Harford County Executive Glassman Proposes “Sensible” FY2017 Budget: No Tax Increases; Record Funding for Public Safety and Education

From Harford County government:

Harford County Executive Barry Glassman has proposed a sensibly balanced budget for the fiscal year 2017 providing record funding for public safety and education, without raising taxes or increasing spending overall.

In his proposed $524,570,000 general fund operating budget, the county executive directs all new revenue to raise instructional salaries in Harford County Public Schools and to support salary increases in the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, plus a supplemental increase for those employees classified as law enforcement deputy first class, law enforcement senior deputy or law enforcement corporal. The budget also includes salary enhancements for employees in other outside county agencies. For qualifying county employees, proposed merit-based salary increases are funded entirely by savings from efficiencies within county government, including positions eliminated thus far to rightsize the workforce. Continuing to fight the heroin epidemic, the county executive’s budget also doubles funding for heroin addiction treatment and related recovery services.

County Executive Glassman’s proposed capital budget is the lowest in 16 years at $80,046,575, yet includes a significant local contribution toward essential highways, road and bridge repair projects. Funding is planned to replace Havre de Grace Middle/High School beginning in the fiscal year 2018.

The county executive’s total combined operating and capital budget proposal of $735,168,475 for FY 17 is level with FY16, increasing by less than one half of one percent, or $1,578,378.

“Despite economic headwinds, we are on a path to continue restoring balance and fiscal responsibility for our citizens and employees,” said County Executive Glassman. “My budget proposal demonstrates that we can live within our means through efficiencies, allowing us to reinvest in the people who deliver valuable services for our citizens. Smaller and faster local government with better service – this is how Harford County is leading the way forward as Maryland’s new center of opportunity.”

County Executive Glassman’s proposed budget bill will be delivered Friday to the Harford County Council and posted on the county website www.harfordcountymd.gov. Budget highlights appear below:


• No tax increases

• Lowest level of capital spending in 16 years, deferring large new capital projects and eliminating the trend of yearly increases in new debt

• Realistic six-year Capital Improvement Program, which helped Harford County retain the highest possible Triple-A bond rating and save money with the lowest borrowing cost in Harford County history

• Rightsizing the county workforce, eliminating 52 positions thus far in FY 16, and living within our means through ongoing efficiency measures

• County government efficiencies have allowed us to dedicate all new revenue to education and public safety, while at the same time reinvesting in our own workforce


• Merit-based salary increases of 3% per qualifying county employee; no new money is needed to fund this increase, due to our efficiency measures

• Support for employees in the Sheriff’s Office, Public Library, State’s Attorney’s Office, EMS Foundation and Circuit Court system, with increased funding equivalent to 3% per employee

• A supplemental merit increase to law enforcement personnel classified as follows: 6% for Deputy First Class (Law Enforcement) and Senior Deputy (Law Enforcement); 3% for Corporal (Law Enforcement). These supplemental merit increases are in addition to the 3% base merit increase.


• Funding for Harford County Public Schools continues at a record level

• Nearly all of the county’s new revenue is directed to K-12 education

• Operating funding for HCPS at $233,534,504 or $5,988,637 above the Maintenance of Effort requirement

• Support for teachers, with $3.5 million in increased funding for instructional salaries

• Additional funds for special education buses and general school transportation needs totaling $2,745,533

• Restoration of $300,000 in operating funds for Harford Community College


• Doubling to $200,000 the county funding for treatment of heroin addiction and related support services

• Increased funding of $75,000 to our Health Department to support behavioral health and teen diversion programs

• Increased funding of $87,186 for first responders with the Harford County EMS Foundation

• Contribution of $125,000 to Susquehanna Hose Company for a fire/rescue boat

• Creation of a $250,000 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) replacement account for our volunteer firefighters’ life safety equipment


• Highways, road and bridge repair projects: $15,700,000 of which 86% is locally funded

• Storm water remediation projects funded at $6.1 million

• Full funding for Fallston High School’s artificial turf field: $1,550,000

• Priority repairs for Volunteer Fire Company facilities: $400,000

• Upgrades to replace the county’s antiquated and inefficient computer software and hardware: $2,737,500

• Havre de Grace Middle/High School replacement project funds planned to begin in FY 2018

• Fully funded the local share of the Board of Education’s state capital budget request at $8,181,000


  1. Supplemental Merit says

    Barry Glassman can you please explain to me your thought process about the supplemental merit increases for HCSO based on our rank structure. Our pay plan has been out of whack for so long, rank is not an accurate barometer for salary. Therefore you screwed over so many of your “valued” Deputies with this decision. When we saw 11% increases for Cecil County Deputies this year we had hope that despite being 25% behind in salary you would take care of us especially this year of all years. We love our citizens here, our county politicians on the other hand no comment.

    • Supplemental Merit says

      Also don’t boast about “no new taxes” when you aren’t paying a legitimate 2016 salary for ALL of your county employees including schools, HCSO, State’s Attorneys Office. The cost of business goes up, so should our salaries, and not an amount that affords me cheese on my burger either. Either we need to stop building schools, raise taxes, or figure out a way to manage our tax dollars better. It’s a no brainer, you always take care of the three most basic things first, public safety, education, and infrastructure, everything else like land is a want not a need when your county employees struggle and lay their lives on the line.

  2. Supplemental Merit says

    Barry Glassman can you please explain to me your thought process about the supplemental merit increases for HCSO based on our rank structure. Our pay plan has been out of whack for so long, rank is not an accurate barometer for salary. Therefore you screwed over so many of your “valued” Deputies with this decision. When we saw 11% increases for Cecil County Deputies this year we had hope that despite being 25% behind in salary you would take care of us especially this year of all years. We love our citizens here, our county politicians on the other hand no comment.her you need to raise taxes, stop building schools, or manage our tax dollars better, this has gotten out of hand!

    • Mike Welsh says

      I find nothing in the pay proposal that indicates the additional pay increases for Deputy First Class, Senior Deputy and Corporal has anything to do with merit. It appears the supplemental has only to do with grade. If you are serving in those grades in Law Enforcement, then you receive an additional percentage of pay. It has nothing to do with Merit.

      It would also appear that with the additional percentage pay increases, many of the Deputies will be making more money than their Supervisors and Commanders. Seems to me that will create a rather odd circumstance where the subordinate earns more than the superior who has taken on more responsibility and is not being appropriately compensated for the increased responsibility. How is this good for the entire Office of Sheriff when you create this inversion?

      One has to wonder if Sheriff Gahler is on board with this proposal. He should make a public statement to his employees indicating his support or non-support for this proposal. He should explain to his Sargent’s and above along with all grades of Correctional Deputies why they were not deserving of this so called “Supplemental Merit” increase.

      • Lenny Lane says

        Sheriff Gahler has sent all employees a letter indicating that he is indeed onboard. You are right, in many many instances the supervisors are making less than those they are leading. I do not know what the rationale is for creating this bizarre situation. You’ll have to ask the union president. The Sheriff has managed to piss off 4/5 of his employees.

        • Ms Teary says

          It is not good that 80% of those working under the supervision of our Sherriff do not approve of him. After all, you can not manage people into battle, you must lead them. Men and women will not willingly follow someone they don’t like and therefore will not give their all in service to their mission (to protect and service the residents of Harford County).

          The men and women working under the Sherriff must be behind him 100% because he is asking these people to put their lives on line for all the residents of Harford County every minute of every hour of every day.

          Dear Sherriff, please listen to your people. They need a leader they can trust to be behind them 100%. This includes seeing that that are fairly and adequately paid for their service.

          • Pavel314 says

            I seem to recall that before the last election, there were many posts that the majority of the deputies didn’t like Bane. Has there ever been a Harford sheriff that the deputies liked?

        • Mike Welsh says

          @Lenny Lane

          We should point out that it was probably not the Sheriff who negotiated this pay proposal, although he probably knew about it. The Deputies pay has been negotiated by their Union Representatives directly with the County Executive and County Council.

          You say that Sheriff Gahler has provided a letter to employees stating he is on-board with the pay proposal, would you care to share with the readers here what he had to say? Did he provide any rational why he believes the line Deputies should be making more money than the Supervisors and Commanders they work for?

          • Just a thought says

            Even if the Sheriff was not directly involved with pay negotiations I am sure that he had some input. Something is in most cases isbetter than nothing. From prior posts the members of the Sheriff’s Office were clearly and without a doubt way overdue for a raise and I was happy to see that something was implemented. I do feel that the raises should have been based on or at least had some type of merit component. In my many years of policing I knew many individuals who were hardworking fireballs who earned every cent and deserved a lot more. On the other side of the spectrum you have people that are basically ROD (retired on duty). A possible solution would be for the Sheriff to implement a competency test involving job or position knowledge. Each officer would need to score a minimum of 70% in their particular discipline to receive a merit raise. If an agency is going to utilize a Master or Sr. Patrolman rank this type of procedure must be in place. A Sr./Master Patrolman should be a go to guy and not just a slug with a lot of time on. He or she should have the knowledge and the ability to act as a leader or mentor when needed. This would benefit the entire agency and the members.

          • Miss Print says

            To “Just a Thought”: I like the way you think.

            It sounds like the entire Upper Management (not just limited to the elected) level of the Harford County Government needs to be “downsized (read ‘fired’)” and replaced with a government that operates along a more “transparent” line. There are just too many twist and turns in what I am reading about these negotiations to allow any reasonable tax-paying resident of Harford County (or anywhere else) to really understand what’s really going on.

            I am appalled at the squalor this article reveals.

            It sounds like the entire pay remuneration in both the Sherriff’s Office and Public School Department needs a complete overhaul.

            Our men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day deserve better than what I’m reading. It sounds like the Sherriff is trying to do the right thing, and we as taxpayers should be doing what we can to help him.

            And we as a community cannot afford to loose our good teachers to other school systems with a more equitable pay system. Whatever the reason causing this exodus of teachers must be corrected before the beginning of the next school year at the very latest. Anything that can be done in the interim must be done at once.

            We need government that people can understand and monitor starting at the local level. This is the only way taxpayers know what is happening with their tax money and where changes need to be made.

            Judging from what I’ve seen on the Dem Primary Ballot, there isn’t much of an opportunity to “throw the bast**d’s out this year. But we MUST do something to change this mess in upcoming elections. Maybe we even need to revisit the county charter.

          • Mike Welsh says

            @Just a thought

            Thanks for your input. With regard to the employees going for several years with a pay increase, that would be true for the majority of the employees. However, that is not true for Deputies serving in the grade of Senior Deputy. This select group (Deputies First Class with more than 10 years service) received an increase of 6% just two years ago when no one else in the agency received any increase. Now this select group of Deputies will receive an additional 9% while others will receive only 3%.

            The Senior Deputy will have received 15% additional pay in just three years. I would be the last person to gripe about public service employees getting paid appropriately. However, their must be some equity among the officers for their compensation. Line Deputies having the same or nearly the same time in service as their Supervisors or Commanders should not be making more money than their Leaders.

        • Honest Blue says

          The Sheriff has not pissed off 4/5 of the Deputies! This horribly implemented pay plan/raise this year was not his doing he wanted something fair for everyone! The fault lies with our Union President and the County Executive, not the Sheriff!

          • Mike Welsh says

            So, is he or, is he not on board with this horrible pay plan for his Deputies. If he is not on board, what is the Sheriff doing to make things equal/equitable for all of Deputies?

          • crazyworkd says

            The sheriff just playing politics. We are the pawns in his grand plans. This raise is just a poor thought out attempt to buy young deputies but it has alienated the rank and file.

      • Unhappy DSU Member says

        This mess was created in a secret back room deal between Baarrryyy and sleepy Fred, the union pres. Sheriff Gahler shared his request with the entire department not once but twice since Sleeply Fred kept making up crap at the union meetings. Baarrryyy let the union jerk him around and as a result everyone got screwed over.

        • Mike Welsh says

          Sounds like a bunch of lip service by the Sheriff and the Union President to try an appease the 80% of Sheriff Office employees who did not get the additional 3% & 6%.

          If the Sheriff and Glassman do not actually support this proposal then it is time to make corrections at the County Council level and treat all employees in a more equitable manner.

          • Welsh BullS-IT meter says

            Sheriff is the only one without lip service. Said what he wanted them to do and the County Executive decided to listen to the union.

  3. Wow says

    Here’s his thought process. Hi my name is Barry I’m a smiling arrogant pos. I’ll give them what I think will shut them up. And make me look human in the process.

    • ForestHillResident says

      Come on – are you really surprised? You voted for a local version of Ted Cruz who campaigned on the promise of having everyone in the county “sacrifice” with lower salaries and worse services because this will get the attention of the Koch brothers who then will fund getting this clown promoted into higher office. Stop complaining about the results when you support this unthinking ideology.

  4. James says

    Did any of you ungrateful employees think about saying Thank you. If you don’t like your salary, go to a different County..Please , I work in private sector and got 1%…Please enough with the greed.

    • easy as fishin says

      You should change jobs. The private sector is rocking. I got 7% plus a nice bonus this year. Plus the market returns are still strong. My 401k match is a great perk. Why are you staying at a job that is giving you a 1% boost in an economy that is pretty good? Shop around. This isn’t Kansas or Louisiana unless you are talking about the county government and school system.

    • Thankful Deputy says

      James I love the argument, if you don’t like the salary just leave! Lol it’s so easy when you own a house here, when you have relatives and friends here, when your kids are established in a school here, when you have to start over in a new system from scratch. The answer is not for all of the good Deputies to up and leave this county. Deputies appreciate their jobs but at the same time they are entitled to reasonable pay, I mean I’m sure you can agree with that James. When your frozen for almost a decade and you get 3% it’s tough to roll out the thank you banner lets be honest. James your Deputies deserve more that’s the Gods honest truth.

      • Da Truf says


        • Thankful Deputy says

          You are right about the pension, however it’s 50% of your salary after 25 years of service however what’s 50% of a low salary. Secondly most private sector positions offer a higher salary with a company match on a 401k (which we don’t have). Truth be told with the lower life expectancy of police officers, the prevalence of heart disease (one of the few fields that recognizes the damage this stressful career does to your heart), astronomical stress, higher suicide rates and ptsd a pension I think is a fair trade off. Deputies appreciate the citizens we just want a fair salary it doesn’t even have to be upper tier compared to our colleagues, just maybe in the same ballpark would be great for our families when I die prematurely from heart disease

          • Da Truf says

            I have no problem paying the officers that keep our neighborhoods safe and free from criminals, drugs and thieves. However, I have a huge problem with police officers spending a majority of time writing seatbelt tickets to people going to and from work.

            Get back in the communities and get to know the citizens instead of camping out in mall parking lots in a marked car. You should know that the majority of citizens in Harford County appreciate and respect law enforcement as was demonstrated in the huge outpouring of support for our fallen officers.

            You guys know that seatbelt and cell phone violators on Hess Road are not the real criminals in Harford County and targeting us instead of real criminals is about as productive as citizens not reporting crime because we dislike and distrust the police.

            btw – most companies stopped 401K matches over 15 years ago. You’re lucky if you get 25% if anything at all anymore.

    • Just Sayin' says

      Hey “James”, maybe your job performance only warranted a !% increase (or maybe not!).
      And it’s not “greed” when employees want their salaries to keep up with the cost of living!
      Besides, all employees were promised a salary and benefits package (that includes a career advancement ladder) when they started, but to “bait and switch” those items like the Craig administration did to the employees is just absolutely wrong.
      Additionally, David Craig lowered property taxes on multiple occasions, while at the same time, property assessments were dropping during the big recession, thus substantially reducing the County’s primary source of revenue! Then he complained that the State cut funding to the County! What a hypocrite! He did this in an attempt to bolster his failed attempt to be governor (and it is screwing the next administration by shortchanging its revenue stream significantly).
      I know that republicans in general have a penchant against tax increases, but to restore needed funding to Harford County Government to its proper funding level, this administration should CONSIDER raising the property tax rate to what it was during the entire two terms of the Harkins administration AND during the first half of Craig’s two and one half terms (and they are republicans also!). Think about it…….

      • Raise says

        Well, you know how that goes…when I want a raise, it’s because I earned it and I deserve it; when you want a raise, it’s because you are a greedy SOB!

    • Change says

      I love it when people use that argument, “if you don’t like it, leave”. Good attitude! Is that what you teach your kids? When the going gets tough, get out! Don’t try to change things, don’t try to make things better, just quit! Isn’t that what the Brits told the colonists? “Hey, you don’t like the tea tax, tough crumpets. Just southwest of here there is a booming French colony. They even have jazz there (well, ok, maybe not for another 140 years or so..). Start walking.” Did the settlers leave? NO. They stayed and changed things. Good thing too. I hate French cooking.

      On the other hand, James, since you don’t like living in an environment where people want to change things to better their lives, maybe you ought to leave. Go someplace where people don’t try to change things, where they just accept their lot in life. North Korea comes to mind.

      • Sarah says

        Interesting analogy to use American colonists to advance your argument that employees should stay where they are and “try to change things” rather than look for a new job with better pay and opportunities for advancing themselves. You know… colonists – those people who left their homes to forge a better life for themselves and their families elsewhere…

        You ask about the lessons that we should be teaching our children. Well I have always taught mine to not pout, complain, or depend on others to change their behavior if you are unhappy, even if you are deserving and they are in the wrong. If you want to change your situation, you can take the initiative and do it. It just might not be easy or convenient, and you have to weigh the pros and cons of all options.

        I’m not saying you are wrong to, as you say, “stay and fight.” But the thing with salaries is that you are worth whatever someone is willing to pay you, not what you think you should be paid. (Even if you do deserve it.)

        • Underpaid? says

          So…there is no such thing as being “underpaid”? Strange perspective coming from a woman.

        • Chrissy says

          That’s the problem. Every surrounding county is willing to pay it’s teachers significantly more. Thus, HCPS is left hiring new teachers who could not get jobs elsewhere, not exactly the cream of the crop. No one cares that teachers here are not paid fairly in relation to surrounding counties as long as their property taxes haven’t increased until it’s their own child who gets a long term sub for their kids algebra class because no qualified teacher can be found.

  5. Miss Gulch says

    I have the deepest respect for law enforcement and know that the men and women in this profession put their lives on the line on a daily basis. They deserve to have a decent salary that is on par with similar jurisdictions. With that said, let me say that as a health care provider working in a major metropolitan hospital, there were no raises. I work long hours often taking care of angry, sometimes violent people, some with communicable disease and at the end of the day, walk back to my car hoping not to be mugged or worse.
    In my previous career i used to work in a governmental capacity where raises were expected. I say all of this not to be disrespectful, but to offer you a different perspective. I am fortunate to have a job. I wish i could have a raise this year, but the economy is still not there and with the unintended consequences of Obamacare, healthcare providers have taken a hit. In fact, we are being told that we are going to need to “do more with less.”

  6. humble county employee says

    The county should put back in the 2% property tax cut that they have in 2009. This alone will funs not only the teachers, but also the sheriff and ALL county worker requests which have been stagnant since 2009.

    If we don’t take care of the infrastructure that need this county running each and very day of the year how can we retain quality personnel? Short answer is you can’t. Look at other counties that so this and you have some of the most sought out jobs in the state. And for those saying leave, go to the private sector I say look at those same counties and they also have the most sought out private sector jobs.

    This tax being out back makes logical sense, however politicians don’t look at what’s best for their employees or john q public. They all look to get reelected and for their “legacy”.

    Call and ask to put back the 2% and ensure our county continues to be great.

  7. just a dad says

    Hmmm. 2% of my tax would be about 25 bucks or so a year. I’m willing to invest that if my county becomes a leader again in quality education again.

    Come on Barry! I’ll easily pay that to make things better. We owe it to our kids.

  8. Jim in Hickory says

    People deserve to get paid a fair wage for doing their job. This is why all the county workers complaining of no raises should group up and figure a way to clear the dead wood county workers that do nothing. The money is there, Barry isn’t taking it …. it’s the do nothing slug you work with that is getting your money. It’s not fair to the 25% of the workers that get stuck doing 75% of the work. Don’t take it out on the taxpayers and don’t expect a handout from Barry for just being present at your job. Come on you people know how the system works better than any one. Do something to help yourself.

    • W.T.F.? says

      Well “Jim in Hickory”, like always, you open your mouth and insert your foot. What an ass you are.

      • Jim in Hickory says

        Well there you have the Harford county employees pissing and moaning on the clock because once again I have outted their dumb asses.

        Well done idiots.

        • Cuban says

          Jim…did you check your clipboard to obtain this information? How else could you know that these individuals with the clever nicknames are really county employees posting incognito while on taxpayer funded time? Incognito to everyone except YOU of course! Sitting there on your sporty yet practical 93 Grand Marquis, you track down those county employees at Wawa with the grace and skill of a cocker spaniel chasing squirrels in the back yard! We salute you, Hickory Jim, for your contributions to the betterment of society, neigh, to the betterment of humanity, one 20 ounce Cuban roast with French vanilla creamer at a time!

    • Jim's Pal says

      I’d like to congratulate Jim in Hickory for making a statement without mentioning Wawa.

      Good going, pal!

    • Not gonna do it says

      Jim go screw yourself i ain’t doing nothing more then I got to for my paycheck. If they pay me more I might consider doing more.

      • Jim in Hickory says

        Will you do more if Barry Glassman gives you a WAWA gift card?


        • Limmerick for Jimmerick says

          Made a grumpy old man, Jim in Hickory,
          Accusations he could not make stickory,
          Thought a hero he’d be
          Tracking county workers coffee
          When in fact, he was just being a d#ckory!

    • ForestHillResident says

      The bumbling/slow harford county employee is a conservative myth designed by the billionaire’s think-tanks to make the voters ignore the plights of our neighbors and drive a wedge between all of us. No different than claims of lazy welfare queens that pop out kids for welfare checks being the myth that allows welfare and food stamp benefits to be cut for real single mothers juggling child care with 2 jobs. Harford County is a great place to live, I’m thankful for the opportunity to live here and proud of what we can build together. We need to be supporting the deputies, teachers and govt workers who directly help make it that way. Stop screwing over your neighbors to help the investor class dodge taxes.

  9. Taxpsyer55 says

    Why is the county spending tax money on that monstrosity on route 155 level road in churchville you call a new gymnasium.

    • Kharn says

      Were you the one that painted “Open Space bondoggle” [sic] on it a few weeks ago before the bricks went up?

  10. ForestHillResident says


    • Jim in Hickory says

      They weren’t exactly shut down. All the people with desk jobs got paid to stay home and the few who removed the snow were making triple time with nights off and no incentive to get the job done quickly.

  11. Ms Teary says

    Persons who risk their lives and health just to keep them and their families in cheeseburgers and sneakers deserve every nickel the get and are worth far more than the tax payers can afford to pay them.

    Why do professional athletes earn way in advance of what a public school teacher earn? I guess its because a teacher reaches less than a hundred students per year and the professional athlete sells his services to millions of people over the course of the same year. . Not fair, not just, not what society should tolerate, but it is the market place – what the traffic will bear… If calculus garnered as much attention as professional football, I guess Math teachers would earn more.I

    But then, who is doing more to prepare the next generation to carry the world on their shoulders? I guess the free market system has made its choice.

    Let’s face it, any public sector job – by this I mean anyone who is paid out of taxpayer funds – Is underpaid when viewed against what persons in the private sector doing equivalent work earns. Taxpayers can not afford to pay more because they don’t have any customers they can pass the extra costs along to.

    • Kharn says

      There are 32 starting NFL quarterbacks.
      There are 3.7 million teachers in the United States.
      With 320 million people in the US, you’re going to be paid better when your skills are 1 in 10,000,000 vs 1 in 87.

      It’s time to pick a new career field where there is less competition and a higher barrier to entry.

      • Mare of Steel says

        The skill of tossing a ball around is not of much real value. It is people like yourself that puts inflated value on such “rare skills”. So don’t try and dazzle us with tidbits of knowledge from your days in Microeconomics.

        • Mare of Plastic says

          Right, tossing a ball around has all sets of skill levels. Fortunately, many will try and even less will succeed to what society is deemed as “Professional” whether it is the NFL, MLB, whatever.

          I’m not sure I understand what value? As far as if they quit and decided to do something else? Sure, maybe.

          The value of their profession is obviously there, as they make 1,000 times more than what a school teacher makes.

          Hey, I don’t care for Professional Sports but the capitalist society has deemed it that way through the big organizations that run them.

          Sounds like you’re butt hurt someone gets their name on the back of a sports Jersey and gets paid big dollars for their likeness.

          Please reply and “tell me how it is” I really care.

          • balls and strikes says

            Wow I think that new guy hit you in the sensitive zone. What in the infernal regions is a mare of steel? You didn’t even use the “Kharn” handle to reply back. Man I think that’s a first. I liked the “butt hurt” and the “plastic” part comeback. That was a solid hit and you spelled “butt” right. He can’t do that grammar police move on you now. Solid retort Kharn.

          • Forever Amber says

            To Balls and Strikes,

            The only reference I ever heard about “mare of steel” was from the movie “The Vikings” starring Kirk Douglas and Toni Curtis. They were someplace south of Scandinavia and I believe it was the character played by Sidney Poitier who asked them if they had ever ridden the “mare of steel”.

            This was a very large device, that had the head of a horse and and just the spine. The spine came up to a very sharp edge. The “rider” was mounted around the head and pushed down the very sharp spine made of steel. The rider was not expected to survive the experience.

            I hope this helps…

    • Honest Blue says

      Blue Lies Matter, what do you do for a living? Secondly, over the past nine years have you received any cost of living adjustments, or raises, if so what’s the total money or percentages over that time. Hopefully you will be completely honest with your reply which shouldn’t be a problem as long as your not blue of course judging by your moniker