Weekend Movie Report: A Serious Man Means Business, Amelia Means Very Little


Reviews A Serious Man (Focus Features) The Stab: Rich with style and substance. Moves slowly but holds strong. A must-see for serious filmgoers. This darkly ironic comedy will make you go “huh” a lot more than “ha ha”—unless you are one to find humor in another’s misery. Larry Gopnik is steadily losing the reins on […]

Just In Time For Halloween: Saw V Delivers A Luke Warm Movie Experience


It’s Halloween time and you all know what that means? Yes, another installment of the Saw franchise hits the big screen. What are we on, number five now? Wow, how time flies and Hollywood exploits the crap out of anything mildly successful. Anyway, as a huge fan of the first Saw movie and a somewhere […]

Love Movies? Love Halloween? Try These Dagger-Recommended Flicks For October


Since October hit, my movie excitement has gone through the roof. This is the month of horror, and for someone like myself, it pleases me to the core. Even though the month is almost over, I thought myself and four other Dagger writers would give you our recommendations for movies to watch in the final […]