The Dagger’s 2010 Election Day Live Blog

Just like during the primaries, The Dagger will be bringing you updates from around the polling locations all day long. Feel free to share your views about this historic day or any irregularities you have found in our comments section.

Keep checking back here for updates all day long…

Bob Ehrlich’s Election Eve List of Supported Harford Candidates

Part of Bob Ehrlich’s success as our next Governor depends on local elected officials and the General Assembly! As you head to the polls on Tuesday, November 2nd, remember to vote for these Bob Ehrlich supported candidates in local and state races in Harford County –

David Craig – Harford County Executive
Jeff Gahler – Harford County Sheriff
Derek Hopkins – Register of Wills
Jim Reilly – Clerk of the Court
Joseph Cassilly – State’s Attorney
Billy Boniface – County Council President
Yvonne Baldwin – County Council District A
Joe Woods – County Council District B
James McMahan – County Council District C
Chad Shrodes – County Council District D
Richard Slutzky – County Council District E
Sherly Davis-Kohl – County Council District F

District 7
JB Jennings – State Senate
Rick Impallaria – State Delegate
Pat McDonough – State Delegate
Kathy Szeliga – State Delegate

District 34A
Nancy Jacobs – State Senate
Glen Glass – State Delegate
Patrick McGrady – State Delegate

District 35
Barry Glassman – State Senate
Susan McComas – State Delegate (35B)
Wayne Norman – State Delegate (35A)
Donna Stifler – State Delegate (35A)

11:09 a.m. – Ehrlich and his Lt. Gov. runningmate Mary Kane will visit the “Victory Phone Bank” in Bel Air in just a few hours.

Governor Ehrlich and Mary Kane are scheduled to visit the Victory Phone Bank, 118 S. Main St., Bel Air tomorrow (Election Day) at 1:30.

Governor Ehrlich is making this trip to thank all of the volunteers in Harford County for all of their hard work as well as emphasize the Get out the vote effort.

As Governor Ehrlich said, “if there is one thing that you can do now, it is help get folks out to vote, and phone calls are the most effective way to do this”.

The phone center will be open all day starting at 9am.

11:23 a.m. – Harford County Board of Education District A candidate Bob Frisch has a big sign outside the polling place at Edgewood Recreation Center. This photo was sent by a Dagger reader who commented “Does size matter? We’ll see…”

11:30 a.m. – Election Day Update from Del. James:

Election Day has arrived! The polls are open from 7am-8pm. If you are still unsure where your polling place is click here to find out. I hope all of you that did not vote early will vote today.

The primary in this race was decided by just 53 votes. Every single vote will count and it is important to have your voice heard.

Election results will be posted on the State Board of Elections website tomorrow night. For those that are interested, click here. I look forward to sharing the election results with you on Wednesday.

I am proud of the positive campaign I have run and hope that I have earned your support. I know we have all grown tired of the negative commercials and mail and I am glad that I did not spread lies and deception about the other candidates in this race. I do not run negative campaigns because I believe that the best way to earn your support is to share with you my vision for our future, not to discredit the accomplishments of others or to spread lies and deceit.

I have worked hard to ensure that Harford and Cecil Counties get their fair share of State funds and State support and believe that moving forward we can continue to make this community the best place it can be. We have a lot of opportunities ahead of us and I look forward to working in partnership with you as we move forward.

I would appreciate your vote when you go to the polls today. Every Vote Counts.

11:38 a.m. – Sen. Nancy Jacobs will be watching the election returns, and possibly celebrating, tonight in Edgewood:


On Tuesday, November 2, beginning after 8:00 pm, Nancy’s friends and supporters will be joining her for the evening to watch the returns and celebrate the conclusion of a tough campaign season.
Lots of great food. Cash bar. Great friends.

We’ll be gathering at the Venetian Palace in Edgewood.

It’s at the intersection of Pulaski Highway and Treetop Drive near the old Giant shopping center in Edgewood.

Venetian Palace
1901 Treetop Drive
Edgewood, MD, 21040
Phone: (410) 679-2330


Thank you for your time and your support. I hope to see you on Tuesday night!
Hope to see you there!

God bless you.

Senator Nancy Jacobs
Senate Minority Whip
Harford and Cecil County

11:45 a.m. – Art Helton will be monitoring election returns at the Democratic Party headquarters in Havre de Grace:

Dear Friends,

On Election Night, we will be taking the vote returns at Democratic Party Headquarters, 2000 block of Pulaski Hwy, next to Bill Bateman’s, in Havre de Grace. Stop by after the polls close at 8pm.

Thank you for your continued support!


11:59 a.m. – County Executive David Craig will once again host the defacto GOP headquarters and party on Main Street in Bel Air tonight:

You are cordially invited to attend our Election Night Party which starts at 8pm after the polls close! We hope you will stop by and share in victory as we close out this election year! Hope to see you there!

Election Night Party
Craig/Ehrlich Headqurters
118 S. Main Street
Bel Air, MD 21014

I am proud and honored to have received the following endorsements:

-Harford County Deputy Sheriff’s Union
-Harford County Lodge 31, Fraternal Order of Police

During these tough economic times, I was able to keep our deputies on the streets and put 55 more deputies on patrol. I want to thank the members and officers of the HCDSU and HC FOP Lodge 31 that took the time to cast their votes in my favor.

12:05 p.m. – Fraudulent Mailers Disavowed by TEA Parties

Maryland’s first district TEA Parties have joined to disavow a recent mailer paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) fraudulently connecting a Libertarian candidate to the TEA Party movement.

The DCCC is committing fraud by miss-applying the TEA Party label in order to manipulate voters in the First District to vote for a third party. The Libertarian candidate, Rich Davis, is not affiliated in any way with the TEA Party, and we recognize that he is not responsible for these mailings, but he is being used by the Democrat party for their own advantage.

This DIRTY tactic is being used across the nation. Democrats are falsely linking third party candidates to the TEA Party in a naked attempt to split (and therefore dilute) the Conservative vote, so that their Democratic candidates can be elected and reinstate Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House.

We, as a group of liberty loving TEA Party members, together call upon Democrat Frank Kratovil to disavow the sleazy tactics being used by the DCCC on his behalf against his conservative challenger Andy Harris.

We expect a greater level of integrity from our Congressman Kratovil.

Tony Passaro, Bel Air Tea Party Patriots
Jackie Gregory, Cecil County Patriots
Bill Oldfield, Annapolis Tea Party Patriots
Tom Cook, Eastern Shore Tea Party Patriots
Sam Hale, Maryland Society of Patriots

12:33 p.m. – This e-mail was sent recently through Harford County Public Schools to e-mail subscribers and was clearly also expected to reach employees, with the reminder that who ever gets elected will affect the negotiated agreement with employees:

A Note from Board President, Mark Wolkow
Dear Parents;

Next week, Harford County will for the first time elect several members to serve on the Harford County Board of Education, rather than have all of its members appointed by the Governor. It is crucial for you – as parents of students in our system, and/or as employees within the system – to not only vote during this historic election, but more importantly, to find out everything you can about the candidates seeking these offices to ensure that the best qualified candidates are elected. There are real and significant differences between the candidates in each of the three races – in districts A, B, and D. Those who win will affect decisions about capital and operating funding, about priorities, about the negotiated agreements with our employee associations, and much more. Please take the time to make an informed choice – all of our children are depending on it.


Mark Wolkow
President, HCPS Board of Education

Just a reminder: Schools are CLOSED for students on Monday (11/01/10) for Teacher Professional Development and Conferences. In addition, schools and offices are CLOSED on Tuesday (11/02/10) for Election Day.

1:20 p.m. – A large sign for Board of Education District A Candidate Bob Frisch located at the Edgewood Rec Center was taken down by election officials, who got a little help from former candidate Rovall Washington, according to a source. The sign was too close to the polling place, and election officials–who may not have marked the 100-foot distance correctly in the first place–tried to take it down, but the posts were in too deep, the source said. Washington arrived later, complained about the sign, and assisted in taking it down–a task he was probably happy to perform, given that he supports Frisch’s opponent, Jansen Robinson.

2:30 p.m. – Responding to an earlier report that one of his campaign signs had to be removed from the Edgewood Rec Center grounds because it was too close to the polling place, Board of Education District A candidate Bob Frisch said the sign was placed outside the 100-foot perimeter early this morning. Frisch added that he’d seen a strong turnout so far at Edgewood Middle School, one of the district’s largest polling places. A source at the rec center told The Dagger that voter turnout by noon had already exceeded that of September’s primary election.

2:47 p.m. – Ehrlich made a stop in Bel Air today to rally the troops and evidently pose for a photo with some local politicos. How many elected officials, candidates, political operatives can you name in this photo?

3:33 p.m. – From former Board of Education District B candidate Tom Myers:

From approximately 6:30 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon, I was outside Fallston High School campaigning for House of Delegates District 35A candidate John Jones and Board of Education District B candidate Cassandra Beverley.

I find it very encouraging that a lot of the people who supported me in the primary are now supporting Ms. Beverley. I believe that she will be celebrating a victory tonight and become a very productive member of the Harford County Board of Education.

I am at home resting right now. At 4:30pm, I plan to finish Election Day at the Abingdon Fire Hall stumping for my friend Mary Ann Lisanti and helping her get re-elected to the County Council.

One thing that amazed me this morning: I was recognized by County Executive David Craig. He even greeted me, “Hey, Tom!”

Another thing that amazed me was that David Craig’s volunteers were willing to share coffee, donuts, sandwiches, bottled water and miscellaneous snacks to any candidate or campaign volunteer that was standing outside the polling place, regardless of political affiliation. Of course, I graciously accepted. However, I find it disturbing that they are diverting themselves from their staunch opposition to redistribution of wealth. (!)

And before you Republicans go up in arms, it’s a joke. Despite what some of you might think about my humor, I am a comedian. 😉 Thank you, David Craig volunteers, for feeding me. It was very nice of you.

Also, John Jones brought some snacks and Cassandra gave me some hand warmers. Hunger and frostbite are both being soundly trounced in today’s polling.

On that note, please get out and vote before 8pm. It is your civic duty and is one way to make your voice heard.

3:57 p.m. – Per Republican Sheriff candidate Jeff Gahler, someone at the Level Fire House decided to remove all the signs for everyone running for public office and had them piled up there. Gahler sent Steve Bodway to the scene at last check the signs were all being put back up by personnel from the fire house.

7:30 PM – Counter to other reports, sources now tell us that turnout even with four years ago, without taking into account early voting, with about 64 percent of registered voters heading to the polls.


  1. Todd Holden says

    good weather, should be good turn out…stop bitching and start voting…

    don’t vote party lines, or Dem or Rep…vote for the best person to do the job…use your head

  2. SmartVoter says

    I agree with Todd. Vote the best in! The wish list above is a no brainer but that’s the problem, who cares if you are a democrat or republican. I didnt expect that Bob Ehrlich would endorse a democrat so it’s not rocket science. But as a Republican I will vote for two democrats JESSE BANE and TOM HOPKINS. They both have proven leadership skills and they are the better candidate, THATS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT, NOT WHAT PARTY THEY BELONG TO!

  3. HarCoResident says

    Being that today in a way marks the end of his term as our delegate(though not officially)….I would like the thank Dan Riley for his time and dedication as both our delegate and as an educator, especially for his work with Maryland Conservation Corps.

    Sir, your ability to remind people in this county that R or D being next to your name has no bearing on your ability to be a great leader and honorable man, leaves me greatly proud.

    I have lived here my entire life, and I wish that I could say that I have seen examples of this more often, but we are not that lucky. I do hope that we can stop tossing around labels like “progressives are communists” or “conservatives are nazis”, both around the county and on this blog.

    I passed your truck a few months back during primary season as you were getting ready to turn left onto MacPhail Road one morning, presumably going to one of your sessions at the hospital. I remember wanting to stop my car in the middle of 24 to roll down my window and give you a thumbs up and “good morning, best of luck and keep up the good work sir”. In true Harford County fashion. But I decided the commuters might not be so patient.

    I wish that the Central Committee or someone had done more on your behalf to get the word out there and get your supporters energized, so that you would have made it to the general election ballot. I think sadly it will take a few years of missing your representation for us, before people will realize what they had.

    I also think that this would be a good time for a bunch of us around here to consider organizing an “Independents of Harford County” group…..for people who are tired of the candidates of the Club For Growth, or the candidates of the ACLU….there are many instances in the last decade of the citizens losing out due to the primaries and the 2 party system…..I long for the days of Congressman Gilchrest, or if we go back the likes of governor McKeldin, or president Teddy Roosevelt,and even the Tydings family, though before my time….

    I just want to thank Delegate Riley for his service and dedication to our community, and hopefully this moment can be the start of a better political movement or trend for our county.

  4. First Citizen says

    Turn out at Southamton was slow this morning, I was #36 at 10:30. Wife reported it was dead at 1:00.

    Wonder what turn out will be?

    • volunteer mom says

      I truly agree with you!!! What has happen to the common sense and intelligence that our founding father had!! O”Malley is killing our state and everything will go to the nonworking class!!

      • Henry says

        That’s because the majority of MD are idiots and statewide elections are generally decided by Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Montgomery County, and Price George’s County. O’Malley only had a majority in 5 counties plus Baltimore City. In most counties Erlich overwhelmingly won, unfortunately the biggest counties went overwhelmingly to O’Malley (particularly Balt. City, Montgomery County, and PG County.) Even in Balt. County he only won by about 1000 votes.

          • Rob in Bel Air says

            Now that’s mature. It’s people like this who walk among us . . . and, unfortunately vote. What happened to the open-minded part?

            O’Malley and Barbara were a given (considering the mindset of MD voters in the city and counties surrounding D.C.). Many include the so-called “New Americans” who vote, but shouldn’t; those who don’t pay taxes (but benefit a great deal from O’Malley’s policies); and, a large number of government employees (both state and federal). It’s a shame (and sham) but it is what it is. Hold onto your wallet as he (Owe’Malley) cometh again.

        • Cdev says

          I disagree with the assessment of the majority of people in my congressional district but I will respect the fact that Andy Harris won and is my congressman and hope that he demonstrates he can do a good job.

        • Cdev says

          I never said she was good, nor was that a state election, nor was I judging her fitness. I was simply pointing out the jaded opinion of some was not a result of anything then a personal bias against the person.

  5. belairfed says

    Mikulski is getting up there – six years is a long time. Who knows, maybe O’Malley will end up in the Senate sooner than later. Brown will become gov.

  6. Indy says

    It would be nice to see an Independents of Harford group and would attend. I believe that many are in this category despite official party affiliation. It’s nice but not surprising to hear that Craig’s supporters were so hospitable to other poll advocates. It’ll be interesting to see if our elected Delegates can get along enough in Annapolis to get Harford Co a fair shake and not play party spite games for the next few years. I think we all need to pay attention to this and an Independent group with Harford’s best interests in mind would be a fantastic voice for when we lack vision due to a (D) or an (R) taking credit.

    • Another Political Critic says

      Unfortunately I don’t like the chances of our delegates getting along in Annapolis. Glen Glass is crazy, and I really have no idea what he is going to do besides vote against everything. Looks like one of the thugs from district 7 will end up chair of the county delegation and that definitely doesn’t do us any good. Our best chance is to hope that Jacobs, McComas, and Szeliga will stand up and not support one of them.

      • Psephologist says

        Another Political Critic:

        Glen was just crazy enough to win, whereas McGrady had more money but didn’t convince enough people to vote for him. He will now be relegated to the dustbin of political history…he will be forgotten. Posey-Moss was just to liberal for the electorate and her campaign was ineffective.

        McComas, Jacobs and Szeilga should focus on working with the District 7 elected officials, Glass, Norman and Stifler.


        P.S. Maybe now that the election is over you can help Glass collect his campaign signs? He might even autograph one for you as a keepsake?

  7. Rob in Bel Air says

    Those in Harford County who supported Nancy Jacobs should thank our neighbors in Cecil County for helping to reelect Nancy. Many Harford voters let us down, but Cecil came through.

    • says

      Hey Rob….WTF is up with you? Are you one of those shills that Ms Jacobs uses to deliver an “I’ll be home with a migrane tody fellas” when she cant seem to get her worthless butt down to the office? And I say worthless rob because in 13 years…that Is right dipshit…13 long god damn years in Harford county doing business I have not ONE SINGLE SOLITARY SINGULAR TIME SEEN THE FACE OF MS JACOBS ANYWHERE NEAR MY THREE STORES BETWEEN ABERDEEN AND HDG. I COULDN’T PICK HER OUT OF A POLICE LINE UP OF 3 FEMALES WHO GOT BUSTED FOR TARDYNESS.
      And you got the F—-ing nerve to come on this virtual rag sheet and say that “I (a harford ct voter) LET HER MAJESTY DOWN? WHOO THE F ARE YOU? Are you some kind of nut case? I mean you absolutely have to be to say that we harford county voters let NJ down. As far as this self employed job maker is concerned…the NJ let Harford County down…AND THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE YOU NITWIT!
      And ya know something else xxx…I’d like to see you in person just to see a face that is one that thinks it’s above the basic liberties handed down to me by the founders. WHO ARE YOU ROB? WHAT IS YOUR LAST NAME…..MINE IS…MICHALSKI..BEN MICHALSKI. I DON’T NEED A NOM DE PLUME ON THIS RAG….MAYBE YOU DO? Wanna do lunch? …my treat!

        • Henry says

          From his webpage:

          I am also the owner of The Photography Center of Harford County
          located in Havre de Grace Maryland at 1315 Old Post Rd.

          He’s a wedding and events photographer apparently.

          • ben says

            Thanks buddy…and yse I am a wedding and events photographer. But I am also a photography instructor for the US Army and I am a fine art photographer who’s work you may or may not have seen hanging one the walls of Applebee’s in Aberdeen. BTW…Marten O Malley owns one of my works and it hangs in the Governors Mansion as does the former commandant of the US Naval Academy where I am one of the few preferred professional photographers. Unfortuantely I am closing my studio and have closed our fresh flower and wedding store in Aberdeen due to this nasty economy and the wedding industry taking a nose dive.

          • ben says

            Thanks buddy…and yse I am a wedding and events photographer. But I am also a photography instructor for the US Army and I am a fine art photographer who’s work you may or may not have seen hanging one the walls of Applebee’s in Aberdeen. BTW…Marten O Malley owns one of my works and it hangs in the Governors Mansion as does the former commandant of the US Naval Academy where I am one of the few preferred professional photographers. Unfortuantely I am closing my studio and have closed our fresh flower and wedding store in Aberdeen due to this nasty economy and the wedding industry taking a nose dive.

          • Open Minded Dem says

            Your rant is excellent advertising for your business. I’m sure you’ll be rolling in it soon.

            I wouldn’t book you to photograph a crime scene.

          • Henry says

            Well, you put your name out there and linked to your website. If you didn’t want that type of attitude being associated with your business you shouldn’t have done that or posted an expletive filled rant for no real reason.

            You’re right, it is a tough economy, but that’s not the kind of advertising I would want if I owned my own business. I am sorry that you’re having to close your doors, though. Small businesses are a large part of what will help turn the economy around.

  8. Poppop says

    OK polititions. Congrats to all who ran and won and hang in there those who did not. NOW. winners and losers, PLEASE remove your roadside litter ASAP.

  9. belairfed says

    dagger – you’re letting vulgar stuff get through – how come what’s with that ben posting.

    • ben says

      sorry I offended your sublime and no doubt highly refined expectations of what and what not to post on some page in cyberspace. But a lie is a lie, a con is a con and a politician is more than capable of refinements in both those virtues???

      I find that just as vulger belair fed…maybe you just haven’t figured out that on the web…it’s hard to find literacy let alone fine writen vulgarity.

      If you stick around long enough maybe you will also figure out why this site is named after a sharp metal object used to stick in someone’s unsuspecting back.

      But then again…maybe you won’t.

  10. ben says

    OK…I admit it…I was a bit heavy handed with Rob..if that’s his name but I am not apologizing

    OK…I admit it…I was a bit heavy handed with Rob and if offended anyone with my strong lanquage I most sincerely apologize. But please folks…this is the quentessintial rumor mill. A place where folk come to spread rumors, dirt and mis information under the protection of a phony name and in the privacy of their homes because most folks do not possess the character and integrity to speak their minds in public..they shun in the face of conflict and run in the face of danger….and that’s OK… most folks dont have what it takes to stand up to their own kids let alone a perceived powerful politico. Fear is what the average person know best and fear keeps them in their rooms behind computers venting under assumed names.

    Was the election for state senator a case of “the devil you know over the devil you don’t know” well that may be….and to tell you the truth…ANY politician who has held office more than 3 terms is automatically suspect to me. In the case of Jabobs V Helton….well Art has that road cut out for him and at his own creation…however in his defense Aberdeen wiuld be looking quite a bit more run down if not for him…and at his own personal financial risk….NOT YOURS OR YOUR TAXES which most of you probably cheat on anyway . I have not seen Nancy Jacobs anywhere, anytime and anyplace in the past 13 years unless it was votes involved. I am so glad she is doing such a fine job for your nice folks in Cecil County….but let me ask ya something…..what exactly has she done in Cecil that has won her so much praise and accolades?

    But back to politicians in general IMHO they actually make my skin crawl in most cases. I mean it’s pretty hard to turn down a shoe box full of loot when times are tough and selling out to big business and special interest with deep pockets is quite the temptation. I know of very few men and women who possess the leadership and character to turn down lot’s of cold hard freeeeee ( for a vote) cash.

    Most folks who get into politics are a product of several things the first being the desire to make liofe better fore the folks they represent…that’s good for a year or two..then breeding, power, money and ego. become the prime motovators. Of course they will still try and with resounding success, delude themselves into the rationalization that they are in it for their constituents, that they are in it for some greater good…
    that their time has come and they want to step up to the proverbial plate and do their civic duty in a way not common to us great unwashed.

    And don’t say you heard it from me but on more than one or two occasions as a professional photographer I have to rub elbows with some of these people and in private…they could give a rats furry behind about YOU AND ME. They think of US as just another demographic number that they can manipulate for their own gain..period.

    They are not your friend ROB….and they are never going to be unless you provide some need albeit they will act like your best friend 24/7 by trying to relate warm and fuzzy feelings toward just that special YOU along with your most appreciated and sincere vote.

    They will never be your friend unless you come up with the loot to buy their friendship. Otherwise their primary motivation is once again…ego ( that’s number one) power, influence, money and…opps…did I mention more money?

    But they are purely a product of OUR collective creation….we gave them their stripes, we provided them with the keys to the hall and we made them what most of them are today….now..who owns whom? We did it because most folks don’t even know basic civics…they don’t even know who does what and to whom and why it gets done that way in the first place, We have become a society if idiots with egos that far out weigh the intellect.

    And of course the public…as dumb as we may be most of the time and as smart as we can be some of the time….we just.keep the ball rolling under the lame and insane assumption that doing the same thing over and over again is going to somehow garner different results.

    H.L Menkin said it best…(By the way for those of you who don’t know who H L Menkin was then your better off just switching to the football station or something) and I will paraphrase… “when ever the American public votes..they deserve what they get…and they deserve it Good and Hard!”

    I don’t expect to win friends and influence you gentle people here on this POS website…and if you were in my shop wanting service I would be a heck of a lot more warm and friendly But one things for sure….greed, fear and a complete lack of genuine self sacrificing leadership has brought the country I bled for on the field of honor to moral and financial ruin….but don’t worry people…when the Chinese get here…the’ll fix it all… post haste. Just don’t expect the dagger to do anyone’s bidding anymore. The Chinese shoot folks for posting this kinda stuff.

    Now feel free to call me anything you wish to call me…..after hanging around with one to many politicians in my business I have grown quite the thick skin and that along with this depression and what they have stolen from me…I could care less. The truth will prevail in time no matter what…the universe has a tendency to right itself no matter how much loot is in involved. I quit lying for my own gain about 20 years ago…my memory was just not up to the task of keeping track of all the BS i would put out …yes…for my own gain .Unfortunately I am human now my mistakes hopefully can now help others.

    • Pontificator says

      Art Helton said he was going to raise taxes on alcohol if elected. Nancy Jacobs said she would not raise any taxes if elected. Right there is a big difference that alone was my reason to vote for Nancy Jacobs. There’s no debating it because it’s what both candidates said they would do. It’s a difference of opinion, but it exists.

      • ben says

        well I guess that would also depend on if one happens to be a smoker or a drinker. I don’t drink anymore…haven’t imbibed in near 15 years. Most politicians are drinkers which I kinda like becuase when they start yapping about all their accomplishments… their lips usually loosen up on other things. I garnered quite a bit of information by being observent of their collective bahaviours during some party or function when they weren’t pandering to someone. It’s wonderfull to be able to stay sober while watching some influential guy’gal start to take his’her foot out of their shoe and place in his/her mouth after only a few Martini’s.

        But as a smoker…I am an on going target for anyone of Marylands democratic power brokers to use for more loot in the states coffers.

        Like I said…they are not your friends…the only friend they ever had after three or more terms in office is the person they have to look at in the mirror.

  11. ben says

    hey folks..I did go back and read my first comment…I was wrong to come down so hard…( my apologies to you Rob) and my apologies to the folks on this page. There is no excuse for my verbiag and I do apologize from my heart of hearts. It was purly from not having my morning espresso at the time in combination with my ADHD. Othetr than that….I pretty much say what I believe.

  12. ben says

    and before anybody goes off on the art helton building aberdeen up with his own money statement…yes of course builders will use a combination of capitol from local grants to area development funds from state and fed money…but at the end of the day…it’s the signature at the bottom of the page to whom the responsibility for paying it all back and with interest resides.

    it’s called free enterprise and capitolism…. i also know that when someone becomes wealthy from working 80+ plus hours a week to feather their own nest…it’s very easy to start resenting those folks as being privledged and having some insider tact to obtain such monies which is really not the case….Banks look for track records and credit standing…not influence and who you know. Even though that too may help a little..

    if you want to be rich like art….work hard…save your money…don’t use credit cards if you cant pay them off every month…and do not live beyond your means. Yea….right!!!

  13. Rob in Bel Air says

    As soon as I saw the “WTF” I didn’t read much more. I was just posting my feelings about the race. I agree that Helton has renovated some buildings around town, but he has also profitted quite handsomely from it. My concern was not so much the candidates themselves, but the party dominance in Annapolis. Maryland politics is loaded with democrats (the bluest of states) and I felt that adding one more to the gang was not necessarily a good thing. I’m not friends with either candidate but know something of their background. I will admit that Ms Jacobs needs to be more involved; otherwise she should get out and let another republican jump in there. One thing I can say about the Senator, if it was not for Ms. Jacobs, the bill for Jessica’s Law would still be in David Frosh’s desk drawer. Being a trial lawyer, he held onto it as long as he could, but the publicity created by Nancy forced him to bring it up for a vote. It narrowly passed.

    I know one more senate republican cannot stop the O’Malley – Miller political money machine, but why help them out.

    So I was not on the attack of anyone. It was nothing personal but it sure hit a nerve. Whoever went on the attack must be very good friends with Mr. Helton; but does that justify the ranting. I’m glad Ms. Jacobs won and I hope she seves us well. If not, it will be the last time she gets mt vote.

    • ben says

      yea…I was a bit wound up from last nights returns and you got the brunt of my continuing frustration with Maryland politics..sorry again Rob.

      I never even come on this site….it’s one of my fiance’s sources for face book fodder and when she was readig the post’s while still in the bedroom ( we make a good part of our living off the web so we have computers in just about every room and I also repair them) she was reading aloud and I just got up and said…”lemmie tell that guy what’s what dad blame it” without ao much as a second look and after typing just went downstairs to get a cup of joe and wake up. Awhile later she said I got some replies and then I thought…O crap…I hope I didn’t say anything to bad..etc..etc ( I am a very spoken and don’t pull any punches kinda guy) and I hollared up to her…”hey sweety..can ya edit those post?” after which she replied ..and with one of her ” I told you so” condecending smiles…” can’t edit them ben”…you dumb ass…

      And yes….I then re read your comment and said to myself….dang it ben you gone and bit that guys head off without even reading what he said twice….

      As a former carpenter we had a saying…measure twice and cut once…that even applies to life in this way…think twice and then talk once. But I have a tendency to teach best what I most need to learn. However I am a very out spoken voter who has had more than one run in with the local politcos of Harford County and have in the past got a few of them ( but only those who needed it) a bit on the difensive.

      The offer to lunch still stands….but this time with my hat in hand and my head low.

  14. Theoted says

    Ben, I, too, have written things in the past, here and elsewhere, that I regret and need to clarify, etc., etc.
    Life goes on.
    Take it easy.

    (PS: Revolution will continue to build!)

    • ben says

      yes…thank God! We are in serious need of a third party..the Tea Party no doubt least for the time being. I now roll both parties into a single word. Republicrats.

      As a person who has made many irisponsable and smug remarks to the likes of any given party person I always make dang sure I know what they have been up to lately, where their position happens to be on certain issues…and most of all if they have tried to sneak their grubby little mits into the cookie jar with out permission from their bosses….US! :)

  15. Rob in Bel Air says

    Ben, like many of us, are frustrated and sometimes the worse comes out. I have written things I wished I remained quiet on. Ben owned up and for that he is on my list of businesses I will use when I need photography services. I think we need to hold all these politicians accountable and to higher standards. I hope I didn’t make any mistakes in the candidates I advocated for . . . and I will be paying closer attention this time around.

  16. Rob in Bel Air says

    P.S. I am a big supporter of the TEA Party. I’m looking for some bumper stickers.