Comptroller Franchot Tours Havre de Grace Middle School; Politicians Discuss Need for New Facility

From the City of Havre de Grace:

On Thursday, Mayor Martin toured Havre de Grace Middle School with Comptroller Franchot, County Executive Barry Glassman and other government and school officials.

Everyone in the room had a very positive conversation about the importance of building a new middle and high school in Havre de Grace. Mayor Martin encouraged Comptroller Franchot and everyone to continue advocating for our students and stressed the urgency of this project.


  1. We don't need no education says

    Harford County doesn’t need a new High School or Middle School. The County Schools are no where near capacity. Let’s do the right thing for the taxpayers for a change and redistrict the current population of students and close the smaller schools. A new school in Havre de Grace isn’t going to improve anything, it will still have the same teachers.

    • Just a guess says

      You sound like you didn’t get any education. Maybe you should have devoted more time to your education and less time to screwing around.

  2. teacher's pest says

    The Pink Floyd fan must. have struck a nerve. I would guess that you think your kids would benefit from a new building that will take year’s to build on a site that is next to high speed rail lines that transport toxic chemicals and in a flood plain.

    • call them like you post them says

      You can’t even write. Did you even pass English? No, they shouldn’t build the school there, but that doesn’t change the fact that you sound like an idiot.

    • Cohagen says

      Oh man, that is some real world stuff there.

      What’s the relevance of said “high speed rail line that transport toxic chemicals”?

      I assume it’s meant to associate high speed transport and “toxic chemicals” together. Amtrak and MARC provide that “high speed” transport but only for passengers, Norfolk Southern uses the “North East Corridor” for freight. You don’t even have nomenclature correct.

      What’s defined as “toxic chemicals”? Don’t tractor trailers transport that too?

      Hell, school busses are filled of “toxic chemicals.” How big at the fuel tanks of diesel they? How many gallons of engine coolant do they have? Oh my. Oh my.

  3. True Test of Government says

    I’m so tired of reading about Franchot’s being in Harford County–and all the local plebeian pols pandering to Mr. State Official.

    Tell them all to get back to work to justify the raises they delight in giving themselves. P

    And please tell Mr. Comptroller there are other parts of the state about which he should truly concern himself–but maybe they are not as vote-rich as Harford County.


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