Del. McDonough Mandates All Jobs Created by Taxes Should Be Provided Only to Maryland Citizens

From the office of Del. Pat McDonough:

“Delegate McDonough will introduce an e-verify bill that mandates any projects financed by the Maryland Transportation Trust Fund or the Maryland Transportation Authority require contractors, sub-contractors and employees to be vetted by the E-Verify system”

Maryland taxpayers will be hit hard by recent toll increases and proposed gas tax hikes. Experts estimate that both increases will confiscate a minimum of $1.3 billion from Maryland taxpayers. The government and General Assembly leaders claim that the money will be used for transportation structure, repair and other items. Moreover, they are now claiming that the infrastructure activities are actually a job-generating plan. This concept is similar to

President Obama’s stimulus program which has come under severe criticism for creating short-term employment or very few new jobs.

Delegate McDonough said, “If any jobs are created as a result of these burdensome tax increases, those jobs should only go to lawful citizens of the United States. The only way to protect these job opportunities for our citizens is to require all contractors, sub-contractors and employees to submit to the E-Verify program. I will be introducing legislation that mandates the E-Verify plan.”



    Sounds good, but where will the contractors get the cheap labor they depend on to increase profit? If they had to hire only citizens, they would have to pay them a decent wage, which they do not do now with illegals. The GOP refuses to punish employers who hire illegals. Until they do, get use to illegals working in construction.

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    • amazed. says

      I’m confused, is the GOP currently in charge of the agencies that would investigate and punish employers that hire illegals?

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    • marge says

      Its not the GOP. Its the blue state we live in that are hell bent in voting what their leader tells them to then to do what’s right.

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    • ALEX R says

      So, Proud, it sounds like you are in favor of making sure the jobs created with taxpayer money go to citizens of the USA first plus those here legally. That’s the way it sounds. But we know that isn’t true. The Obama administration and the O’Malley administration, your heroes, could make it happen with the snap of their fingers. You don’t want them to and they won’t. Why? Because they are happy to have the scofflaws here illegally voting for them. In return they are glad to provide the scofflaws with all of the services the government provides paid for by your taxes and mine. You don’t care about legal and illegal as long as your agenda is advanced.

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  2. anonymous says

    Wow – a republican that acknowledgement that projects to fix our crumbling infrastructure does indeed create jobs. Glad to see that McDonut has come around to supporting our President. Now if only these clowns realize that the same job creation benefit on a larger scale can happen with a stimulus bill paid for by a tax.

    It’s funny that there is an objection to raising a toll on bridges to pay for maintenance because there is a democrat in power — BUT the almost identical plan is what Herman Cain wants is now viewed as the greatest idea ever by the Klan for Liberty –> which is to keep taxes lower on the wealthy by raising taxes on everyone else (including a new sales tax to stick it to those too poor to pay an income tax), we might be getting somewhere.

    As far as saying that a public job must go to citizens — I’m fine with that. I’m all for making employers pay attention to who they hire. I remain against the Toupee one’s proposal to suspend our civil rights in order to stop every person of brown skin with an accent on the street and demand to see their citizenship papers. Clearly this bill is just grandstanding to show he’s still the bigot he’s always been in order to sew up the Klan for Liberty’s vote in the next election — but that’s how McDonut and the people who voted for him roll (clearly not me).

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    • Paul Mc says

      Hey Anonymous,

      Your arguments would sound so much better without all the personal attacks and insults.

      Anyways, have a nice day.

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      • monster says

        No, it wouldn’t. He would still be as naive as he is now. Proud to be Liberal is clueless.

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    • marge says

      its a shame that 7 out of 10 brown people shouldn’t be here in the first place let alone take our jobs and $$.. Only in America..Where corruption rules over values and truth..

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    • marge says

      I was replying to someone else’s brown people remark.. I always say illegal aliens and don’t care what color they are even though more then 30 million border jumpers are brown..

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  3. frankly speaking says

    E-verify has proven that it doesnt’ have the capabilities to determine who is here legally as their data is outdated and has trouble distinguising last nammes, surnames and different legal name combinations. It lacks a numbering system that is unique and personal and is only as good as the data to verify identity, point of entrance, viaa status and doesn’t purge its records to update changes, corrections, misspellings, human error. It is pretty much like the “no fly list” which has shown to have many errors within it. Would the those who support this system still support it if their relatives are denied employment if the system doesn’t clear them?

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    • marge says

      your wrong. E-verify is 97% effective and even if it was only 10% whatever, Its better then nothing .. You agree? Its a quick google if you need to check it out yourself..

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    • marge says

      your wrong. E-verify is 97% effective and even if it was only 10% whatever, Its better then nothing .. You agree? Its a quick google if you need to check it out yourself..It checks social security numbers..Whats wrong with that especially if there fake or using one of your deceased relatives..

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