About The Dagger

The Dagger is the premier online source for Harford County, Maryland news since 2007. Its Web site, www.daggerpress.com, breaks the stories readers won’t find anywhere else and hosts a lively community that drives the daily discussion of community events. Overseen by a diverse group of well-connected reporters, active community organizers, and knowledgeable locals, The Dagger is a next-generation model of journalism and has become a must-read to understand the Baltimore suburb’s rapidly changing political and cultural landscape.

The Dagger is…

…an interactive, online news source providing independent reporting, cultural commentary and social observations. Our original content is strengthened and supplemented by the open involvement and direct participation of our readers. Together, reader and writer, supporter and detractor, come together to form a unique online community.

The Dagger is not affiliated with any corporation, publishing company, political party, professional sports team, clique or trade association, although many of our members and readers are. We do not charge for access to our content and are supported by loose change, good intentions and occasional advertising revenues.

The Dagger is looking for…

Writers, reporters, critics, photographers, videographers, and neighborhood busybodies who are interested in telling the rest of our community what you know. We are eager to add new volunteers and contributors who want to report the news and delve deeper into it. You don’t have to be a trained journalist to help us grow. E-mail us for more information, or drop us a note using our contact form.

How is The Dagger different?

The Dagger is more than a blog, more than a forum, more than a traditional newspaper. It is a fusion of all of these and more, combining the best elements of professional journalism with insiders’ local knowledge to create a new concept of news reporting set loose upon a growing community demanding something more than another process story.

A handful of professional journalists are supplemented by a knowledgeable, eager group of contributors. There are advocates who have fought the battles and, while admitting to their stance, share their hard-won knowledge with readers. There are community figures who chime in with the slice-of-life pieces that define Harford County. And most importantly, there are the individuals who comment on every story, press release, and news item we post, contributing their insider knowledge to the issue at hand.

Tell us. Join us.

What they’re saying about The Dagger…

“Some of their junkies are in the police department and the school system and the council. They also have people embedded in those places, and some of them write under other names…They love to write and to be read and for some of these people, it’s their only chance to ever do that.” – former Aberdeen Mayor S. Fred Simmons

“I don’t think you have to go much further than the title of the [Web site] to figure out the intent. It speaks for itself.” – Harford County Board of Education member Mark Wolkow

“If you’re on the school board, I can see where you’d suddenly think The Dagger has got your number, but they’re as balanced as anything, at least on the reporting.” – State Sen. Barry Glassman

“…’The Dagger’ is getting a lot of justified recognition. Please keep up the good work!” – State Del. B. Dan Riley

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