Tow Truck Driver Killed in I-95 Crash Near Kingsville

From Maryland State Police: On 7/20/17 at approximately 12:33 pm, The Maryland State Police responded to a serious motor vehicle accident involving a flatbed tow truck and a disabled tractor trailer, which was parked on the right shoulder of the highway.  The tow truck was traveling N/B on I-95 in the area of the Bradshaw Road in […]

“A Ghost Story” — No Light at the End of the Tunnel

S poster a ghost story

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me this unique opportunity to offer a brief (and thoroughly simplified) lesson on cinematic aspect ratios and their historical significance. This is an important topic if we’re going to talk about “A Ghost Story.” You see, in the long-ago era of early televisions, the screen roughly approximated what you’d see in […]

Harford County Public Library Foundation Elects Sharon Lipford to Board

From the Harford County Public Library Foundation: Harford County Public Library Foundation elected Sharon M. Lipford, LSCW-C, to the board for a three-year term. Lipford is the executive director of Healthy Harford/Healthy Cecil. She previously served as deputy director of the Harford County Department of Community Services and as executive director of the Office on […]

Harford County Public Library Branches to Serve as “Cooling Centers” as Heat Index Reaches 105 Deg

From Harford County government: With the heat index expected to reach 105 degrees for the next several days, the Harford County Department of Emergency Services, in cooperation with Harford County Public Library and the Harford County Health Department, will offer “cooling centers” at all library branches during normal business hours on Thursday, July 20 through […]