Gahler: “Unfortunately for President Impallaria, the Classification of ‘Correctional Officers’ is an Area Where Sheriff Bane and I Agree”

From Jeffrey R. Gahler: November 1, 2014 Dear Harford County Residents: It was brought to my attention today that President Impallaria of the Deputy Sheriffs Union recently mailed an advertisement that demeaned the correctional deputies of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office. At issue with President Impallaria is the fact that the deputies assigned to the […]

Betz: “Bane’s Claim of ‘Prior Information That I Was Leaving the Agency’ is Inaccurate, Not Possible, and an Untruth”

The following letter was prepared earlier this summer by Harford County Sheriff’s Office Lt. (Ret.) David Betz and distributed to deputies regarding statements made about Betz’s promotion prior to his retirement. The letter was provided to The Dagger for publication via a third party, but its contents were confirmed by Betz as genuine. A clip […]

Slutzky: Fact vs Fiction in the Race for Harford County Council President

The following press release was disseminated by the campaign for County Councilman Richard Slutzky, a candidate for Harford County Council President who was prompted into releasing the “truth about issues” after his opponents “stooped to negative campaigning, inaccurate and misleading information, and scare tactics.” Following that is a letter from Bill Onorato, one of the […]

Hogan Campaigns in Harford; Smith Announces Endorsements; Szeliga Targets Eastern Baltimore County; Glassman Hosts Election Night Rally; James Releases New TV Spot

Larry Hogan to campaign in Baltimore and Harford Counties Thursday as part of statewide Change Maryland Bus Tour From Hogan-Rutherford Committee to Change Maryland: Gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan will campaign in Baltimore and Harford Counties on Thursday, October 30, as part of his statewide Change Maryland Bus Tour. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2014 10:00 AM – […]