Murder Charges Filed Against Joppa Man After Victim of September 23 Assault Dies

From the Harford County Sheriff’s Office:

Murder charges have been filed against Donald Ray Cox, age 34, of Joppa MD for injuries that resulted in the death of James Roderick Adams, age 34, of Edgewood, MD. Mr. Adams had been at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore, in a coma, since the time of his attack which occurred on September 23, 2010. Mr. Adams died from his injuries on Thursday, October 7, 2010.

Donald Cox, now faces charges for 1st and 2nd degree murder in addition to his original charges of 1st and 2nd degree assault. He has been held without bail at the Harford County Detention Center since his arrest on September 23, 2010.

Details regarding September 23rd Original Assault

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, September 23, 2010, Harford County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the intersection of Joppa Farm Road and Haverhill Road in response to a call involving an injured individual lying on the side of the roadway. The caller told 911 operators that the individual was bleeding and had possibly suffered from a seizure.

Upon arrival, deputies located Mr. Adams, who was severely injured and appeared to be the victim of a serious assault. He was transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma by Maryland State Police Trooper 1, where he was listed to be in very serious condition.

A deputy who had responded to the scene the evening of the assault recognized the injured Mr. Adams as a passenger in a vehicle that he had stopped earlier on a traffic violation. Based with this information, Harford County Sheriff’s Office deputies were able to quickly locate Mr. Donald Ray Cox, the driver of the vehicle, and connect him to the assault on Mr. Adams.


  1. L. Adams says

    RIP PK! I am at a loss for words for your wife and children, along with the rest of us that are morning for you… You will be truly missed…

  2. SnowbunnieSista says

    R.I.P Roderick…. You will be missed dearly, God gained a Angel yesterday and I know you will be shinning down upon the family. My heart goes out to the fam during this time of loss. Remember to stay strong cause he wouldn’t want it any other way he was strong and a fighter and he would expect nothing less out of anyone else during this time!!! I just sit back and can hear him to tell me to “suck it up”. You may be not physically with us but you will foreva live on so I will not say good bye but “see u lata fam ILY!!!!

    • Tara Cox says

      My heart grieves for everyone. Just remember cox has 3 very small innocent children. So while you hope for something like that, may god be with you.

      • frustrated with convicts says

        Ok, Mr. Cox may have 3 innocent young children- oldest is in 3rd grade, but he has been in and out of jail for their entire young lives! What kind of example is he setting? I think the best thing for those children is to see that if you break the law, you go to jail. If you KILL someone, you need to be removed from society!

      • says

        tara u thinking about your kids life was your man thinking about my cousin life when he took it from him an his kids u tell me that on miss please tell me that one

      • dannie says

        Look f Cox and his kids the wife better mot let me know where she at cuz I’m going to buss her in the head with a bat roddy was my brother in my life since I was 10 and for the kids my brother had 4 kids so what the eff you saying????? U might want to watch your comments cuz that’s my fam and I could care less bout his kids did he give a f bout my nieces so f the kids lets buss them in the head with a bat too make another comment defending Cox and imma hunt you down and do HOU like he did my fam bytch

  3. pissed and mad says

    Okii Mr. Cox may have 3 young children, but did he think about what he have done to James and toOk him away from his WIFE & 3 CHILDREN. No he didn’t and he need to get all that comes to him. I pray to God to he gets LIFE IN PRISON for what he did to the man NO ONE DESERVES TO GET BEAT TO DEATH at all

  4. blaq1 says

    tara cox wat ever your damn name is fuck you an your man he kill my cousin fuck you an your kids bitch my cousin had four kids an wat do that suppose to mean respect mr cox fuck u but it all good u an him need to think about wat u to did to my cousin

    • says

      Next time you want to make a comment , try spell check. How illiterate most of you are and blind to the entire situation. My husband did not murder anyone. They both had the wrong intentions for each other but none of it had to do with murder. It completely had to do with drugs and trying to get over on each other. This is the real truth, when you are living that life style, which both of them were, these are the results. Truthfully it was an accident. I am tired of hearing murder murder murder. Number one, my husband would not have left everything as is at home, the truck, or even been home for that matter for the police to pick him up. That is for sure. Number two, he saw him run off. Nobody wanted to look at the evidence, but I hope you people learn from it all. Stay away from the street life! Fast money, drugs, and crime lead do this kind of devastation. James did not die in vein. He taught a valuable lesson to those who are willing to listen. To the rest of you ignorant ones who need to got to school instead of threatning me, I have no fear of any man, only God. My children will have their father one day sooner than all of you think. The more vengefull you think and act, the more hope you bring us, so thank you.

      • u know who it iz says

        really you want to act or big an bad u not scared of nothing yea k so show your fucking self bitch keep running out your crack heads ass lips k about what u think is right but u better think again the next time u get on here running your lips k your husband killed a man an left him to die really so u don’t see nothing wrong with that are u for real u need to wake the fuck up an real life this is not a tv or a book this real life but we will meet again k real soon k just be ready? u know who it really is bitch

  5. SS says

    Tara I can feel the pain of a child not having there parent but they have to have a “PARENT” where has he been at oh wait the system and not being a parent and a role model as he should of been. Nor was he thinking about his children when he rendered his actions upon another…. Plus he took a LOVING FATHER who is a PARENT to 4 children. Now they have to grow up the rest of there lives missing one parents due to the actions of another. Where is that right.???? Why dont you insert your foot into your mouth and feel for the children who will never see there Father again except in pictures, tapes, dreams and memories….I hope that for his actions justice is served and I do not feel life in prison is the answer he beat a man and left him for dead on the side of the road, as well as showed no remorse since hours after the assult he had the same clothes on with blood stains like it was his trophy MR COX DESERVES THE DEATH PENALTY OR YOU CAN RELEASE HIM TO THE FAMILY SO HE CAN GET BEAT TO DEATH AS WELL…A EYE FOR A EYE!!!!

  6. says

    Man, sorry I’m so late seeing this! This is a senseless situation! To beat someone to death with an object with no remorse deservse LIFE in a cell where this can never happen again!!! As for his children they be able to see he thru thick glass or over the table.. My cousin’s 4 girls and wife of 1 month, they are only left with memories, think about that! My anger hopes that he is in a cell with someone thats going to butt rape him everynight, but the God in me prays for his soul! He is better off where he is! To K and the kids Stay strong!! To HARFORD COUNTY I hope that you don’t fail again … 10 year sentence 9 suspended 11 month served.. WOW!! Now MURDER…Get it right this time!!!

  7. frustrated with convicts says

    I have been on a jury for a death penalty case and it is tough to get everyone to agree, especially when they lie about their beliefs when being seated. Mr. Cox is most likely to spend the rest of his life in prison on OUR DIME! He will have better accommodations than the homeless or mentally ill people living on the streets. Some people were not built to live on the outside, in civilized society. Isn’t there an island somewhere that we can send all these morally corrupt people to and make them fend for themselves? Grow their own food, build their own homes, etc???
    I’m sure taxes will go up to build more prisons soon. But at least Mr. Cox will sleep every night. His victim can’t.

  8. David A. Porter says

    This is incredible. Apparently people are victims of their own poor life choices, not the lives they take, or the adverse impacts, as a result of them. Do you have any other excuses that mitigate the event and hold either person harmless?

  9. Dannie says

    I just need to say this, 2 years later or not!!! Tara I feel sorry for you as we’ll because you were doing drugs with him and now left to raise 3 boys alone!!! That can’t be easy with a habit, as far as misspellings that’s anger not lack of education from anybody!!! Your kids can still visit their father and talk to him, read his letters etc my nieces don’t have that to look forward to, all they can carry with them are memories, memories of a great loving father and a my sister lost a husband, partner and friend!!! If you want to be real about “their life” your man beat my brother like that because he owed him money for drugs you BOTH used up!!! That’s not the life of the streets usually its the other way around but my brother wasn’t that type of man he was a church man always was your man just needed to talk to him and be real and things could be different for us and you but instead he was high and paranoid and couldn’t pay and blindsided my brother in this attack!!! God says its his way to forgive and that I do I forgive him and you however you need to take a look at yourself you laid in bed with that man got your high on and next to his blood soaked clothes!!! I’m praying for you and your sons since you 4 are left behind much as my sister and 4 nieces!!! I pray god be with you and your sons being angry will not bring my brother back so there is no use in it however think of what you say before you say it!!! If he could be paranoid and do that to him over drugs what would he do to u????? But then again I heard he was very abusive to you and for that I’m sorry!!! I pray that he does remain there for his life so he doesn’t come home get high again and hurt someone else!!! His actions are repulsive and I would be so hurt to see another family go through what ours has!!!! May god be with you Tara and your sons!!!!