McDonough: “Hide Your Wallets” with Passage of New State Budget

From the office of District 7 Del. Pat McDonough: Here we go again with the passage of another dishonest Maryland state budget. This $34 billion monstrosity increases current spending by about $1 billion. The House of Delegates Appropriations Committee labored mightily for many weeks, finally producing a miniscule $6 million cut. The Governor and the […]

McDonough: Shame on Gansler and Calderone

From the Office of Del. Pat McDonough: Maryland Attorney General, Douglas Gansler and Mexican President Felipe Calderone have something in common. Both are public embarrassments and clueless. During Attorney General Gansler’s recent visit to Baltimore County, he claimed the Arizona Law was “unconstitutional.” I asked him if had read the Arizona Law. His surprising reply […]

Del. McDonough: Mayo’s Electric Shock

First, the fairy tale. Constellation Energy is the victim of difficult economic times which resulted in the demise of the company. Fortunately, through the leadership of Mayo Shattuck, the company was saved from total destruction by a white knight named Warren Buffett. That’s the fairy tale.

Press 1 for Intolerance


One of the greatest moments of my career as a local newspaper reporter came a few days after Maryland District 7 Delegates Pat McDonough and Rick Impallaria got into a scuffle with a pro-immigration activist in an Annapolis hallway. I was sitting at a Board of Education meeting and in a break between presentations, listening […]