Harford Campaign for Liberty Aug. 26: “Harford County Wants to Take Over Trash Collection. Does Government Involvement Render a More Efficient Service?”

From Harford Campaign for Liberty:

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August 26, 2014
Knights of Columbus Hall
23 Newport Drive
Forest Hill, MD 21050

All politics is local. And the responsibility of all citizens is to act locally to preserve their rights and freedoms. This month we discuss local issues that highlight the overreach of local government and how it affects you, your pocketbook, and your liberty.

Waste Industries – Harford County wants to take over trash collection. Does government involvement render a more efficient service? Arm yourself with facts and then decide.

Christina Trotta – More information on TIFs and other nifty ways elected officials move money from your wallet into someone else’s.

Scott DeLong – The dangers of a police state and the abridgement of Habeas Corpus.

Greg Johnson – Remember Ruby Ridge? This August marks the 22nd anniversary of government gone wild with deadly results for the Weaver family.

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  1. says

    I lived in Anne Arundel County for a good many years, and then trash service was contracted out by the county government. it was the cheapest and best service I have ever had. Think about it – instead of all these private services vying for business, with everyone thrown into large pool, the rates were great.

    • jack Rabbit says

      I have the best rates and service ever. I take my own to the dump and do not wish to pay for a service I neither want or use.

  2. the professor says

    I didn’t know there was a proposal to take over trash service in the county? Inflammatory rhetoric from C4L sounds more like it. The county is conducting a study regarding waste and how to best manage the whole situation from pick up to drop off. The county’s dump is being used by all these haulers and they are the one’s making they money and dumping their trash on us

    • say wahtt says

      I kind of agree with the proffy on this one, now that’s not gonna happen often proffy man!

  3. BRAC Family says

    Virtually all towns in NJ have trash haulers as town employees on the public payroll, with benefits, health care, pension costs, etc., etc. That’s one of many reasons why our annual property taxes were more than double for a comparable home there as opposed to MD. Now don’t get me wrong – I love NJ. But wait and see, if Harford county takes over trash hauling services, your taxes will increase exponentially, to reflect the increase costs. I saw it in NJ, and this proposal will effect the same increases in Harford County.

    • Miss Gulch says

      Absolutely correct. I lived in New Jersey for a few years and what you are saying regarding high taxes in NJ and the trash collection is accurate.

    • Joe Local says

      I thought it was common knowledge that the hauling of waiste in New Jersey was controlled by the mafia. No wonder the taxes there increased.

  4. Hedley Lamarr says

    The Bozo’s in Harford county government are going to do whatever they want to regardless of what the citizens want. You can have all the meetings you want, it will not make a difference. My guess is that the decision was already made by the time the general public found out about this subject.