The Big Q: Should U.S. Government Respond to Malaysian Airlines Attack in Ukraine?

A Malaysian Airlines passenger plane was shot down Thursday in Ukraine, with Americans reportedly among the nearly 300 people aboard, all of whom were killed. Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko called the shoot-down “a terrorist attack”, blaming pro-Russia separatists. The rebels have denied responsibility.

Earlier in the day, President Barack Obama offered U.S. help in identifying the cause, saying the crash “looks like it may be a terrible tragedy”, and adding that his administration was working to find out whether Americans were among the dead.

If Americans were killed in an attack, and those responsible are identified, what should be the response of the U.S. government?


  1. Freestate? says

    The U.S. should have supported Ukraine from the beginning. The “separatists” are Russian troops. Putin is rebuilding the former empire as he said he would. We are leaderless and the world is paying for it.

  2. Russia Sucks says

    Most definitely…let’s put an end to this Russian non-sense and help Ulraine regain control and enforce their border.

    • frankly says

      A new war to keep the military industrial complex growing yay!! Let’s blow another trillion or two!!!; NOT a chance cause Russia isn’t scared of the american army and can flex its muscle in their barrio!!!

      • Freestate? says

        Russia is very afraid of the U.S. Army. It is our President who they know will not use our armed forces that they are not afraid of.

  3. Brian says

    Does not matter if we should or should not, President hand holder will not do it. 23 American lives taken in a terriost attack, oh well must have been us who made them mad wil be how he sees it.

  4. A realist says

    Who’s gonna help us enforce our borders? !?! We have our own problems here in the US that need addressed.

  5. Marc A Eaton says

    We have a crisis in our country right now with the border. We have a Temp President who is doing what he does best, fund raisers and vacationing. He gave Iraq back to the animals who killed our troops. No more of our treasure overseas to help other people. Not one more Gold Star mother added to the already long list. Owebama has cut military pay, benefits and manpower and made us even weaker. We should be rioting in the streets for the way our Veterans are being treated. We have a President who has more scandals going on than any other President in history. We have worthless Congressmen and Senators from both sides who only worry about getting elected and then re elected. They pay no attention to us who they rob from and spend our money any way they want. The last six years have been bad but this has been going on for years. We as voters just bicker among our selves and that is what our masters want us to do, this keeps our attention off of the disaster that is Washington D C .. Democrats have Billiary waiting in the wings and the Republicans have another Bush, Christie, and who knows what else the have waiting to give us. Hilliary is another 8 years of Owebama. On the other side it depends on who the liberal media gives us it could be another 8 years of a moderate RINO who just keeps on spending our grandchildren’s future away. We have a few bright people out there but the RINOS will destroy them to keep the power. Democrats will push Republicans around just like they have been doing for years. Washington just wants us to pay our taxes and be sheeple, both parties want this. They don’t care what we think, call your rep in D C and they will not ask for your name or phone number and probably will just hand up on you. Bottom line if we don’t stop letting these corrupt politician run wild the America my generation knew will be gone in a few short years. Time to come together not as a party but as Americans and throw the trash out and demand term limits and a six year term for a President.

    • Correct me if I am wrong says

      In the last election you had 8 million conservative voters stay home to purposely punish the country because they didn’t get 100 % of what they wanted. They, and only they are to blame. The reality is that you get what you don’t vote for.

  6. SoulCrusher says

    Obama will drone them. Its for the best to keep American boots away from this crisis and allow a UN force to react to this crime. Drones are cool…….