FOP Municipal Lodge #128 Endorses Dougherty for Havre de Grace Mayor

From Harford County Municipal Lodge #128 of the Fraternal Order of Police:

The members of Harford County Municipal Lodge #128 of the Fraternal Order of Police unanimously voted to support Wayne Dougherty in the upcoming Mayoral election in Havre de Grace. Lodge 128 consists of sworn law enforcement officers from the Havre de Grace, Aberdeen and Bel Air communities.

An open invitation was extended to address the membership of the lodge to both Mr. Dougherty, and the current Mayor of Havre de Grace, Bill Martin. This opportunity was given for the members to ask questions regarding current issues directly affecting officers and city employees.

The topics discussed ranged from hiring freezes, payroll obligations, military leave, benefit losses and the staffing needed to ensure that officer and public safety requirements are met. The irresponsible fiscal spending of the current administration as it relates to failed tourism initiatives, and perks designed to enhance the life of certain Havre de Grace citizens was also discussed.

Mr. Dougherty, who was in attendance, provided direct and informative information, and held the same position as the membership on many of the important topics previously mentioned. Despite notice, Mayor Bill Martin was not in attendance, and provided no explanation for his absence.

This also was an opportunity to address the very important issue regarding Havre de Grace City Council resolutions 279 and 280. These resolutions allow the citizens of Havre de Grace to provide permeant pay increases to the Mayor and City Council under a referendum vote.

The FOP membership has serious concerns and opposes these two bills, since the Mayor and City Council combined have failed to provide permeant salary increases to any of its Havre de Grace city employees over the last three years.

As a result, Lodge 128 officially endorses Mr. Wayne Dougherty for Mayor of the City of Havre de Grace. His previous eight years as Mayor, and his overwhelming commitment to public service, makes him the most qualified and responsible candidate for the city and its future.

By constantly maintaining balanced budgets, supporting the general welfare of the citizens, while supporting safe and friendly public safety programs, Mr. Dougherty has proven himself as a trusted and well respected leader in the community.

On May 2, 2017, the Fraternal Order of Police asks you to support Wayne Dougherty as the next Mayor for the City of Havre de Grace.


Members of Harford County Municipal Lodge 128 of the Fraternal Order of Police

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