20-Yr-Old College Park Man to be Charged in I-95 Bus Crash that Hospitalized 30 People

From Maryland State Police:

The driver of the passenger vehicle involved in the crash is identified as Menachem Backman, 20, of College Park, MD. Charges are pending the outcome of the CRASH Team investigation and consultation with the Harford County State’s Attorney. Backman refused medical treatment at the scene.

The driver of the bus is identified as Clarence Beamer, 59, of Philadelphia, PA. There were total of 30 people transported from the scene.


    • "Free" State says

      No bail should have been granted for the illegal with an AR stolen from a cop car, *in* another stolen car. Happened in Montgomery County — search for Mario G. Alvarado.

      Criminal-friendly MD let him go on $2000 bond. Pathetic.

  1. Not Economically Viable says

    No Bail? lol. What kind of “charges” do you think this individual is going to get?

    “Charges” like Unsafe Passing, Failure To Control Vehicle Speed On Highway To Avoid Collision, Unsafe Lane Changing, Negligent Driving.

    They print you out combined tickets with a court date.

  2. Harford County Citizen says

    This was a terrible thing he did….they were from Philly so I assume they were taking a field trip to Jessup Pen. for a tough love seminar.


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