Maynard’s Musings: Rouse & Company Revealed – Where Are They Now?

It’s still so flattering that so many people ask about the Rouse & Company Show, which ran from 1989 to 2005 on the legendary WQSR. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask about Steve, Mike, Tom, Kristie or Linda, and some folks were big enough fans to ask about our traffic reporters and other characters, too. So I thought that I’d step away from ticking everyone off for a moment and give a rundown on everyone’s whereabouts – and maybe reveal the truth behind a few long-held Rouse & Co. secrets.

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas is doing very well. He and his family live near Westminster. He has three children who were all born during the show’s run, and the oldest is on her way to college next year. He works for a specialized construction company in Carroll County, and is generally glad to be out of radio.

Tom Davis

Tommy D is still behind the mic and on TV. You can catch him doing O’s pre-games on 105.7 The Fan…you know, the station that fired me. He also has a show on MASN, check your local listings. Still as busy as ever, Tom is one of the few people who hasn’t given up on the Orioles.

Linda Sherman

I haven’t had a chance to talk to Linda in a while, though I hear she is doing well. After leaving the show, she began working for the Department of Labor and as far as I know she’s still there. A lot of people over the years have asked why she left the show. Here’s the best answer I can give: it kinda depends on who you ask. As far as the rest of us knew, she and management could not get together in terms of a contract. They negotiated for a long time and I think after a while management just decided to let her go.

Kristie McIntyre

“Special K,” or “SK” as I called her, still lives in Towson with her family and works at 107.3 in Washington, D.C., doing weekends and fills-in during the week. She has her own voiceover business ( and you can hear her on lots of commercials. Everyone once in a while she’ll show up at a Mobtown Saints show. If you ever hear me dedicate an Aerosmith song (our shared favorite) to an old friend, then she’s there.

Traffic, News and Other Voices

Joy Pons, our traffic girl who ended up in Playboy, now has 4 little ones. She helps manage a family business and you can catch her doing traffic on Channel 2 from time-to-time. Chuck Lawrence, aka Charles Gishlar, works now as a spokesperson for the Maryland Department of Highways. If you listen during blizzards, you will hear him occasionally doing interviews about the roads. Scott Parker, is still doing traffic on the radio, to the best of my knowledge. He’s all over, but I haven’t seen him in a while.

Dick Nixon, aka Matt Tacka, is also doing traffic locally. Why did we make him change his name to Dick Nixon? Honest to God, I don’t remember. I will always remember September 11, 2001 when Matt and I stayed on the air from 5 a.m. until 8 p.m., when everyone else had gone home.

Our old boss Billy Bob is the no. 2 guy at Entercom radio, one of the five largest broadcasting companies in the country. But, they don’t own anything locally. He lives in Dallas and loves it there. I think he still secretly hates me.

Steve Rouse

The man, the myth, the legend, and my mentor and one of my best friends: Steve Rouse. If you’re driving north along Route 152, you will pass “Rousedale Farm.” That’s what Steve is doing now – he is an honest to God, full-time, overalls-wearing farmer running a community support agriculture farm. Basically, you pay a few hundred dollars at the beginning of the year and then for 24 weeks during harvest season you get fresh organic vegetables each week, as well as farm-fresh eggs, pork and other items. It’s really pretty interesting how it works, and you can check out all the details at

I’ve known this guy my entire adult life and really, I don’t think I have ever heard him happier. Steve gets up and does what he wants, which is to farm. I told him I think he’s crazy, but really and truly he’s happy. If you ask him, he’ll tell you he’s pretty much hung up the mic and headphones for good, but I’m calling B.S. I bet we hear him again on the radio. Maybe not full-time, but he’ll be on again somewhere, sometime.

Secrets Revealed

So many secrets, so little time…I’ll bust through some of the FAQ’s.

“How’s G-Bob?” My son Griffin, born on the show, is 5 years old now and has a little sister named Willa. G-Bob LOVES being on stage and will very occasionally rock a tambourine with the Mobtown Saints. He wants to play guitar, but I’m making him wait just a little longer.

“Did Steve really drive his tractor to work?” Yes, mostly. He cheated a little, but not much. And it was a set-up. The station van was right behind him the whole way.

“Did he really play bass for KC and the Sunshine Band?” Yes.

Did I really steal the tags off of a station vehicle? Yes, when I was 18. And I got caught. They really should have fired me. I can’t repeat it here, but I will NEVER forget what Steve said when he called me that night. Ask me in person, I’ll tell you.

“Is the Farnsworth house really haunted?” YES. Go there, I do every year. Still creepy. All that happened on those shows was legit. If you recall a broadcast from the “Dulaney House,” vaguely described as “the big white house on Jarrettsville Pike,” THAT show was totally made up by yours truly. That show was so scary and so real, we actually scared Downtown Diane and my mother, neither of whom were in on the joke (we had a ghost nearly kill Kristie).

“Who’s voice was…?” We each did a few character voices, and some people still wonder who played who. Our book pretty much cleared all this up, but here you go, as best I can remember:

Steve: Rodney, Great Stevinski, Mert, Larry Love and Fuzzy Matress

Mike: Geoff with a G, Bobby the Neighbor and Izzy Matress

Me: Elvis P. Anderson, Billy Wong, Morty the Hotel Clerk

“Did you really sing a pedal boat in the bay live on air?” Yes. Not one of my better ideas.

We did really send poop to Paul Tagliabue.

We did send tons of crazy things to our friend’s hotel rooms when they were on vacation.


Okay, fire away…I’m sure I have left something out. Ask whatever you want and I’ll answer as best I can.

Next week: How would you like to give up your citizenship? It’ll cost you. I’ll tell you about the new fee and why I think it should be free.

Don’t forget, the Mobtown Saints are at Half-Pints, aka the old Torinos, on Saturday night.


  1. Carol Johnson says

    How is “Mage”? – not sure if that is the correct spelling of her name.’

  2. Todd Holden says

    for someone who is ‘hanging up the microphone’ Rouse is doing more ‘voice overs’ and commercials than ever in his life. just listen to WBAL or any local t.v. station….it’s Rouse…
    and good for him….

    • Chazz Ludwin says

      I agree with you Todd. I hear his voice more than I did when he was on WQSR. Once you’ve gotten bit by the mic bug, it never goes away. Maybe one day a new Rouse and Company will emerge. Nobody in the business ever really retires.

  3. tgif123luna says

    Thanks. Just like catching up with old friends. Have never found another morning radio show that makes me smile the whole way to work!

  4. Gay Ayyagari says

    steve rouse and rousedale farm are neighbors–kind of–across the road. we plan to join his csa next year. we visit occasionally for eggs and to just touch base. i listened to his talk show for years and couldn’t believe when i heard he was farming. i’m really impressed with all that he’s done and continues to do. and he seems right at home and very happy “getting up with the chickens” each day to keep us in fresh eggs and veggies.

  5. kim says

    What happened to the cross dresser from Rouse & Company? He/she moved to Florida and Steve used to phone her on air.

  6. Dave Eastman says

    When my wife was so sick with cancer, listening to Rouse and Co. brought smiles and laughter to her each morning. She died in 2005, after a four year battle, the same year the show wnt off the air. How beautifully ironic!

  7. Terry Walls says

    Maynard: I would love to purchase from you a copy of a trivia song you guys made during your WQSR days. My mother-in-law is 83,and a real nostalgia nut. She is old school and doesn`t have a computer.She listened to your morning show all those years, as did I. I don’t remember the name of the song you guys made, but the lyrics talked about things like, Boog Powell and the ballpark at 33rd street. Sure hope you can come up with this trivia song? It would mean the world to a very wonderfull old lady. Terry Walls

  8. deb says

    hi maynard !!
    your gbmc buddy – where are you ? you told us where others are and how about you ? still with flipside ? talk to me !! – deb :-)

  9. Jessica says

    Sure wish ya’ll were still on the ray-de-O (Bawdamor hon)! Hands down the best Baltimore morning show EVER!
    I’ll never forget you playing his Fishin’ tune on the air with my Dad singing on the phone. You all made the best birthday ever when my sis and I won the scavenger hunt trip to Boston on my 25th birthday! That was awesome! Thanks for the update on everyone!

      • says


        Edward Crowe | Maynard’s Musings: Rouse & Company Revealed – Where Are They Now?

        “Following up on Bill’s comment. Pay attention. ”

        I do pay attention. NO POST and from what I see who’s Bill? And what’s his question? I hope it’s better than the coolest entertainment story on the planet because that’s what my post is.And it’s all about YOU. My ultimate mission is this local struggling non profit org. Directed by a 2 time Bronze star recipient form Harford County. I have to bother some other people now AFL/CIO is in my crosshairs. I just hit the USWA. That’s the United Steelworkers of America.Sounds like you’re mad at the guy that’s trying ,without any help from anyone to put Baltimore on the BIG ENTERTAINMENT MAP. When I do YOU WILL BE RICH AND FAMOUS All. I get from Baltimore is resistance. I am a disabled person living on a fixed income with 200 dollars to my name to last me till the 3rd of next month. I’m chasing the ANERICAN DREAM and this resistance is ANTI AMERICAN but I’m really interested in what Bill had to say.

  10. Bob Hewitt says

    Sorry but the “Funniest Act on Radio” in the Baltimore area goes to the Greaseman…hands down.

  11. genie miller 7/8/12 says


  12. Ron says

    Rouse & Company was the best morning show ever in the Baltimore area. I loved the Good Good Morning sign on song and the Frog song on Fridays. The station never got it right after you guys all left. I love your new station.

  13. Susan Wienholt says

    Love Rouse & CO. You guys were the best, loved the show. I was the Breakfast Lady. I used to bring you guys food. Thnks for posting.

  14. Malissa says

    Is there any downloadable audio anywhere of the Frog Song on Friday? I literally used to pull over the side of the road to make sure I caught it. It would make my day (life) to listen to it regularly….

  15. says

    I loved listening to WQSR every day. In fact, every Friday when the Frog song came on, it made the day go fast and more enjoyable. I sometimes wish we could repeat history!! Thanks to all of you for such a great show and very special moments to remember!!

  16. Dave Cameron says

    Hello! I totally miss the show. I am in New Orleans now. I found another morning show like Rouse & Company. Kris Fade does a morning show on 104.4 Virgin Radio Dubai. It feels different because Dubai in the UAE is so many hours ahead. During Daylight Saving, I get the 6 am show at 9pm, and 8pm on standard time. I definitely enjoy listening to the live stream. I am glad everyone is fine! Bless ya all and see you on the flipside. As Kidd Kraddic always said: “Keep looking up because that’s where it all is…”

  17. Original Observer says

    Good to hear from you again, Maynard; caught you subbing for Ondayko on 100.7 this afternoon. I got worried when you and whats-her-name got bounced from that AM station I’d only recently found you on. Linda Sherman spent more than a few years in public relations for Mount St. Mary’s University and Seminary in Emmitsburg; it’s only been in the last year or two that she has moved on from there (I’ve been going out there for a retreat every summer since 1980; heading out there again this weekend). When Rouse & Co. were unceremoniously booted from the air eight years ago, I was overseas visiting family. My stepson sent me an e-mail telling me that R&C, as well as the whole air staff, had been let go, and asking “What the hell is going on?” I replied, “You’re there; I’m six time zones east of you. You tell me!” On my return flight, I found a copy of the international edition of USA Today in a waiting area in the Frankfurt airport; the trashing of the DJs and conversion to the “Jack” format was a significant part of an article on faceless radio. I have never intentionally listened to 102.7 since R&C and the rest of the gang were “Jack”ed off. And for those who say Steve is everywhere now, so how can you say he’s stepped away from the mike, I think Maynard would agree that there’s a difference between going into a studio for a few hours every so often to lay down some commercials and talking almost non-stop on the air for four hours a day five days a week. Oh, and Mr. Hewitt, Greaseman was a no-talent hack compared to R&C.

  18. says

    This just in. This recording was done illegally by Rouse and Company. It’s a song I wrote and sang and maynard played guitar on..It’s called Fishin on the Chesapeake Bay someone over the phone without their permission or knowledge is a violation of Federal law and it’s most likely why the show was taken off the air. Violation of company policy. This recording was sent to me by Rouse and Company.I didn’t record it.I didn’t know it was being recorded and no one asked me if they could rebroadcast it the next morning.Do you have any clue what it did to me to wake up and hear this song that I’m singing and I wrote playing on CBS radio? Since none of the greedy pigs,hippocrates in the media in Bmore have ever mentioned this piece of music and radio history,including Maynard and Rouse. There is a star in this recording.One that actually paid dues and is NOT LOCAL And it’s not Maynard or Steve Rouse. Maybe I’ll sue both of you in civil court for publicity so I can recoup the money I spent recording my commercial version of this song in LA. Stepping on someones creativity is bad KARMA. Why have you never mentioned this story? You step on yourself when you step on me. Good songs and stories last forever.LOCAL overpaid radio clowns don’t. How many times have you been fired Maynard? Tic Toc Tic Toc That’s the sound of the karma clock. Mickey and Amelia and Stash know that sound. It caught up to them and they’re gone.

    • Paul Mc says

      Most states and the federal government only require one-party consent to record a phone conversation. There are twelve (12) states that require two-party consent, of which Maryland is one.

  19. says

    Maynards mentor is Rouse? 11 years before this recording I played drums in Walter Rhodes band (my mentor) Walter was Wilson Picketts band leader for 5 yrs in the early sixties and during the Midnight hr tours.Was signed to Atlantic records in 1958 Here is his bio and vintage recording put together by a soul music historian journalist in the UK. THAT’S NOT LOCAL at the Baltimore museum of art theater. We drove 11 and a half hrs through a bad snow storm to get there from Wilmington NC and were interviewed by Al Sanders. My agent in Hollywood Geoff Blumenauer (the REAL Geoff with a G) who I stayed with on my 2 trips to LA recording my cd was Eric Burdons agent for 15 years. Agent to the stars Also represented Billionaire Monkee Michael Nesmith,Laura Nero,Doors,John Sebastian, Captain and Teneal the list goes on and on. I’m a GBA artist.Geoff said he never heard of Rouse or Maynard. My friend /mentor Walter Rhodes was murdered and his suspicious drowning death was wrongly ruled an accident. Things only a star would know. Geoff lived at Caribou Ranch for 5 plus years when the who’s who of rock n roll were recording there. Look at this. Caribou is for sale and will reopen. 100 million records sold were recorded /produced at Caribou but no one other than stars really know of it because owner Jim Guercio has only ever done 1 one interview in his life for public tv. He hates the media. . The first album recorded at Caribou was Joe Walsh Rocky Mountain way. Guercio knows who Eddie Crowe is. Geoff gave me his cell phone number. A very private number his own wife didn’t even have. Geoff wanted him to know the newest GBA star Eddie Crowe.If you put it all together its the stuff Hollywood movies are made of and i’m driven to get the story made into a movie and prove that Walter was murdered and catch his killer. Rouse and Maynard are LOCALS EDDIE CROWE IS NOT LOCAL AND NEVER WANTED TO BE LOCAL.

  20. says

    I will never understand completely why Rouse & Company was taken off the air. It was so enjoyable to hear the chat among Rouse, Linda, Mike & Tom and the tunes were exceptional. Everyone at work was in shock when it was suddenly gone. After the show left the air, I played my favorite CD’s in my car but it was never as enjoyable as listening to this show on the way to/from work.