Maryland Watch: How Far Can You See In Annapolis?

Recently the issue of transparency in the General Assembly has come up a lot. The biggest issue is the fact that the House of Delegates, with the permission from Attorney General Doug Gansler, have been holding behind closed doors hearings on the gun legislation. They argue that it doesn’t count because they didn’t invite a […]

Maryland Watch: Frank Perdue’s Long Goodbye

It’s no secret that Maryland envrionmentalists hate the poultry industry in Maryland. They blame chicken farms up and down the Eastern Shore for polluting the Chesapeake Bay, all to make massive corporate profits for Frank Perdue’s family. A stinging loss for the environmentalists occured recently when the University of Maryland’s Environmental Law Clinic spent taxpayer […]

Maryland Watch: You Spin Me Right Round Baby Round Round

Have you heard the one about the Democratic Governor who is elected based on a promise to fight electric rate increases and after the election did everything in his power to INCREASE the cost of electricity for the average Maryland family? The punch line is “he was re-elected.” I think it’s quite impossible to argue […]

Maryland Watch: And They’re Off

There is a whole lot of fun going on in Annapolis and Maryland politics this week. The General Assembly session started last Wednesday so everybody has been busy. Governor Martin O’Malley is in a competition with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on who can institute the strongest gun control in the nation. Both men plan […]

Maryland Watch: The Taxes Are Coming, The Taxes Are Coming

When Governor Martin O’Malley first ran for Governor, he said he wouldn’t balance the State’s budget on the “backs of local government.” He called it a “shell game.” He said, “It does not make us stronger if we balance the budget at the state level and leave a hole at the municipal government.” One of […]