Dagger Movie Night Double Feature: Saving Mr. Banks and Inside Llewyn Davis


Scroll down for our review of “Saving Mr. Banks” Inside Llewyn Davis The Coen brothers signature is found both in their characters and in their settings. Both of these things are readily apparent in this film, yet at the same time seem lacking. The title, taken literally, is the story of the film—it’s a portrait […]

Weekend Movie Report: A Serious Man Means Business, Amelia Means Very Little


Reviews A Serious Man (Focus Features) The Stab: Rich with style and substance. Moves slowly but holds strong. A must-see for serious filmgoers. This darkly ironic comedy will make you go “huh” a lot more than “ha ha”—unless you are one to find humor in another’s misery. Larry Gopnik is steadily losing the reins on […]

Burn After Reading: A Review Of The Latest Coen Brothers Film


After becoming the talk of Hollywood with their film masterpiece No Country For Old Men, Ethan and Joel Coen have become recognized by just about everyone these days. So when their new film, Burn After Reading, came out, everyone wondered if it would become another shining mark on the Coen brothers’ already impressive record, which […]