Sen. Jennings: “O’Malley was Just about Thumbing His Nose at Beretta and Practically Pushing the Manufacturer Out of State”

From Sen. J.B. Jennings: BERETTA PUSHED OUT OF MARYLAND Certainly, it should come as no shock to the O’Malley Administration that Beretta U.S.A., a Fortune 500 company, is taking its $45 million investment and 300 jobs out of Maryland for the gun-friendlier state of Tennessee. It should be emphasized that Beretta is the sole manufacturer […]

Edgewood Man Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Health Care Benefit Programs; Fallston Man on Trial in November as Part of Scheme

From the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Baltimore: PHARMACY STORE EMPLOYEES PLEAD GUILTY IN SCHEME TO DEFRAUD HEALTH CARE BENEFIT PROGRAMS Loss to Insurance Programs of More Than $2.5 Million Baltimore, Maryland – Vipinkumar Patel (V. Patel), age 30, of Edgewood, Maryland; and Jigar Patel (J. Patel), age 27, of Columbia, Maryland, have each pleaded guilty […]