U.S. Sen. Mikulski Announces $2 Million Federal Grant for Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation for At-Risk Youth Mentoring

From the office of U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski:

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.) today announced that the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation (CRSF) has been awarded a $2,000,000 federal grant through the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention program. These federal grant funds will help the foundation provide mentoring opportunities for at-risk youth in Maryland and 18 other states.

As Vice Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee as well as the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Subcommittee, Senator Mikulski included $90 million in grant funding administered by the Department of Justice for mentoring programs supporting at-risk youth as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016.

“Prevention and intervention programs targeting at-risk youth are a critical tool in changing the direction in the lives of young people,” Vice Chairwoman Mikulski said. “I believe in putting money in the federal checkbook to create an investment in organizations like the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, which provides mentoring programs to help children learn and grow in a safe environment. This national program not only provides activities and services, but role models like Baltimore’s Cal Ripken, Jr., who can truly make a difference.”

CRSF will use these funds to support their Badges for Baseball program, which uses baseball- and softball-themed programs to help build character and teach critical life lessons to underserved youth residing in America’s most distressed communities. The program combines character education with healthy activity while engaging volunteers and law enforcement officers as mentors to foster positive relationships between youth and police. More than 450 youth attended this year’s CRSF’s Summer Camp. Nationwide, 1,006,247children were engaged in the CRSF programs in 177 communities in 18 states in 2015. In Maryland, this included roughly 1,400 youth.

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, headquartered in Baltimore, Md., is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, working throughout the country with local organizations and schools serving America’s most distressed communities. CRSF is a supporting partner to those organizations who, on a daily basis, play such a critical role in developing, inspiring and saving young lives.


  1. Sam Adams says

    “Money in the federal checkbook”?!? The U.S. Government owes $20 trillion and continues to spend way more than it takes in. So the U.S. Government borrows money to give it away to Cal Ripken for a feel good program that I am sure will be of questionable efficacy. Why doesn’t old Cal donate his own money to the program after he sells his Reisterstown monument to himself and save the taxpayers money.

  2. PissedOfRepublican says

    What is she “STILL” here????? Good Grief !!!!. Typical Democrat= Free money for all,,, Hay Babs, whats in it for my tax dollar?

    • minion says

      I really don’t like her either. I do like any federal money that comes here, to my home state, rather than going to New York, or California, or…wherever.

      What’s in it for you? Maybe it will provide guidance to one of these kids who would have otherwise stolen from or hurt you or a loved one? Who knows. We can’t afford to lock up all the bad kids and throw away the keys. I think we all benefit from saving the ones who can be saved.

      • That's Stupid says

        Worse…that grant will be considered tax free money for the foundation, which will they use it. I will plead complete ignorance to the 1) Structure of the foundation 2) the stipulations of the grant/program. Let’s assume that for every dollar to the foundation, only $.50 gets spent on the actual “needs” of those it tries to help. So who is enriched?

        That stated, you are correct, why in the world does every rich person have a “foundation” and funnel government (foreign & domestic) payments through it? It’s time to start using the RICO laws again.

        Not to mention, it’s MY money. It’s 3 unborn generations’, money. IT ISN’T BAB’s MONEY. Charity is suppose start in your local community (Cal Sr. collecting from locals works), not from the tax revenue that is earmarked to go to China because it was first borrowed at a paltry (and unsustainable) 1.18% rate.

        “In linking the ideals of democracy with formal associations, Tocqueville showed that America’s success as a non-aristocracy relies on philanthropy to provide for its people (Kramnick 2003, xxiv). “Aristocratic societies always contain. . .a small number of very powerful and wealthy citizens each of whom has the ability to perform great enterprises single-handed. In aristocratic societies men feel no need to act in groups because they are strongly held together. . .A nation in which individuals lost the capacity to achieve great things single-handed without acquiring the means of doing them in a shared enterprise would quickly revert to barbarism” (Tocqueville 1840, 597).

        Likewise, Tocqueville accurately foresaw the importance of charitable organizations in providing for the common welfare of people. “It is simple to see the time approaching when man will be decreasingly able to produce alone the commonest necessities of life. The tasks of government will therefore constantly increase and its very exertions must daily extend its scope. . .The only way opinions and ideas can be renewed, hearts enlarged, and human minds developed is through the reciprocal influence of men upon each other . . . these influences are practically non-existent in democratic countries. Thus, they have to be created artificially, which is what associations alone can achieve” (Tocqueville 1840, 598).”

        I’m glad that you understand community is so important; now, how about making a donation yourself? Or volunteering?

    • Keesha Jackson says

      Sorry, Just a Thought, it is not ‘instead of waging war’ but in addition to waging war. Our government under the leadership of the President and his cabinet are still waging war all over the place.

  3. Harford County Businessman says

    Seriously? 2 Million for a guy that couldn’t manage his own marriage….trying to sell his 12 million dollar estate…give me a break. Lets be an Iron Man off the field as well Cal. More political back rubbing and payoffs!!!

  4. Joe Belair says

    Cal should have plenty of money in Ripken Baseball since he screwed his beloved hometown over years ago with the stadium lease. Let them fund it instead of Babs donating our cash.


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