The Weekly Weigh-In: Week 4 — Be Prepared


A key ingredient for any diet is preparation, so I researched the meaning behind the Scout motto “Be Prepared”. According to Wikipedia, the Scout Motto means you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your DUTY (and yes, the word “duty” is in all caps). –Be Prepared in Mind […]

The Weekly Weigh-In: Week 3 – One Size Does Not Fit All

Finally I was starting to see a tiny bit of progress on the whole diet thing. The numbers on the scale weren’t fluctuating much, but the idea of getting dressed for work was becoming less daunting. So on Casual Friday I pulled out an old pair of Size 14 DKNY jeans and prayed that they […]

The Weekly Weigh-In: Week 2 – Time To Get Real

On January 2, I awoke with a start – it was almost 7am and my alarm hadn’t gone off at 5:30 as I had requested. And today was supposed to be the day of Getting Real. Oh well, I thought, I don’t mind skipping the gym on such a cold morning. Depression sank in as […]

The Weekly Weigh-In: Week 1 – Accountability

Ugh…New Years Eve and already I have a holiday hangover…too much shopping, too many Tollhouse cookies, and an overload of parties. And now the numbers are in and they aren’t pretty. Credit card bills and the bathroom scale made an ugly combination as the ball dropped in Times Square. Those cute outfits from White House […]

Harford Hotspots: Ladies’ Night at Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill is one of those places that never springs to mind when someone says “let’s go out to eat!”. And I have no idea why. So it was pure luck that a friend suggested that we go there for Girls Night while our men were, well, doing whatever men do when their women desert […]