Burbey: “Glassman Administration’s Common Sense Approach, has Brought Transparency and Trust Back to Our County Government”

From Ryan Burbey, President, Harford County Education Association: What a difference a year makes. Last year, our county budget process was obscured by controversy and mired in a lack of transparency. Our teachers, school employees, county workers and sheriffs sat on the outside wondering when or if Harford County Government would ever value their dedication […]

Harford County Board of Education Recognizes Annual Sportsmanship, Safety Patrol, Future Business Leader, Nurse Awards

From the Harford County Board of Education: June 8, 2015 The Board of Education of Harford County met for an open business meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room of the A. A. Roberty Building and took the following actions and received the following presentations: Recognitions: – 2015 Spring Sportsmanship Awards – 2015 Outstanding […]

Garland: Show Support for Recently Deposed Homestead/Wakefield Elementary School Principal Hunsinger

From Patti Garland: To Citizens of Harford County, Many of you have experienced the kindness, knowledge, encouragement, professionalism and support of a very special elementary principal in our county. Actually, I call him Harford County’s very own living legend. He has been a principal at three different elementary schools in our county and has been […]