A trip down Oriole batting stance memory lane

Do kids still imitate the batting stances of their favorite baseball players? I know when I was a kid, we used to see who could imitate Eddie Murray and Al Bumbry. Check out the guy in this video to see how close he gets…

Cut This: You tell us what they are thinking

Cut This - The Dagger

Welcome to the first installment of “Cut This”, a new feature on The Dagger’s Twist blog. Here we will simply post a picture we find on the net, and you can tell us what the subjects in the picture are really thinking by leaving a comment. And for our inaugural picture…

What Drives Me Crazy!

Manny Ramirez sporting the latest in baseball chic

The trend in Major League Baseball for players to look like bums. What is the deal with wearing your pants eight inches too long so they bunch up around your cleats or actually are under your heel?! The shirts are too big, the pants are too long and it seems most of the guys are wearing them […]

Taking A Stab At The Dream

Ever since I was a youngin’ I’ve had a goofy attitude and a love for comedy. Now that I’m a grown up, nothing has changed. I have watched every season of Last Comic Standing on NBC and periodically go to Magooby’s Joke House in Carney to see live acts. With a little encouragement from my […]

Yeah, I’m a dork. This is the coolest thing I have read today…


…and I immediately had to try it. A rogue retro-gamer at Google has apparently programmed the famous Konami code — the mother of all cheats, the giver of life and ammunition to small, spoiled children with poor motor control— into Google Reader. Just make sure you’re at the Home Page, then enter Up Up Down […]

Enough About the Women, What About the Latest In Men’s Golf Technology?


Meet the UroClub. Imagine, giving the appearance of taking a practice swing, while both privately and confidentially, you are able to relieve yourself without any embarrassment! This can be accomplished easily while standing by the golf cart, as well. Have the confidence to drink whatever you wish during your game and not worry if you’ll […]

Wondering where your stimulus rebate direct deposit is?

Turns out the IRS left out a few details when telling people that if they received their tax return via direct deposit, they would get the rebate in the same fashion. Not so fast! If you used Turbo Tax Online, you will be receiving a paper check. Same for those that used services like H&R […]