Zoning Hearings Aug. 12 for Joppa Construction Service Use and Aberdeen Fence Variance

From Friends of Harford: Public hearings will be held before the Zoning Hearing Examiner for CASE NO. 5843: FEAZELL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT III, LLC – 1101 Oak Avenue, Joppa. Variance, proposed for the First Election District, 1101 Oak Avenue, Joppa, by FEAZELL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT III, LLC. Appealed because a variance, pursuant to Section 267-20A(3) of the […]

Harford County Public Library Foundation Elects New Officers

From the Harford County Public Library Foundation: The Harford County Public Library (HCPL) Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of new officers to its 2015-16 Board of Directors. Incoming officers are Mark DiBerardino as President, Carolyn Lambdin as Vice President, Cynthia Hergenhahn as Secretary and Allen Jackson as Treasurer. Mark DiBerardino received a Bachelor’s […]

Boardman: The Remarkable Value of a Hole in the Ground

From Christopher Boardman: Recently Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn testified before a state legislative committee that The Red Line would not be built because it contained a “fatal flaw”, a tunnel designed within the line that would cost an estimated $1 billion out of the $3 billion forecast for the project. He mentioned a problem […]