Rep. Harris: “Designation of the Bay as a Critical Habitat for the Sturgeon is an Unnecessary and Burdensome Regulation”

From Congressman Andy Harris:

House Committee Approves Harris Chesapeake Bay Amendment

On July 13, the House Appropriations Committee adopted an amendment introduced by Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01) to the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2018. This amendment prohibits the use of funds to implement or enforce the designation of any area of the Chesapeake Bay watershed as a “Critical Habitat” for the Atlantic Sturgeon. Congressman Harris issued the following statement praising the amendment’s passage:

“The Appropriations Committee’s adoption of this amendment is a victory for both the conservation of the Bay and the Eastern Shore’s economy. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) proposal to designate the Chesapeake Bay as a Critical Habitat for the Atlantic Sturgeon was crafted without adequate opportunity for input from the communities surrounding the Chesapeake Bay. Furthermore, NOAA has failed to document sufficient cause for the designation.

Designation of the Bay as a Critical Habitat for the Sturgeon is an unnecessary and burdensome regulation that could lead to restricted use of various regions of the Bay, stifling commercial activity in the Bay and inhibiting oyster restoration and other important conservation activities.”


    • Vinnygret says

      By all means, don’t do anything for the bay that is simply for the health of the bay itself and the wildlife it supports. As usual Andy Harris is the wrong side of any environmental issue.

      • LOL says

        Of course Andy would be against critical habitat for anything; that would mean the chicken industries would need to stop polluting the Bay.

  1. question says

    How does this dick keep getting elected? Wasn’t this Wayne Gilchrest’s district? If is was, he was a pretty big supporter of Bay issues.

    • Just the facts says

      He keeps getting elected because Harford county republicans have no problem voting party over country and the chicken farmers of the eastern shore are moronic idiots.

    • Isn't it obvious? says

      Probably because people realize that there isn’t a never ending supply of other people’s money to spend on a nebulous regulation that sounds good as a headline or soundbite to weak minded liberals, but in reality wouldn’t fix the problem, cost too much and most likely hurts the economy through unintended consequencess

      • DJT says

        Hell yea lets get rid of all regulation, damn the sturgeon and for that matter everything that lives in the bay. Shut down that tax waste of a sewage treatment plant and lets all poop directly into the local rivers and streams.

        Andy Harris for president. MAGA

    • LOL says

      Yes Wayne Gilchrest was the Congressman for this district, but that was before the Tea Party hijacked the Republican party. Wayne was a real Republican

    • Mr. Jackson says

      The same way Dick’s like Dutch, Sarbanes, Miller , Bush, Pelosi Watters and Cummings get reelected. Career politicians only care about themselves and getting reelected. Term Limits!

  2. Mr. Jackson says

    Wow. Snowflakes got on this right away. I love when Andy posts.
    Good job Mr./Mrs. Isn’t it obvious.

    • Mrs. Jackson says

      Common sweetie get off that computer before you stroke out with posting all those Republiconjob brand BS talking points. Did you remember to take your blood pressure pills? Remember I’m the one who pays the bills in this house.

  3. you can't tell the players without a program says

    DRIP….DRIP….DRIP….DRIP….DRIP….DRIP….DRIP…. When will we pull the plug and let this car of clowns bleed out?

  4. RU Kidding says

    Does he really think people believe all his mumbles? This is one of many men that DO NOT belong in Congress. What a buffoon.

  5. says

    Enough with the regulations already. Besides, if it passes, how are the sturgeon supposed to find out about it? Are the mute swans going to tell them?

  6. Rockfish says

    Funny but that doesn’t make your position any less repulsive to those of us who live and work on the bay. By the way, Mute Swans are not even native to the bay.

  7. HYDESMANN says

    I can’t wait to see all the protesters in DC this week with save the sturgeon signs. We would have an abundance of sturgeon if it wasn’t for that damn Trump. Does anyone really think that designating the bay a sturgeon safe zone will do anything with millions of people a year moving to the Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey,Maryland, and Virginia watershed areas.I love the typical liberal responses. If you really can’t fix a problem just throw more money at it and feel good about yourselves.


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