Harford County’s Chase Kalisz Wins Silver Medal In Olympic Debut; Swimmer Finishes 2nd in 400-Meter Individual Medley

From Team USA: RIO DE JANEIRO — Training and racing with Michael Phelps helped Chase Kalisz get to his first Olympic Games. But it was Kalisz alone who got himself to the Olympic podium. The 22-year-old University of Georgia Bulldog moved into second place during the breaststroke in the men’s 400-meter individual medley and almost […]

Hickory Elementary Students Win Meritorious Achievement Award in Math Olympiad World Competition


From Harford County Public Schools: Hickory’s top 4th and 5th grade math students recently won the Mathematical Olympiad Meritorious Achievement Certificate in this year’s world competition. To win the award, Hickory’s team outscored 80% of all other competing 5th grade teams from around the world. Sixteen of Hickory’s team of twenty-seven students scored in the […]

North Harford Elementary School Exercising Their Way to the Olympics

From Harford County Public Schools: Since the beginning of the school year, North Harford Elementary has been on their way to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Though they may not be going to the actual games, students have been working and playing hard to get there. Every minute that each student spends physically active […]

Armchair Coach: America Wins By Showing Passion At The Olympic Games


For the past two weeks many of us have watched the Olympics with great interest. I am sure many of you, like myself, have been paying attention to the race with China in the medal count. The USA finished the games with more medals than China 110-100. Unfortunately the USA was unable to keep up […]

Wasting Time: An Ode To The Olympics

Since the Olympics are in full swing this week, I figured people might be interested in getting past the hump by watching something Olympics related. Here is an old Monty Python video making fun of the Olympics by coming up with ridiculous events. After watching sports like beach volleyball, it makes me wish that some […]

Beijing Messes With Baseball Tradition

Olympics and baseball just don’t jive. In a story by the Associated Press extra-inning games in Beijing are turning our supposed past-time into a mockery due to time constraints for the viewing audience. How so? If a game goes to the 11th inning (and beyond) then runners will automatically start at 1st and 2nd base. In addition, teams […]