Del. Szeliga: “Working Families and Retirees Cannot Afford to Foot the Bill for the Lofty Goals of the Democrats”

From Del. Kathy Szeliga:

Great message from Governor Hogan! – “The State of the State is Strong!”

Governor Hogan’s report to Annapolis and the people of Maryland was great. The theme was, “Together we can and must do more.” I agree!

An overwhelming majority of Marylanders across our state feel good and think Maryland is headed in the right direction. I agree!

– No taxes were raised in Maryland in the past two years, they were cut.

– 100 fees have either been reduced or eliminated across the state government.

– The cuts have saved taxpayers $51 million.

– Over the past 12 months, Maryland has added more than 55,000 new jobs.

– Current Maryland businesses report having their best year in eight years.

– Our most important businesses increased their investment in our state.

– Also, without raising any taxes, education spending was increased to record-high levels.

– Maryland now has a total increased investment of $830 million in K-12 education.

I’m proud to be a partner with Governor Hogan working to deliver great results for citizens across our great state, especially those in rural areas who were neglected for so many years. Go Team!

Horrible – Section 8 expansion into your neighborhood & violates property rights

Twenty-five years ago, I had my first Letter to the Editor published in the Baltimore Sun. I was outraged that Baltimore City was targeting my very stable working class neighborhood of Hamilton with Section 8 housing vouchers for people moving out of the City Housing Projects. They called it a Move to Opportunity. This program is alive and well and moves Section 8 renters into middle class neighborhoods and is mostly championed by people who live in upper class neighborhoods.

While this bill is well intentioned, it strikes at the heart of American property rights. Today, rental property owners can decide if they want to accept government Section 8 vouchers for rental monies or not accept them. Accepting Section 8 vouchers includes the usual government paperwork and additional costs. Rental property owners should not be required to accept Section 8 vouchers.

Ugly – Your Electricity Bill is Going Up Up Up

Your electric bill is going up. In a party-line vote, Democrats this week acted to once again increase your utility bills and taxes. Masquerading as a green jobs and green energy bill, Governor Hogan’s veto of HB 1106, dubbed the “Sunshine Tax,” was overridden despite the well documented effect of higher utility bills and forcing Marylanders to fund green jobs in other states.

We are working hard to reduce taxes and fees in Maryland. Working families and retirees cannot afford to foot the bill for the lofty goals of the Democrats. This is one more reason for grandma and grandpa to move to Florida and have more than enough savings to fly up to Maryland to visit the grandkids.

We may have lost this battle but we will not give up the fight for working families, retirees and all Marylanders for lower taxes, fees and utility bills. People ask what they can do about their increased electric bills. The answer is to hold legislators accountable for their votes and cast your vote in 2018 accordingly.


Thanks for your interest in the important issues facing Maryland today. Please be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date information.

God bless you and your family!

Delegate Kathy Szeliga


  1. chukzla says

    This lady understands what her job is as a legislator, that’s one of the reasons she became a house hold name during her campaign, way to go Ms.S, I knew you wouldn’t run and hide like Hillary, stay strong on doing God’s work, and well get it back to basics for our prosperity once again, your like the females Ben Franklin, whom would also be proud of you! And wow is this gal smokin Hot!, Make room at the table boys, she not just here for gerrymandering she’s rock n roll rebel who adheres to the call of the people! Go Kathy we love you

  2. yawp says

    Another short-sighted politician. “Working families and retirees cannot afford to foot the bill for the lofty goals of the Democrats.” What this really means, is “let the kids and grand kids pay tomorrow for our neglect today.” Her lack of foresight about green energy, and her wanton distaste for restoring natural systems to benefit the waterways, will hurt everyone in the long run.

  3. Just a Thought says

    Let’s not have lofty goals. Let’s set our sights for the here and now and let the next generation pick up the pieces. There are a few Republicans in office that I respect, but the list is getting shorter.

  4. HYDESMANN says

    Let’s all pay a couple of hundred dollars more per month so the dems can build windmills 5 miles out in the ocean off Ocean City. Then they can tell us how the crappy little state of Maryland just saved the environment of planet earth. Hey folks, if wind and solar were a good idea at this time entrepreneurs would be jumping all over it. Great job Kathy.

    • Jaguar Judy says

      Actually, they tried putting up windmills in Massachusetts and the rich Liberals with all of that resort property went absolutely crazy and shut it down before it even go started. As with most Lib/Dem ideas it’s great as long as it doesn’t cost them any money and isn’t in their backyard.

  5. Ryan Burbey says

    It is not factually inaccurate that green energy is going to cost significantly more. “Nonpartisan legislative analysts estimated it might raise residential electricity bills by 48 cents to $1.45 per month.”

    You can confirm this by simply going to Clearview Energy is a 100% green energy provider. It’s one year fixed rate is $.0809/Kwh. Constellation a traditional energy provider costs $.0859/Kwh. In this instance the green energy rate is actually less.

      • work smarter not harder says

        Actually you generalize way too much. I broke even on my solar investment years ago and the utility company credits my account. Of course, if you can do some of the work, your break even point is shorter. I’m making money and not paying a monthly energy utility bill. You should consider solar panels.

        • Ryan Burbey says

          I would like to have solar but I have a hip roof. It limits the number of panels. I am looking into solar shingles.

          The larger point is that this “Sunshine Tax” argument is not factually accurate and total BS. green energy is not significantly more expensive.

          • Edna says

            What really limits the panels are the roof boundary rules set up by the utility companies under the claim of safety for fireman on a roof.

          • Another Thought says


            You should build or buy a larger home with a big roof so you can really take advantage of the savings that solar will provide to you. Go for it. Don’t get left out of this fantastic opportunity for solar energy!

  6. Big J says

    Nothing to see here folks, just another blow hard career politician telling the electorate what they want to hear.

  7. SoulCrusher says

    Kathy, if you really want to do something for the people of Maryland, repeal the criminal procedure involving CDS and stop the Criminal Justice System from acting like an Organized Crime Syndicate and a Terrorist Organization. Then, introduce legislation preventing the Kangaroo Courts of Maryland from NOT upholding Supreme Court decisions and turn our State’s Judicial Branch into a lawful authority. Never forget that the criminal procedure involving CDS was introduced by the courts using their Judicial Task Force in violation of the separation of powers doctrine of both the US and Maryland Constitutions. If you do this and insist that the Legislature, Courts and every branch of the Criminal Justice System has been acting as an Organized Crime Syndicate and a Terrorist Organization, you may actually make more parts of Maryland Republican again. If you can do that, you might actually get Republican Legislation on the books again, yet alone bring freedom and rights back to the people of this corrupt State……


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