State Budget Includes $1 Million for New Maryland Center for the Arts in Bel Air

From Maryland Center for the Arts:

The Maryland Center for the Arts (MCA) is proud to announce that Governor Larry Hogan and the Maryland State Legislature have approved $1 million for the planning, design, and construction of the Center’s new arts campus. Governor Hogan, a strong supporter of arts in Maryland, included the MCA in his state budget for the 2018 fiscal year.

MCA is dedicated to the establishment of an arts campus to nurture art, artists, and the community by providing a broad range of creative experiences through quality arts education, presentation, and exhibitions in the disciplines of music, dance, theater, and the visual arts. Maryland Center for the Arts will represent a new home for creative expression and engagement in Maryland. The center plans to break ground on a state-of-the-art events, conference, and performance center in Bel Air, MD, later this year. The newly allotted funds from the state will be used to move forward with the project.

“We are proud to have made record investments in the arts and I look forward to a bright future for the Maryland Center for the Arts,” said Governor Hogan. “Supporting these types of creative endeavors not only enriches our culture, but has real tourism and economic development benefits. We anticipate that this first of its kind facility in the state will draw visitors from Maryland and beyond.”

MCA has already had a productive year in working to create a unique campus for the arts that brings together state-of-the-art performing facilities and gallery space in a single location. At the beginning of 2017, MCA rebranded themselves with a new name, mission and unveiled the organization’s plans for a state-of-the-art conference and event center. The campus plans to include a performance amphitheater, world-class studio and classroom space, community classrooms, and other amenities.

“We are excited to break ground later this year and are grateful to the state of Maryland and Governor Hogan for their strong support,” said MCA CEO Michael Jessup. “We have been working hard to create a center where everyone can come together and share their love for all forms of art.”

While MCA works through the planning and construction phases of its new campus, the organization is bringing a variety of arts programs directly to Marylanders, particularly students and the senior population. In fall of 2016, the center partnered with the musicians of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra to create a Master Class and Chamber Concert series. The series allows local students to be coached on their instruments by professional musicians. A free concert follows the class and both events are open to the public. MCA also hosts paint and drawing workshops for students to develop their technique with coaching from local artists as well as the weeklong Harford Plein Air festival.

About the Maryland Center for the Arts

The Maryland Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, Inc. (MCA) is dedicated to the establishment of an arts campus, accessible to all, to nurture art, artists and the community by providing a broad range of creative and collaborative experiences through quality arts education, presentation and exhibit in the disciplines of music, dance, theater, and the visual, traditional and literary arts. The venue will also be used for public and private events both large and small. Learn more at


  1. "Arts"? says

    Hopefully some of that $1m will go to construct wider roadways, increased traffic control, and pedestrian safety measures on the narrow part of Tollgate where they want to build this stupid thing.

    • Local Yokal says

      Probably not.

      I was driving down some county roads yesterday just thinking how bad of shape they are as I weeble wobble around all the cracks, holes and cold patches.

      Get on a SHA road, smooth black top. Get on a county road, may as well be *** gravel.

  2. Holly Lightly says

    It is unfathomable to me how this crew at Center for the Arts keeps getting new pigeons to swallow their story. 11 years…. over $3 miilion raised (much of it spent)… 7 different plans….no transparency…. 3 signs in the ground…. and PT Barnum for a CEO. They’ve been “breaking ground very soon” for about 6 years now. 3 years ago, they were still telling us (with a straight face, mind you) that they were going to raise $70 million. Comical. They should stick to what they are really good at: organizing galas. Most of the smart, monied people who have supported them over the years, are now onto them, and steer clear. But there’s always new meat.
    God help us.

  3. HCPS nurse says

    I find it unconscionable that HCPS nurses salary starts at approximately $34,000/year, yet there is a $1,000,000 budget slated for the ARTS. Where are the priorities in this county????

    • Laughing loudly says

      Yeah, I knew there would be a public school employee coming out of the woodwork to irrelevantly complain about their pay. Please reply to me and tell me I’m a “hater.”

      Did you just want to complain about pay?

      Maybe you should find another job. Your nursing qualifications can surely land a job anywhere in the hundreds of medical facilities in the greater “Baltimore” region. Seems like every year more medical facilities are being built.

      They’re probably being built for unhealthy, out of shape, overweight sweat hogs like myself.

      Today for lunch I’m going to try to cram down a 18″ cheesesteak sub in one sitting followed by an entire ice cream cake.

  4. translucence fan says

    Where is their June 2016 FY Form 990?????????? or did they change their fiscal yet again??????

      • Translucence says

        Good one. I really thought that 16 was the perfect amount. But I’m open-minded. Maybe the 10 then 6 combination was I’ll-conceived


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