Del. Glass: On Public Utility Smart Meters – “Evidence Suggests these Meters May be Dangerous to Our Bodies and the Environment”

From Del. Glen Glass:

Dear Constituents,

One of my bills, which may be the most important I have introduced, is House Bill 878 – “Public Utilities – Smart Meter Opt-Out Option” bill. The utility companies are replacing our meters with Smart Meters.

One of several problems I see, is there is evidence that suggests these meters may be dangerous to our bodies and the environment. In addition, these meters are very intrusive because they monitor what is happening in the home and also give the utility companies the ability to shut your electric off at any time. Because of this and other reasons I believe we have the right to choose to opt-out but a law needs to be established to protect our citizens.

Below is a YouTube video of Dr. David Carpenter, a Harvard Medical School trained physician who also headed up the New York State Dept of Public Health for 18 years before becoming Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Albany and currently directs the Institute for Health and the Environment, speaks of the effects of radio frequency radiation from Smart Meters (highlight the link, right click then select ‘open hyperlink’ to view the video).

There is a Press Conference scheduled for Thursday, March 15th at Noon, just before the Hearing which is 1:00p.m. in the Economic Matters Room #231 in the Lowe House Office Building in Annapolis. If you would like to testify at the hearing or have any questions, please contact my office at 410-841-3280.

Thank you very much,
Delegate Glen Glass



  1. David A. Porter says

    What’s your deal Delegate? I already opted out – it was my option. I had to be persistent about it. But it’s not being jammed down our throats like you’re trying to excite others to believe. Do you always appeal to your constituents with fear?

    • ALEX R says

      David A. Porter,

      Actually if you get your electricity delivered by BGE you did not opt out. If they told you that you had, or could, they lied to you. Or you misunderstood. BG&E customers cannot opt out. Perhaps you don’t get you electricity delivered by BGE, but if you do, you have no option. You are in, brother.

  2. RobertWilliams says


    Teams of Utility Company shills and Industry shills in Northern California are entering web articles, acting as regular people, to influence people who are not aware of the full problems of these so-called smart meters.

    Even the PG$E Director of Smart Meters, William Devereaux, was caught shilling, faking & hiding his PG$E identity on websites, and he was forced to resign. PG$E pretended that he was an isolated incident, but evidence shows it is PG$E corporate strategy.

    Don’t know about Maryland, but be aware of the possibility and likely strategy from your utility company.

    Shills typically add NO information. Rather they make clever derogatory statements about others.

    They also frequently label any information that is contrary to the Utility company lies as fear mongering. When Patrick Henry road his horse from town to town yelling “The British are coming,” these same shills would have accused him of fear mongering.

    There are small groups making $ Billions of dollars on these pricy dumb-death-meters and then there are many other honest people spending their own time and money researching and communicating to others the problems and damage these so-called smart meters do. It is a compliment when the shills attack, since shills typically attack those whose information and communications are accurate and effective.

    Thank you Del. Glen Glass for what you are doing.


    • Garmin says

      I don’t know if that happened or not, but, I bet Paul Revere was pissed when he heard Patrick Henry stole his gig…

        • Garmin says

          Umm…Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of…Patrick Henry???
          Patrick Henry was the “Give me liberty or give me death” guy. PAUL REVERE went from town to town announcing “The British are coming!” Although there is some debate as to the authenticity of this event.
          Sounds are not possible on internet forum. LOOKS like I need some sleep perhaps?
          You come at GARMIN, you come correct son!

      • RobertWilliams says

        That’s funny.

        It was late, but that’s no excuse for snubbing Paul Revere.

        My mistake.

  3. Barry Z says

    Thank you, Delegate Glass. You are doing a fine job. I was totally unaware of this issue and have now done some reading on it and totally SUPPORT YOUR BILL. The General Assembly loves to “pass the bill before we know what’s in it”..shades of Pelosi….you are WISE to alert the citizens to the potential danger of these smart meters. Thank you for STANDING UP for the citizens. I am so GLAD that you are FOR the people. Unlike most of them in Annapolis. KUDOS to you, Glen!

    • Startin' Something says

      “Barry Z”, you stated that Glen Glass is “WISE”. Have you EVER had a conversation with Glen? If you have, then you’re not a good character judge. If you haven’t, then I understand your inaccurate assessment (and all is forgiven).

  4. Ilikeit says

    Not exactly sure but I believe the opt out for these meters is currently a energy company or Public Service Commission policy which could be removed at any time. This bill would make the opt out permanent and protect consumers against possible future efforts to deny a choice as to smart meter installations on your home or business.

  5. Ron C says

    If there is an Opt Out I’m not finding the documentation. According to BGE’s sight residents can’t opt out. So if there is some other way let us know.

    From BGE FAQ
    “BGE customers cannot opt out of having a new smart meter installed. To make sure that every meter is compatible with system-wide enhancements and to provide every customer with the advantages of these new technologies, BGE is replacing all meters in its service area over the next few years. Even if you are not interested in utilizing the enhanced energy management and money-saving tools smart meters can provide, new technologies included with the smart meters will ultimately improve the service and reliability for every BGE customer. Here are just a few of the benefits: Two-way communication between smart meters and BGE that significantly reduces the need for estimated bills and provides BGE with the information needed for more accurate billing Energy budgeting and tracking and personalized energy-efficiency tips”

    • RobertWilliams says


      The information available to customers shows up on the utility company website 18-24 hours later WITH ALL ELECTRICAL DEVICES GROUPED TOGETHER in a TOTAL, so no individual electrical device can be isolated for the customer.

      Without knowing how much EACH electrical device uses, the customer CANNOT use the smart meter information to improve or conserve their energy use.

      Utility companies through deceptive advertising get people to ASSUME that the Smart Meter information will automatically assist them, but it does NOT.

    • RobertWilliams says


      Palo Alto, The Center and Brain of California’s Silicon Valley, Rejects Smart Meters.

      After evaluating smart meters for three years, Palo Alto determined that Smart Meter benefits are overstated and Smart Meter COSTS are greater than benefits.

      So installing smart meters is NOT more energy efficient and the financial burden is forced onto customers to pay utility company investments and expenses for decades.

  6. noble says

    I am sure everyone concerned about this is going to keep their cell phones, microwaves, and wireless internet.

  7. Engineer says

    Another great feature of this meter is the power company can shut off your power by remote control at any time they choose. BIG BROTHER

    • Startin' Something says

      Hey “Engineer” (or should that be “Engidiot”), BIG BROTHER is the Government, NOT the Power Company! Get you paranoia straight!

      • Engineer says

        Hey “Startin’ Something” ( or should that be Startin’ BS ) When the utility companys start monitoring you and has the abilty to control your usage, I say they are acting just like the Government.( BIG BROTHER ) Your angry reply begs the question: Should “Startin’ Something” take a pill?

      • Regulardude3 says

        Remember, the so called Big Brother you mentioned doesn’t do anything with the information it has. The Other Big Brother,a/k/a private industry, however, does abuse and misuse your personal data. Why not do some complaining about the information credit card companies sell about you? Private industry is far more intrusive in your personal life than you realize and far more than you want them to be.

        • adegaines says

          BGE has said on their own blog that they will have the capability in 2013 to shut down/restrict power to all Smart Meters:
          In 2013, the smart meters will enable BGE to remotely turn service on and off at customer premises. This capability was mandated by Maryland’s Public Service Commission in their requirements for smart meters. This feature will be used when customers move out of their current homes and start service elsewhere, eliminating the need for a BGE field visit when customers move or start service

  8. mom says

    Dear Startin Something,

    Engineer is right to be paranoid. Big Brother is working throug utility company regulations and requirements to achieve its GHG, SmartGrowth, “sustainability”, and other goals. Have you heard of ICLEI, Agenda 21, Our Common Future and all the other plans the UN has for how and where we live? How we will travel, where we can go, how many children we can have, etc., etc., etc.. PlanMD is a carbon copy of Agenda 21 and believe me, if you knew what they were planning you would not like it!!!

    • noble says

      Well thankfully, we can all know what they are “planning” because the entire text of Agenda 21 is available for us to read right here:

      And since obviously you must have read both it and Plan Maryland in their entirety, please do take a few moments to educate all of us on where these duplicative liberty destroying documents are one in the same.

      In case you can’t tell, I’m skeptical that an organization that can’t force us to pay our annual dues , and which couldn’t secure peace in a library is going to be able to take detailed control over our lives any time soon.

  9. says

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