Hosanna School Museum Commemorates 50th Anniversary of School Desegregation in Harford County

From the Hosanna School Museum: On Saturday October 17, 2015, Hosanna School Museum will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the desegregation of Harford County, Maryland’s public schools by hosting a bus tour to visit the county’s historic Freedmen’s Bureau, Rosenwald, Consolidated, and private schools. The event will also honor the contributions of Thurgood Marshall, Juanita […]

Harford Students Count on Us: Help End Standardized Testing; “Less Testing, More Learning”

From Harford Students Count on Us: Standardized testing takes far too much time away from learning, preventing students from developing well-rounded skills and a love for learning. Standardized testing takes away the opportunity for students to learn about art, music, finance, and physical education—subjects that keep kids engaged and give them a well-rounded education. And […]

Rumors of Middle School Shooting Investigated by Aberdeen Police

From the Aberdeen Police Department: The Aberdeen Police Department has investigated rumors that a shooting was going to occur at the Aberdeen Middle School today. Officers were contacted on Wednesday, September 23rd by school administrators after they received phone calls from parents regarding the alleged threat. The threat was thoroughly investigated by the Aberdeen Police […]

Harford County Board of Education Decision on FY 2017 Capital Improvement Program; Presentation of Automated Transportation Routing Software

From Harford County Public Schools: September 21, 2015 The Board of Education of Harford County met for an open business meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room of the A. A. Roberty Building and took the following actions and received the following presentations: – Superintendent Comments – Board Comments – Public Comments (please see […]

Jenkins-Spangler to Harford County Board of Education: “The Special Ed Department Needs an Enema”

From Hilary Jenkins-Spangler: My husband attended a BOE meeting Monday evening in Bel Air. Dr Canavan was the first public speaker. She praised the administrators for taking ‘appropriate’ action regarding the abuse case at Hickory Elementary School. Dr. Canavan indicated that the problem was handled quickly and efficiently. Nancy Reynolds said “I want to thank […]