ACLU of Maryland to Hold Voter Hotline On Election Day; Report Problems at 410-889-8555

From the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland:

Voters can report problems on Election Day by calling a special hotline: 410-889-8555.

On Tuesday, November 8, the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland (ACLU) will hold the 2016 Election Protection Hotline, where voters can call between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. with questions about voting or to report problems at the polls. The hotline (410-889-8555) will be answered by ACLU staff trained to assist voters experiencing problems and to investigate complaints at the polls. During this year’s primary and early voting, ACLU’s Election Protection campaign has already helped voters and addressed issues discovered by, and reported to, the ACLU.

WHAT: ACLU of Maryland Election Protection Hotline: 410-889-8555
WHO: ACLU staff on call to help voters and investigate issues

WHEN: Tuesday, November 8 from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.
WHERE: Accepting calls from all over the state of Maryland

“The ACLU seeks to protect every Maryland voter from the misinformation and intimidation that we’ve seen in the past and is being documented across the country right now. Whether intentional or not, misinformation, intimidation and harassment disenfranchises citizens, confuses voters, and leads to cynicism in our electoral process,” said Amy Cruice, ACLU of Maryland’s Election Protection Campaign Director.

BACKGROUND: In a statewide effort to educate voters about their rights and solve problems at the polls, the ACLU of Maryland launched our 2016 Election Protection Campaign. Through this non-partisan program, the ACLU-MD has distributed thousands of Maryland Voter Empowerment Cards to advocacy groups, get-out-the-vote organizations, community groups, political parties, and individuals voters across the state, to help ensure that voters know their rights and know they can call the ACLU for help with problems on Election Day. The cards are in English and Spanish.


  1. Rufus says

    Do not call if you see Black Panthers holding billy clubs, yelling at you in front of your polling place. This is not voter intimidation.

    • Open Your Eyes says

      I am sure that Loretta Lynch would conduct a fair and balanced investigation in to these type issues as did her predecessor Eric Holder. LOL

      • Harford Dem says

        Don’t you mean Michael Mukasey, the Attorney General for George W. Bush? He was AG when the Black Panther thing occurred. Not Holder.

        • Open Your Eyes says

          Yes the incident did occur at the end of the Bush term. The investigation which was initiated at that time carried over to the Obama administration and was terminated by Holder.

        • Vicki Seitzinger says

          Yes. And he builda slam dunk prosecution case against them because it wasso clear cut. Holder put a stop to it. It’s alwYs important to know the whole story.

  2. Harford resident says

    But when a candidate or their representative approaches me as walk into the voting place, they better not get in my way or I will notify the police that I am being harassed. I can’t believe that people are allowed to campaign at the voting place. Un freakinbelievable.

    • The Original Fill Dirt says

      Such drama. Maybe you should mail in absentee ballot if you’re so socially inept.

      Most people would just ignore them politely.

      • Harford resident says

        They have no right to challenge nor approach me as I enter the voting place. My right to vote includes the expectation that I will not intimidated nor coerced as I exercise that right.

        • Cdev says

          Electioneering or campaigning is not prohibited as long as it is before you get to the sign out front. Of course the only people at my polling place was the Harford County Republican Party and Pat McDonough

        • SoulCrusher says

          I believe the law should include that no campaign sign should be visible from the polling places. However, I think you are stretching the intimidation or coercion you faced. Did anyone threaten any physical harm involving your vote? The thing about todays perceptions and laws has been construed to include what you think is reality and not what that reality is. If a threat was not uttered then you were not intimidated or coerced. Maybe the polling places need safe zones, so people that have no understanding of reality can go there and quell there notions of not being safe…..

        • squasage says

          It’s that Mike dude again, changing his name again, using the same ol’avatar and same ol’embeded YouTube post again.

    • Arturro Nasney says

      Actually those intimidating middle aged women are your neighbors. You are a perfect example of all that is wrong with political correctness.

  3. Wimp Patrol says

    You are correct. There is no electioneering beyond a certain point as prescribed by local and state law. It is generally at least a hundred feet or so from a polling place. If you tell me what precinct and what time you are voting I will meet you on the parking lot hold your hand and walk you in if you are scared and have no back bone to say please excuse me to those frightening women carrying campaign signs.

    • Harford Resident says

      I don’t care who they are. People have been campaigning for 2 years now. Can’t I even vote in peace on the final day??

    • Another Harford Resident says

      I witnessed a large younger man harass an older lady this morning at my polling place. She was holding a campaign sign completely outside the “no electioneering beyond this point” sign and thanking everyone for coming out to vote. He said she didn’t have any right to be there and stood right in her space, menacing her. I stood with her until he exited the polls and drove away. I would have stood with her regardless of what sign she was holding. People are ridiculous.

  4. Scum says

    Does anyone know if HCSO investigated an apparent note left on a vehicle outside the Planet Fitness in Abingdon from an “emboldened” Trump supporter? It is circulating on Facebook . Personally, I am confident it is staged/fake, which is why I am curious if it was investigated. If it hasn’t, it should be. I think a lot of the “incidents” being reported as Trump-related violence and threats are actually fake.

    The note says, with mis-drawn swastikas:
    “Nigg*ers not welcome here! Go back to Africa b*tch! You better watch your back! Trump 2016 Make America WHITE AGAIN”


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