Del. Szeliga: “The Non-Stop Hatemongering is Not Helping to Create Constructive Dialogue”

From Del. Kathy Szeliga:

Tragedy – Terrible but could have been much worse

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those who were wounded on the baseball field this week in DC as the Republicans were practicing for the annual congressional baseball game. By God’s grace, no one was killed by a crazed gunman who intentionally opened fire in an attempt to kill Republicans. House Majority White Steve Scalise has a long road of recovery ahead of him and we are thankful that he was not slain.

In a rare but much needed moment, Speaker Paul Ryan and Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi together proclaimed that an attack against one of their own was attack against all. How nice it is to see Congress standing together. We hope to see more of that going forward.

Shortly after the horrific shooting, Rep Claudio Tenney (R-NY) received an email saying, “one down, 216 to go…” promoting that all of the 217 Republicans should be shot!

It’s time for the Main Stream Media (MSM) to take control of the rhetoric coming from their broadcasts and publications. The lack of outrage, and even lack of coverage, by the MSM and Hollywood entertainers over a New York theater group performing a show depicting the assassination of President Trump is the case-in-point. While there was some criticism of the Kathy Griffin fake decapitation of President Trump, her tearful press conference wherein she claims to be a victim of the Trump family’s response was utterly ridiculous. The MSM and her fellow comedians, especially the late night shows, either ignored or excused that shameful phony apology press show by Griffin. The non-stop hatemongering is not helping to create constructive dialogue.

What happened to tolerance of other’s views and opinions as was so widely preached over the last 10 years? I hope to see the MSM change their tune.

AG Brian Frosh – Shameful Self-Promotion

Maryland AG Brian Frosh is using your tax dollars to sue President Trump under the premise that the Trump businesses are profiting from his presidency. Voters elected Donald Trump in large part because he is a successful businessman. No one expects The Trump businesses to close because he is President, and the thousands of employees certainly hope they don’t. President Trump has divested his interest in his companies and has turned over all decision-making authority. I wonder if AG Frosh has considered the national boycott movement against Trump family products, properties, and companies whose executives and board members actively support the president. NPR (National Public Radio) has given them a platform to spread their anti-Trump movement that has already reached millions of people.

What Maryland taxpayers, citizens, and residents need is for AG Frosh to turn his attention towards Maryland. Baltimore City is suffering under the highest murder rate, daily violent crime, and unprecedented serious violent juvenile crime. As the Attorney General, Brian Frosh controls the largest law practice in the state, he should be focusing his priorities on helping to solve this and other Maryland problems. Instead, Frosh is grandstanding on a national stage, attacking President Trump and then using the bully pulpit of his own office to raise his profile and money! Just days after a national press conference touting his lawsuit against President Trump, AG Frosh bragged about it in an email, started a political on-line petition, and also asked people to DONATE to his campaign. What hypocrisy!!

When the liberals in Annapolis expanded the powers of the Attorney General and then granted him an additional $1 million in tax dollars to sue Washington DC, we knew it was only a matter of time. I hate to say it, but I told you so.

If you want to ask AG Frosh to spend his time, attention and our tax dollars on Maryland’s problems, you can find his information here:

Office of Attorney General
200 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 576-6300; fax: (410) 576-6404

The State of the State is Strong & Getting Stronger

Governor Hogan continues to lead Maryland in the right direction. Recently, his team produced a video with highlights of the first 2 years of the Hogan administration. If Larry Hogan can take Maryland from 49th to 11th in the US for in only 2 ½ short years, just think what he can do over the next 5 ½ years. Maryland and Marylanders are his first priority. Governor Hogan gets it.

Watch the video here:

See the story here:


Thanks for your interest in the important issues facing Maryland today. Please be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date information.

God bless you and your family!


  1. KGA says

    Dear Kathy: Do you remember this? In 2010 the Republicans swore to sabotage President Obama and for eight years they keep their pledge by obstructing him in every way they could. Here’s John Boehner… offering his plans for Obama’s agenda: “We’re going to do everything — and I mean everything we can do — to kill it, stop it, slow it down, whatever we can.”

    “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell summed up his plan to National Journal: ‘The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.’”

    Now all one hears from Republicans is that we should put this ugly, divisive and race based election “behind us” and work together “for the good of the country.”

    • Vedc says

      Dear KGA, True, Republicans wanted to derail Obama’s Presidency. Happens every time some one gets in. See George Bush vs the Dems. How ever, never with the hatred and violence that is spewing from the left now. Funny I remember Hillary asking Trump in a debate if he would be able to accept the results. It appears the Dems are the ones who can’t accept the results. Get over it. You lost. Help to MAGA.

      • LOL says

        Oh really? “never with the hate and violence that is spewing from the left….”

        You people have a selective memory. The GOP/So called president Trump/Tea Party are deplorable and they range “…from naïve to obtuse to hateful, with personalities unencumbered with charisma and minds unclouded by thought….”:

        1) On one hand they are continually whining about too much governmental control of our lives while on the other they pass the most intrusive laws possible.

        2) On one hand they go to draconian lengths to protect zygotes but complain about children’s needs for health care and education and go to any length to deny these services.

        3) On one hand they clamor for freedom OF religion but deny freedom FROM religion to all who are not in their exclusive little club.

        4) On one hand they are all about profits on the backs of illegal aliens and give the businesses who hire them a pass but persecute these same aliens relentlessly.

        5) On one hand they are all about people taking responsibility for themselves while enabling freeloaders on those who have healthcare insurance. Don’t they understand that those without healthcare are carried by us who do have it?

        6) They have attacked women, the elderly, police, teachers unions, auto workers, postal workers, minorities, immigrants, the poor, the unemployed, Medicare and Social Security.

        7) The only ones they do support are Wall Street, big oil and coal, billionaires and the top 1%.

        8) They are spreading their message of hate, racism, intolerance and incivility trying to activate their base and make sure they come out and vote while at the same time trying to suppress voting rights in many states.

        9) They are mean spirited hypocrites, paranoid, gun toting, fear mongering, racists, sexists, misogynists, greedy, homophobic, hispanohobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, narcissistic and ignorant.

        10) And as they have continually shown us, they are blind to everything but what they see on Fox and who can be counted upon to ALWAYS vote against their own best interests motivated by propaganda.

      • mike says

        Whats wrong with the way trump is getting treated, i think he is getting treated just as good as obama was treated. Trumpkins are a miserable lot

  2. SoulCrusher says

    Kathy is once again just reiterating the current Republican agenda. “The non-stop hatemongering is not helping to create constructive dialogue”, is the current Republican talking point and she loves repeating her party’s agenda. Will Kathy Szeliga ever think for herself and state her own opinions or will she continue to be a Republican stool sample? I’m betting on the latter…… As far as AG Frosh is concerned, he should be more concerned with ending the State of Maryland’s governmental organized crime syndicate and terrorist organization that has plagued the people of Maryland since at least 2001. Repeal the unconstitutional criminal procedures involving CDS and make Maryland’s government legitimate instead of the Mafia it has become. Racketeering and Domestic Terrorism plagues the people of this state by its very own government and this is intolerable. AG Frosh, make the Maryland government obey the Constitution of the US, the Constitution of Maryland and follow the rulings of the US Supreme Court. Dissolve the MSP’s Narcotics Task Force for being the Terrorist Organization that they have become. Prohibit the use of unconstitutional surveillance and terrorist tactics that have become common place in Law Enforcement and the Maryland Judiciary. It’s time for Frosh to reverse this organized crime syndicate and bring some actual integrity and honor to the Maryland government that has been missing for as long as any of us can remember……

  3. The True Test of Government says

    Thank you, KGA, for reminding everyone about the reaction of thr ever-sanctimonious Boehnner and McConnell to President O’Bama’s election.

    Mrs. Always Ambitious Szeliga does have a point about the hatemongering, but conveniently overlooks her friend Rush and his even-worse alt-right ilk.

    None less, I repeat my promise to the Queen of Perry Hall: beat Andy Who in the primary, and I’ll vote for you in thr general election.

  4. Fed Up says

    The Republicans have spent the last 8 years taunting a caged dog and now acts surprised when they get bit. Sorry Szeliga you can’ have it both ways.

  5. Drain the swamp says

    I will keep your words about constructive dialogue in mind next time POTUS calls Senator Warren Pocohontos.

    Also, read up on Kim Weaver and why she dropped out of the race to replace Rep. Steve King in Iowa.

    • Joe Belair says

      Of course you would think that calling her by a nickname is worse than her falsely claiming Native American heritage to gain employment.

      • Just the facts says

        She didn’t use it to gain employment and if you are going to start fact checking you might start with the guy in the oval office. His mental illness leaves him lacking the ability to tell between reality and lies.

        • Joe Belair says

          It was a factor in her employment at Harvard Law School. Did you choose your name for comedic effect? You actually seem to have an aversion to facts.

        • Just the facts says

          It was a factor in her employment at Harvard Law School

          Apparently you have the missing application containing that information….

      • Drain the swamp says

        Regardless of whether Warren did or did not gain advantage from her claim, let’s get back to the subject at hand: the immature, childish behavior of our sitting president. He has not shown the ability to move beyond his bizarre, self centered mean girl behavior. He has chosen to not change his rhetoric and just keeps fanning the flames.

          • Drain the swamp says

            Oh, I think someone is triggered. I think you have a comprehension problem. My one and only point was that Trump stirs up a lot of anger with his flame throwing and taunting and name calling. You are the one who threw out the misdirect by adding a side argument about Warren. So tell me, what do you think of Trump and his throwing out insults and silly nicknames. Do you think he is showing the temperament and maturity to dignify the office of the presidency? I certainly don’t.

  6. K says

    Ms. Szeliga should be just as adamant in the condemnation of her colleague Rick “Drinkin’ and Drivin’ Because I Can” Impallaria.

  7. Vedc says

    AG Frosh does realize he is paid by Md. tax payers and should be looking out for hard working Marylanders best interests, right?

    • SoulCrusher says

      The State of Maryland has forfeited it’s right to tax. You are ALL giving the State money that it is NOT entitled to. When the Organized Crime Syndicate broke the covenant between the people and the government known as the US and Maryland Constitutions, by declaring that we no longer have the rights guaranteed by those documents, it officially forfeit it’s right to impose a tax on income. Technically, the US government has done the same due to allowing the State to operate this Organized Crime Syndicate and Terrorist Organization on American soil against the people whom the government is supposed to protect. The only tax that the State has not forfeit is the sales tax because retailers are required to charge it to maintain their licenses to operate a business. The power to TAX is only the government’s right when it adheres to the documents that convey this right by observing the rights guaranteed to the people who live under its dominion. When the government violates these rights the people cease to be compelled to adhere to the government’s demands and are no longer subject to the dominion of the government and its agencies. In essence, the government even gives up its right to make and enforce law as the government has become evil and lawless. When the law becomes lawless the law ceases to be the law at all. It becomes an Organized Crime Syndicate and a Terrorist Organization, which is what we see today. So, NO, AG Frosh isn’t working for your best interests. He is working for the best interests of the Organized Crime Syndicate and Terrorist Organization that the State of Maryland is today…..

    • SoulCrusher says

      By the way, the only reason most of you pay taxes is because you are employed by an employer. Your employer is required to pay tax due to licenses granted by the State to operate the business you work for. This is how the government illegally imposes its taxes on the masses yet has declared over and over that “there is no such monster as the constitution anymore”. The government does NOT want anyone working for themselves and this is the REAL reason that almost every business is required to have some sort of license to operate. Your employers are basically the only ones whom the government can rely on to collect your taxes and this is why your employers deduct your taxes from your pay checks. Your employer will tell you “the law requires them to deduct taxes”, but fails to mention that its because of the license it maintains to do business. Pretty simple when you think about it, yet its one of the biggest secrets in the government today……

  8. HCCitizen says

    Hate mongering? Perhaps the hate mongering ought to stop at the top, with the president himself, and then maybe this argument would hold some water.

  9. Khan says

    I just love how Republicans see only acquiesces to there view as cooperation and any dissension as hatemongering (I had an ex that thought the same). The president is violating the constitution this country was founded on, the one you swore to uphold (guess that part doesn’t matter unless it agrees with the Republican ideals of the moment). Face the facts, the Republican party has abandoned the “party of Lincoln” philosophy for one of government protection racket to empower large corporations to spy on us, take our property, dump on our lands whenever they feel like it, take what they like, and make us responsible for reimbursing rich people when they loose their money.

    As DoD stated in an earlier post on another subject that it was only a matter of time the divisive policies of the current party would drive people to armed violence. If he could see it, surely others can too, stop blaming the media for problems of your own creation. You have only yourself to blame Kathy. Wake up and smell the coffee, years of Republican bullying have created this situation, take responsibility for once.

    • SoulCrusher says

      I agree with everything you say except the governmental protection racket thing. That was a bi-partisan effort long in the making to steal our rights with everyone’s consent. Never forget, Obama could’ve NOT signed off on that Patriot Act continuance, yet felt it best that the Unpatriotic Act remain in service. Maybe Trump will NOT sign off on it due to all the spying on him and then we’ll get some of our rights back. However, reality is once they steal from you, they won’t return it. The fact is that the Governmental Protection Hoax is, was and will always be a bi-partisan effort by the criminals that occupy our government by two political gangs. They ALL wanted it. They used an act of international terrorism to instill an institutionalized state of domestic terrorism on the American people and will use it to govern us by intimidation thru illegal and unconstitutional surveillance on ALL of us. Soon, you won’t be able to piss in the woods without getting a ticket with a fine. The US has gone from the “land of the free and the home of the brave” to the “land that used to be free and the home of the gaping vaginas”. It literally makes me sick to my stomach…..


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