Harford Community College Reopens Edgewood Hall Following Multi-Million Dollar Renovation/Expansion

From Harford Community College:

A ceremonial grand reopening of Harford Community College’s Edgewood Hall was held on June 8 at 3 PM. About 70 state and county government officials, local business leaders, and community partners attended the event.

Dr. Steven L. Thomas, the College’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, served as emcee. The program included a welcome from HCC Board of Trustees Chair Richard D. Norling, followed by comments from Harford County Executive Barry Glassman and State Delegate Teresa Reilly.

Harford Community College President Dr. Dianna G. Phillips gave an overview of the renovation. Victor Cyran, HCC’s Director for Corporate and Professional Training, discussed the new construction and food science labs. Brandy Naughton, HCC’s Director for Adult Developmental and Literacy Programs, spoke about the Pearson VUE Test Center and HCC Kids Camps. Tyra Willis, GED and HVAC Certificate Program graduate, gave a student’s perspective on the project.

After the program, guests toured the Test Center, Harford County Sheriff’s Academy, Construction Lab, and Food Science/Culinary Arts Lab.

The state contributed $4.9 million and the county provided $3.7 million toward the 13-month renovation project. A total of 6,500 square feet was added to Edgewood Hall, along with two additions to the building. The architectural firm for the project was Studio Jade of Bear, Delaware. J. Vinton Shafer & Sons of Abingdon, Maryland was the general contractor.

A new construction lab that accommodates up to 48 students was added to the building. The multipurpose, hands-on lab is outfitted with state-of-the-art computer technology and can be divided into two rooms, if needed. The lab is used for programs and classes in such specialties as carpentry, plumbing, small engine repair, safety training, and landscape technology.

With the addition of a multipurpose food science lab in Edgewood Hall, a variety of new food science and culinary art classes were offered for the first time this spring.

The building reopened to employees this winter. Registration for Continuing Education and Training noncredit courses moved back to Edgewood Hall in January after being temporarily relocated during the renovation. The building was again available for classes earlier in the spring semester.

To learn more about courses offered by Harford Community College, visit www.harford.edu.


  1. Jubal Early says

    By my math that is a construction cost of $1323 per square foot; over FOUR TIMES the cost in the most expensive market in the country. I hope we are not getting the whole picture because if we did, then we are definitely getting the shaft.


    More data from this source:


    “By contrast:
    Berkeley’s Lower Sproul rebuilding cost $659 per square foot for their new dorm. They compare it to a $529 per square foot dorm at USC.

    UMass Boston’s General Academic Building No. 1 cost $594 per square foot. Their “(Integrated) Design Building” (yes, the parentheses are part of the spelling) will cost $642 per square foot. (These are academic buildings, so maybe the infrastructure costs more?)

    UMich just built the Munger Graduate Residences at a cost of $500 per square foot.

    UMass Amherst has fairly reasonable costs by comparison; their “North Residential Area” cost about $283 per square foot, while their Commonwealth Honors College was $354 per square foot.”

      • Newton says

        Well, if it is important enough for people to feel like they are getting the shaft, it’s important enough to make sure we know the truth, right?

        • Ralph says

          Absolutely! I can tell it is keeping you up at night. Your post is time stamped at 2:49am. I am very worried that you are losing sleep over this.

          • Your mom says

            Who cares what the “time stamp” of someone’s message is? Not everyone works 9 to 5.

          • Ralph says

            God, I’m so worried about what this project cost and what we received for that cost. Please can you tell me what you have found out? I suppose I will have to wait until the wee hours of the morning to find out.

      • Ralph says

        My guess would be Jubal used the 6500 square feet gained divided into the 8.6 million cost of the project and concluded it cost $1323 per square foot to produce the 6500 square feet.

        • Newton says

          That’s what I initially thought. But then I considered “A total of 6,500 square feet was ADDED to Edgewood Hall, ALONG WITH two additions to the building”. Which to me sounds like the renovation created 6500 sq feet of new space inside the existing building, plus expanded the building in two different locations. That would make the total renovation considerably more than 6500 sq feet.

          • Ralph says

            Poorly written paragraph. The total added square footage was 6500. How it was split up in separate increments of rooms to total 6500 sq ft is any ones guess.

          • Newton says

            So there was 6500 sq ft added, as in newly constructed space. Got that. But did they also renovate the existing building? It seems likely that they renovated the entire building AND added 6500 sq ft of newly constructed building. I’m going to email the college to find out.


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