? The less teachers get paid the less quality teachers are left and the lower the outcomes. The same goes for who lives in HC, the cheaper it gets the easier it is for people to move here. I don’t want a race to the bottom nor do I want the highest taxes either. The cost of having quality govt and schools must be borne by the taxpayers. Inflation happens to all of us, taxpayer and government. Pay up or move! I wish you’d go already..

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  20. The Lagmeister says

    Cdev, Because, teachers, the human race and all others that I may have offended by my misguided comments:

    I’m so sorry, and I apologize. I get bored playing video games in my mom’s basement, and I don’t have a job. Posting on The Dagger is cheap entertainment.

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

    The Lagmeister

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  21. Lagmeister says

    Lagmeister is the one and only, himself – as in John L. Sullivan, himself – or the Pope, himself. As with others of his stature, he and only he is ‘himself,’ earning third person privilege. All of Lagmeister’s posts are written as if spoken trippingly off the tongue – and not childish imitations as though the town crier spoke his lines.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 2 Thumb down 6
  22. Lagmeister says


    “MD has more millionaires per capita than any other state !” Enough of your douchebaggery! That is per capita of liquid assets, having nothing to do with yearly taxable income.

    The perspective: Maryland is 19th in population of around 6 million. If you were to confiscate every dime from the folks in MD who have liquid assets of at least one million you couldn’t run the state for a week.

    Now, if we switch to actual income and look at where the money comes from in MD: All of the top 10 per capita income locations are in Montgomery County. But the horror is that the money is bloodsucker, beltway-bandit, government money, just waiting for the Feds to turn off the plastic-banna, good-time-rock-and-roll faucet.

    Concerning Harford County (where you think everyone is a rich-bitch-Todd-Laker), we find, basis BLS 52wk, that the average weekly salary is $848, which is -2.9% from the previous year. Maybe the teachers should save the confiscated Pop-Tarts for lunch since everyone else is eating scraps.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 7
  23. Lagmeister says

    Concerned Teacher,

    You act like being pummeled from all sides makes you special. You carry out absurd rules while folks outside your world think you are lazy. Okay. Is that all you got in your bag of complaints? Is that what crushes your self esteem? Concerning real pressure, you don’t have a clue – you don’t even suspect a clue (as Yogi would say).

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 6
  24. Lagmeister says


    “Nope. Wrong again, Lag!” Wow! That’s all you got? Right “Right?” Not even one mental farthing for all of your well-wishers waiting to thumb you up [snicker].


    Except “Except,” for your peers who haunt and bang down the opposition, I have received sufficient attaboys from fair-minded folks. I am enjoying the fact that you all keep extending your humiliation. Then again, it says something for our edu-doodles if they think you are winning this discourse. I have even saved a few of my lines for later use.

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  25. Lagmeister says

    I am Lagmeister. You all should be lucky that I take time to educate the ignorant masses.

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    • Lagmeister says

      “I am Lagmeister.” Such a poor imitation; I am insulted. Surely, there is someone steeped in Dante as to suggest a mea culpa that includes the lapping, heretical flames of the Sixth Circle – or, some Joycean debauchery with oblique references to Dublin.

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  26. Original Lagmeister says

    “Lagmeister(s)” – The true mark of a superior product is the endless quantity of inferior reproductions.

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    • Lagmeister says

      As Lagmeister, ‘himself’ – being he who holds the conch – I couldn’t agree more. Quite a paucity of quality are they who merely whac-a-mole their betters. They no longer care to justify Burbey’s publicity stunt, having lost both the argument and the moral high ground.

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  27. Dr Fraud says

    MASH and Colonel Flagg? Oh yes. The diagnosis was dissociative identity disorder and the prognosis was not promising.

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    • Lagmeister says

      “Can you see the real me doctor?” Perhaps, this is me or perhaps not? Let us see if all the self-professed educators on this site can solve my little riddle. Remember Lagmeister is everywhere and nowhere.

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  28. Lagmeister says

    As we close this down, Please remember folks that this thread was about teachers begging for money, claiming all kinds of reasons to get it or they would leave! The names have been changed but the morons in the last few posts are the same people that were in the first few posts. They were embarrassed and lost the debate. Now they are crushed children trying to end the thread. That’s fine. The job has been done.

    And also remember, these are the people you send your children to. They are the Burbey Bunch. Just like the ignorant nose-pickers who act up in class when they don’t know the answer, here they are. They got bigger but they never grew up, and now they teach your children. No wonder the politicians seduced them and left them at the alter, they deserved it. So, to that I say good night. If anything adult is posted I will respond, otherwise I have proved my point and move on.

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  29. Burbey Bunch says

    It’s true. We are all teachers ganging up on one person. It’s just that laggy made us mad. We’re sorry, he has been right all along. There are some stragglers who will not agree with our confession, but please understand that… gosh! We want the money.

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  30. Lagmeister says

    Okay Burbey Bunch, I understand. Perhaps a group hug and we can sing your favorite song:

    “The Burbey Bunch,
    The Burbey Bunch,
    That is how we all became the Burbey Bunch!”

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    • laggy got mad says

      kiss it laggy. To win a debate you actually have to make sense. You are the biggest loser! You’re fired and that’s all she wrote. Sometimes people just have to stoop down to your level and act like a child! You win, yeah!!!

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      • Burbey Bunch says

        Dear laggy got mad,

        And a big ole, wet, deep tongue kissy to you from your fellow Burbey Bunchies. Don’t be mad at laggums; he’s just a big ole teddy bear.

        Keep a song in your heart:

        “One day a teacher lady meets the Burbey and knew that it was much more than a hunch
        that soon they would all become a family – that’s the way they all became the Burbey Bunch.
        The Burbey Bunch
        The Burbey Bunch
        That’s the way they all became the Burbey Bunch.”

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  31. mostly blue says

    When it is all said and done nothing much is changing as far as the status quo in education funding in HC this year. I know of a few teachers leaving PMHS and BAHS and I am pretty sure others as well. Too bad we are losing (my kids are losing) some dedicated and professional teachers to the neighboring counties. Our loss will be felt in the years to come as good schools are a foundation and part of the fabric that makes our communities desirable to people looking to move here. It will affect grades and or kids will lose out. Some people posting here won’t care because they see no benefit in either providing quality education and paying teachers a decent salary. I would hope that as the chips go down that your elected officials grow the fortitude to provide the needed funding to attract and keep good teachers, our kids deserve a better education and stability in their classrooms.

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    • Lagmeister says

      Mostly Blue,

      Since your post was a statement of position, I will respond in kind.

      I agree that the elected officials are the key factors here. Supporting the people of your choice with your money, time and votes will get you your rewards. The CE position is key for you in the next election. Get someone like minded and they will reward your money and votes with money.

      Now, on all the other perspectives, there is simply no resolve. Some of us see the upcoming loss of
      APG jobs and decrease in wages by almost 3% a pending county disaster. Others see the county as unappreciative and greedy. In the end it doesn’t matter. The future will play itself out no matter what.

      If some teachers desire to move and can find positions elsewhere I wish them nothing but success. If those positions are replaced after APG shrinks, then I wish the new teachers all the best of luck on their new careers.

      As a parting note, a simple search will find a youtube vid made in 2012 by Allegany County teachers complaining about their salaries and teaching situation. It is well worth viewing and pondering when you consider what they make and what the poverty situation is in that county. Consider too that Allegany County cut almost a million dollars from their next education budget.

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      • mostly blue says

        In kind response to you as well..,, This year is impending cuts to APG which haven’t happened but it is being used as a pretty good excuse for not funding anything as far as wage increases. I think the one’s being greedy here is HCG and the CC. See, as long as people whine and complain about it but nothing changes, then things will remain the same. The BOE has not made any hard choices to become more efficient either. Increase class size, reduce bus routes and let go of para-educational staff and give the teachers the raise they are due. As long as parents don’t see any changes to their kids education, they in turn won’t care much about what the teachers make either. No one wants to pay more for county services but no one wants a cut to their services either. The govt and its employees can’t be a pawn between the citizens, the taxpayer and the local government. We as employees are making it too easy for the county to continue business as usual. Things will need to change if all of us want more efficient government, quality services and fair wages for our employees. Never mind that the county hasn’t had a problem funding pony rides

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        • Lagmeister says

          Mostly Blue,

          I can tell you that I became interested in the subject because I was shocked that the teachers had not received anything. Sure, federal employees had their wages frozen for a time, corporations were cutting back and turning some jobs into part time jobs. But, it just makes sense to see that a minimum of 1% each year should have happened. If the BOE would have submitted a bare bones budget with a minimum increase would the county have turned it down? I doubt it. It seems to me there is so much politics going on with the BOE in order to make the county look bad and the teachers end of being the losers.

          Incidentally, the Congressional budget committee approved the military reductions last week. It is going to happen. Add that to the fact that there is nothing going on in the county that is going to improve the job market and I submit the future looks bleak.

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  32. mostly blue says

    BOE can’t request 30 million from the county to get back all the steps the teachers lost. The fact is that the CE has given them more money every year, although never as much as the BOE has requested. The local economy is doing well relative to the national picture and I do suppose that any cuts to APG will affect the county’s economic recovery. As a county employee I want to see that my employer treats me fairly as well. When there are county funds to pay for waste dumps in HdG, landfills in Joppa that never come to fruition, empty prison buildings, state of the art water treatment systems in Abingdon and the CE has free rain to demand a new high school for HdG when it wasn’t even identified as a priority by the BOE, building new space for emergency operations, Edgewood Sheriff District, and now purchasing or assisting in building a rehabilitation facility as well as TIFF.s for preferred business ventures, then I do have a problem when other priorities are more important that paying the Sheriff deputies, county employees and library staff a decent salary. We aren’t asking for unreasonable and unmanageable raises here. The mid-year bonus gesture a few years ago was welcomed but I can’t plan my life and my expenses based on a budget that doesn’t ever grow. I too, have thought about leaving HCG but it becomes a hard thing to do when I am invested in my work and my job actually means that people that I serve will be doing without my help. Being a public servant is a calling but no one ever told me that a bow of poverty was part of the deal while my expenses go up as well and my gas doesn’t cost less than yours. Again, I am not asking for a raise based on just because. I don’t mind as long as pet projects of the CE get reduced as well.

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    • Lagmeister says

      Mostly Blue,

      Doing well basis the rest of the country is a very generalized statement when you consider what is propping up the county and the state. I know I am repeating myself but the average wage last year in the county was -2.9% versus the year before. Not only that, we are all supported on government money and the day of reckoning is close.

      Having covered all that I agree that something about the budget stinks. Why all the capital projects and not much for the operating expenses. Why not even a consistent increase? Problem is that I am certain it is only going to get worse. Guaranteed the state will raise taxes every year.

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