Delaware GOP Senate Nominee Christine O’Donnell Misses National Television “Dancing With The Stars” Opportunity; Will Keynote Del. McDonough Fundraiser

From Del. Pat McDonough:

Delegate McDonough Beats Out ‘Dancing With The Stars’

The tickets and the invitations had already been mailed by the Pat McDonough for Congress Committee for a March 26th fund-raising lunch featuring Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell when a potential disaster occurred. Ms. O’Donnell had suddenly been invited as a prospective performer on the nationally popular TV show, ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ If this appearance had materialized, Delegate McDonough and his newly formed campaign for Congress would have suffered an early set-back because his keynote speaker would have had to cancel. As things turned out, Christine O’Donnell will not be in ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ but will be waltzing her way to the podium at Delegate McDonough’s March 26th fund-raising lunch.


  1. Cdev says

    So Pat will take on Andy Harris or is he banking on the district being redrawn to avoid that?

    • Anon says

      Most of the Baltimore County portion of the 7th is in the 2nd Congressional. All of Essex/Middle river is 2nd. As is Carney, and much of Lutherville, Timonium, and Cockeysville (where Harris and Dutch both live).

  2. Jen says

    Unbelieveable. Hasn’t the GOP learned yet that people like Christine and Sarah are losers and quitters? Get some real speakers with real credentials as keynote speakers. Anybody can run their mouth and say what you want to hear but they can’t deliver so they are worthless.

    • Phil Dirt says

      Tom – you never responded to my comment about Arlo Stone on the other thread. You know, the one about how the guy you appeared with in Oregon has a post on his website that says anyone serving in the armed forces is ‘subhuman’.


  3. WTF? says

    WOW! Now Tom Yyers is using other peoples articles to advertise for his articles. Is there no low that he won’t stoop down to? Sad… sad.

    • St. Justin says

      WTF? You are NOT the original WTF?!! How do I know? Because I was the original WTF? That being said, I guess it’s YOU, the “plagiarizer” who’s stooping to a new low!
      And for what it’s worth, Mr. Myers is absolutely correct.
      I DO hope that McDonnough runs against Dutch (2nd District), because he WILL lose, and he will no longer be polluting Annapolis with his low-brow pandering. Hooray!

      • St. Justin is dumb says

        See, this is the genius of McDonough.

        He gets to run for congress in the 2nd district- and lose. Then, he is still a state delegate for another 2 years.

  4. OK..... says

    I was unaware there was someone using the name WTF? This was not an attempt by me to assume someone elses screen name at all. I am sorry if that has caused any confusion with you. I thought that of the name was already in use the site would block me from using it. After reading all of Tom Myer’s “factual” errors, WTF was the only thing I could say. When Mr. Myers is correct about something it is by accident. I have questions his “facts” many times, and he had only been able to respond with name calling, misquoting others, and attempts to change the subject. What he attempts to pass of as “fact” is nothing more than opinion, because he has never backed up what he has written.

  5. Fog Dog says

    Birds of a feather flock together!!!

    She is an excellent choice for a collection of illiterate losers who never had a accomplishment in the real world like us who work for a living and can afford the better things in life and pay taxes.

    She was even rejected by her own party for being an (fill-in-the-blank).

    I would like to know what kind of job she has to support herself?! Is she a dancer?