Port Deposit Man, 29, Charged with Rape and Murder of 10-Yr-Old Cecil County Girl

From Maryland State Police:

Investigators from the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit arrested the suspect today, responsible for the murder of a ten year old Cecil County girl.

The accused is identified as Richard Madden, 29, of the 100 block of Waibel Road in Port Deposit. Madden was arrested for the murder of Kami Ring in Cecil County.

Madden is charged with first and second degree murder, first degree assault and first degree rape. He is currently being processed at the North East Barrack. He will be transported to the District Court Commissioner for an initial appearance.

After consultation with the Cecil County State’s Attorney, Madden was arrested today at 5:30 p.m. without incident. He was being held at the Cecil County Detention Center for violating his probation stemming from drug charges.

The body of Kami Ring, 10, of Charlestown, Maryland was found in a field across the street from the home she was visiting on Waibel Road. Madden was one of three residents living at the home.

Crime scene analysts, working closely with homicide investigators, gathered evidence from the field, in which Kami was found, and from the Waibel Road residence, where she was believed to be staying.

Biological evidence linked Madden to the murder of Kami. Autopsy results reveal the cause of death as blunt force trauma and asphyxia.

Investigators have determined there is no biological connection between Madden and Ring. The grandparents, who also reside at the Waibel Road residence and are not biologically related to Ring, and are the parents of Madden.

A motive for the murder remains unclear at this time. The investigation continues.


  1. F.L. says

    If found guilty, slice, dice and feed the fish. My “flush tax” has doubled to cleanse the bay.

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    • Brian says

      Sorry, Your glorious democratic Governor made it a priority issue to abolish the death penalty in Maryland. You will now be paying for him to live a life of luxury in the MD penal system. Where he will get free food, a cell phone and plenty of sex.

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  2. RU KIDDING says

    Give this POS scum a fair trial, then slice and dice because our state doesn’t have the DEATH PENALTY anymore.

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    • resident says

      where is the madblackwoman now? Guess it doesn’t need to be said. I hope he rots in jail. The death penalty would have been great, but now we have liberals, who want to be president, making it seem that they are doing us a favor.

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      • Soul Crusher says

        This guy is white, moron. Its not derogatory unless you say, “String him up”, to a black person. I thought everyone understood that?

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  3. Nosy says

    Not only will he burn in hell.. but I hope in the meantime the biggest ..meanest.. grossest man makes this piece of Crap his new girlfriend in jail.

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  4. nichelle says

    If they have evidence that says he did this I hope he live a very long sorry life. I was raped by my own father from age 11 until 15 when he killed his self so he never had his day in court and thats something I have to learn to deal with. Her parents deserve to know he is suffering peroid.

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  5. Al says

    I don’t know why folks keep saying kill him, they should cover the walls of his cell with pictures of this sweet girl so he could be reminded every day and then leave him in the general population of the prison. His kind is the bottom rung of prison hierarchy, they will show him the error of his ways every day for years.

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    • Kharn says

      1) He’d get off on the photos
      2) He’ll be in administrative segregation for his entire stay at the Harford Hilton, for his own protection.

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      • Social Disorganization says

        Cecil County doesn’t have a Detention Center?

        I thought if a crime was committed, the offender would be jailed in the county where the offence occurred.

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        • Becky says

          Correct. He would be held in Cecil County Detention Center, 500 Landing Lane, Elkton, MD. I have a customer who works there…

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      • Soul Crusher says

        First, this is a Cecil County case and he will never grace the glorious “R” dorm of the Harford Hilton. Second, if he were to get prosecuted in Harford County, he would be held in the “R” dorm with the rest of the baby touchers. In the “R” dorm, you get special treatment for being a molester, don’t want to violate those rights you know. If you are housed in the “R” dorm because of medical or low risk aspect of your charges, you aren’t allowed to harass or do anything offensive to the POS because the Correctional Officers at the jail will either throw you in isolation or the block if you offend them. Leave it to Harford County to “pamper” these sick miscreants. If he is found guilty, may he never see daylight or enjoy his life again. I particularly despise Child Molesters as I feel that their crime is indecent to the max and the victim impact is such that it may never be overcome, especially in this situation, where the victim lost her young life. In DOC, his life will be fitting to his crime, believe it. This is the type of crime that is despised by other inmates and DOC knows how to “let the chips fall where they may”. My sympathies go out to the family that has been bestowed this tragedy and the young girl who will be missed…….

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        • Social Disorganization says

          After doing some quick research, it seems that the Harford County Detention Center hold some sentenced, but mostly pre-trial inmates. Soul Crusher is it possible that similar offence inmates are lumped together to protect them from being victimized by “DOC Minded” people such as yourself? Soul Crusher, not specifically this case……but suppose the person is pretrial and found innocent. Do they deserve to be victimized by you “DOC” Minded Inmates?

          Not making any connections to the POS and his case, just asking. Prayers to the family of Cami

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          • Soul Crusher says

            Obviously, you didn’t read what I said. All you have to do is offend them. I was threatened with segregation, because I cut a picture out of the newspaper of a child and gave it to a baby toucher while saying, “Here, dream about this one tonight, sicko.” I suppose you didn’t read where I said,”If he is found guilty, may he never see daylight or enjoy his life again.” Once again another ignorant fool, that can not interpret the English Language or only reads what they want to see. Stop drinking the water out of the tap! Its effecting your brain functions……

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          • Soul Crusher says

            Oh I forgot, The State’s Attorney Office in Harford County loves child molesters! They are frequently offered lighter sentences to inform on other inmates in jail by Joseph Cassilly’s wonderful assistants, that feel sorry for those poor guys that just can’t keep themselves from raping children. What a great policy! Can you say BO PEEP! Joe knows all about Bo Peep! Who’s family members ran that establishment?!? I think the citizens of Harford County need a new State’s Attorney that realizes that baby touchers need jail and the Institutional BENEFITS that are provided inside, HAHA. And that’s the bottom line, cuz the SOUL CRUSHER says so…..

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          • Soul Crusher says

            I love the way you singled me out. Did you even read the other people’s comments? Mine were no where near as aggressive as most of the others on here. SO GFY…….

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  6. Fkn discussed says

    Beat this s.o.b. choke him till he messes himself but make sure he still alive then feed him to big bubba to finish him off. I def don’t wanna support him for the rest of his sorry life!

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    • joe says

      Wont see the death penalty because of pathetic bleeding heart fools like owe malley and miller and bleeding heart libtard judges. Fools like owe malley and miller aid and abet this shit. Anyone who voted for these two is without question a traitor an idiot and a fool.

      With the death penalty this scum could be dispatched in a clean and efficient manner. A society that lets this scum live has no right to call itself civilized.

      Throw him in prison with the pedophile cops. Oh wait,cops dont go to prison,they have a get out of jail free card.

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  7. Jack Rabbit says

    According to the Md judiciary search


    This POS has been in and out of court for the last 10+ years.

    He should be sent to the most horrific of a life one could ever imagine in the penile system along with every judge that has let him go over the years and every public defender that bargained a deal for him.

    This dirt bag should not have been walking the streets and I can only hope that little girl haunts everyone that enabled him to remain free for the rest of their lives.

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    • Kharn says

      I think you mean “penal system”.
      The “penile system” is something completely different.

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      • km says

        Rather than making this about a grammar mistake, pray for the loss of an innocent child.

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    • Amazed. says

      Amen JR, every judge and public defender that helped this miscreant walk free time after time should have their names published for everyone to dish onto them the contempt and disgust they deserve… they are nearly as much to blame for this little girl’s death as this POS that did the deed. If they’d done their jobs instead of longing for the back nine this little girl would be alive today. And as for O’Malley, why don’t you snuggle on up to this POS and give him a big French kiss since he’s just your kind of guy you pink panty wearing girly governor… There are billions of people on this Earth and you can either live as a peaceful law abiding productive member of society or screw you. A prison isn’t overcrowded until you can’t get the door shut.

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    • The Money Tree says

      That is horrifying indeed. Many of those were traffic crimes but a whole bunch of them weren’t. This guy had zero business being on the street. Who in thier right mind let this guy continually walk?

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  8. Vinnie says

    I have an 8 year old daughter. No jail would be able to protect him, PERIOD!
    They should tie him to a telephone pole on rt 40 And let everyone beat the crap out of him. After they let the family have their way with him of course! Then KILL HIM, simply because he’s not worth anyone’s time or money.

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  9. Smithy says

    O’malley issued Stays on all executions his first term. He ran during his re election on a platform of abolishing the death Penalty. To each of you that voted for him, congrats.

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  10. Ed says

    This low life piece of sht should be hanged. For all the treehuggers please explain the reason why the scum deserves to live and be supported by the taxpayers for the rest of his disgusting life. How could the grandparents allow this animal to live in their house. I wonder if O’malley would sing a different tune if it was his daughter.

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  11. Luther Lingus says

    Get a rope.
    If you don’t have the stomach for this……… then ride on.
    We’ll do what needs doing here.
    This man is fit for hanging.

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  12. curious one says

    If he gets more than 18 mos ( which he will), he will go to DOC and his life will be a living hell.
    Death is too easy.
    Blessings on that little angel.

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    • Ed says

      BS, Kill the a-hole, why in the hell should the taxpayers pay for this animal to survive. This punk could be a burden to taxpayers for 40 to 50 years or more. What is the cost to feed, house and secure this type of animal, 100 to 150K a year. Were talking Millons of taxpayer hard earned money. Lets take that money and give it to one of the childrens hospitals.

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  13. wallywunder says

    SET HIM FREE !!!!!

    Let friends and familyprovide proper justice!
    Then send what is left to Jessup and put him in general population and capture every moment on video surveillance cameras for all our benefit.

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  14. SMDH says

    Trust me that A-Hole does not want to walk in society in Cecil County! Good Ole Boy System will get him for sure! its best he does not get bonded & he keep his ass in his cell with his mouth shut, take his sentencing which I hope to god is the death penalty. After just reading the update in the whig, I am utterly sick to my stomach! How F*********G grusome & sick of a person could you be! you fool, your tried to fool the police, your a F**K TARD! I hope someone in prison kills you if our judicial system does not! Trust you are not safe prison or not! Guaranteed someone will get you before you even hit trial!

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  15. Ed says

    Death penalty is off the table, you can thank O’malley and all who voted for him.

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    • Bill H says

      Death penalty revocation doesn’t happen till October. Educate yourself and next time you won’t look so stupid.

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      • Bill Looks stupid says

        No, Omalley has stayed almost all executions during his term as governor. Those on death row will just stay there. For this guy to get arraigned, tried and convicted before October would break a world record. So Bill Educate yourself and next time you wont look so Stupid.

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      • joe says

        Maybe if you realized that no execution will occur under the owe malley regime or the marxist democrat controlled libtard legislature and that no execution has occured since the ehrlich administration, YOU WOULDNT LOOK SO STUPID. Liberal democrats dont do executions and maryland is a state controlled by liberal democrats,so put 2 and 2 together if you can.

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      • Amazed. says

        Regardless of whether the death penalty is on or off the table… this is exactly the type of vile criminal our girly governor and his ilk want to protect. It soon won’t matter if he killed one or a hundred in whatever way he could imagine… he has a protector in O’Malley and his wussy little friends. They must think Marylanders won’t mind feeding and clothing this waste of human flesh for the next 40 or 50 years while he files lawsuits about the food, the decor of his cell or what shows he can watch… after all, lawsuits keep Marty’s pals in business.

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  16. Anonymous in Bel Air says

    The death penalty is going away. Please pay attention to what is happening to the politics in this state.
    Bill H
    By the time he goes to actual trial the death penalty will be gone. There will be no retroactive enforcement of it. Especially in this state.

    Those of you who continue to support the status quo one party system in this state, shame on you. You are throwing away your rights at an every increasing rate.

    This guy is a walking, breathing example of why we need the death penalty. There is no rehabbing a monster like this. He just needs to be put down. Have the trial, find him guilty, and I will provide the ammunition to the state free of charge. Shoot, I will even dispose of the body too for free. Waste of oxygen.

    Condolences to the family. I can not imagine the horror they are experiencing this week.

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    • SMDH says

      Ok, as I said in my previous message! Per the Cecil Whig, It was quoted that Rollins III would be checking in to see how the death penalty of MD would play into this case! I was not politically correct! Sorry I was just stating a quote! My point is this guy should have just stood up and admitted he did this for all the damn evidence that was so freakin obvious! I am not the type of person to wish ill will towards someone, however being so damn close to this (I mean right around the damn corner) I hope the most biggest burly badass MFer gets him cornered in prison & gives this piece of shit what he deserves! I as a tax payer do not feel I need to take care of his ass at all! Like someone else said hanging in Port Deposit & we all get a chance to take a hit at this jerk until he is gone forever! Eye for an eye!

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    • SMDH says

      Salt!!!!!! Bill H!!!! Anonymous in Bel Air ZIP YOUR FACE!!!!! I do pay attention! I read the news papers, I vote, you are just some Goody Goody from Bel Air who thinks they know it all-well you don’t! Read the Cecil Whig you fool & zip it! Before you open your mouth-Read the papers across the river & get your shit right!
      Rollins III is desperately looking into seek the Death Penalty! That is not supposed to go in effect until October! Apparently there is a “very gray area” between this case & what O’F****Tard signed! so yes, there is a possibility this could happen & I hope they find a window where they can impose the Death Penalty! Yes, it would cost taxpayers, how ever it would also cost us to keep the SOB alive & feed his ass in prison; so I would rather pay the money & fry the bastard then pay for his room & board for the rest of his life. BTW-They are most likely gonna push for trial before October! so SALT!!!!!! you don’t know everything!

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  17. Ed says

    Bill H, you are a complete idiot, you need to educate youself. Bill looks so stupid is 100% correct that going to court before Oct. is insane. Bill H. what an ass. You must have voted for O’malley which makes you a bigger Ass.

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  18. Linda says

    Why was this child permitted to be in a home wherer a convicted felon with a shady past was also living. Whomever left Cami at this house should also be held accountable.

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  19. Stephanie says

    I am victim to although I was 16 ,at the time , when the same man rape me . but he got off but now he will pay .. for what he done . and the worried he may pop any ware is weight lifted .off my shoulders ..
    I hope he rots in jail .

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