Harford County Economic Development to Host Open Forum on Edgewood Revitalization

From Harford County government:

What is the best way for Edgewood to grow? Harford County’s Office of Economic development will host an open forum on Tuesday, July 18 for community members, businesses, and representatives from Aberdeen Proving Ground to discuss their ideas for Edgewood’s future. Attendees are welcome any time between 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the American Legion Post #17 located at 415 Edgewood Road in Edgewood. Public input will help form a community vision to launch the Edgewood Small Area Study being conducted for Harford County by an independent consulting firm. The study was commissioned by the administration of County Executive Barry Glassman to assess existing resources, analyze market opportunities and help drive revitalization efforts in the area.

At the open forum, representatives from the consulting firm Thomas Comitta Associates will provide a brief project overview, take questions, and gather input at intervals throughout the evening as new participants arrive. Those who cannot attend may send comments via email to Jake Adler, project manager in the Harford County Office of Economic Development, at jzadler@harfordcountymd.gov or call 410-638-3414.

The Edgewood Small Area Study is an implementation of APG’s Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), which advances the partnership between the community and the installation through resource planning and cooperative land use. A federal program that assists communities impacted by planning for the nation’s defense will fund the Edgewood Small Area Study. The study will result in plans to improve the quality of life in the community that borders APG by redeveloping Edgewood in a way that is compatible with APG’s missions, enhances area business opportunities, and advances stakeholder goals.

“We hope to have input from a variety of stakeholders for this project, which is significant for the revitalization of the Edgewood community,” Karen Holt, Harford County’s director of Economic Development, said. “The outcome will be a comprehensive assessment of the area’s market and a concept to attract investors interested in redeveloping the community, leading to job creation and career opportunities.”


  1. TSB says

    This again.

    When will they stop doing studies and start doing something real.
    what happened to the last two plans (1999, 2009). why were they not implemented?

    This all just bluster and blather so someone to line their pockets with grant money just like the before.

    The study will get done, that i am sure, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to actually implement any plans or ideas that come from it.

  2. Section 8 says

    All they did the last time is plant stupid flowers in a wall in the median of Rte. 40. That requires extra manpower to weed and maintain them which I don’t see happening much. Who/what is gonna fill the void left by Mars and how about that Ames building still sitting vacant?

  3. Skeptical says

    The Small Area Study does not include the Route 40 area. The area being looked at is from the Edgewood Road gate/railroad tracks down 755 to Hanson Road and over to 24.

  4. Christine Holthaus says

    This is nothing but empty promises. We all know that these changes will never be implemented. This is being funded by the Army not by Harford County Government.

    The only way to get these changes is to have a large turn out at the open forum and show Harford County Government that we a tired of empty promises. If we dont show up they believe we do not care what they do here.

    We need to make our voices heard and hold Harford County Government accountable.

    • TSB says

      We tried that 18 years ago when we tried to incorporate. They didn’t care then they don’t care now.

      The HC government doesn’t really want Edgewood (or the rte 40 corridor) to benefit from anything. Because, if we do, it will be to the detriment of the upper county. The upper county and it’s influence will never let the rte 40 corridor be anything more than it already is.


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