Voskuhl: “Schools Open And The Crisis Continues”

From Joe Voskuhl: As the school year begins, the fiscal crisis enters its fifth year. We have been on the wrong track and have been on this track for sometime now. Teachers continue to leave Harford County for other school systems. These teachers are some of our best. We need to address the fiscal crisis […]

George: Revised Clubs and Extracurricular Activities Policies Severely Impact Destination Imagination and Other Volunteer Assisted School Groups

From Doug George: At the September 8, 2014 HCPS Board of Education Meeting, the school board approved revised policies regarding Clubs and Extracurricular Activities. With the passage of these revisions, the school board implemented policy to back the procedures that Central Office had already imposed on specific school groups. With the approved policies and procedures […]

Peck: “Gahler has Proven to Me that He Cares Only about Himself and Not the People of Harford County or the Sheriff’s Office”

From Bob Peck: GAHLER CONTINUES WITH HIS NEGATIVITY! Recently I was made aware of an inquiry that Gahler made to the Maryland State Police regarding a former close friend and colleague of his, Chuck Moore. The inquiry questioned the integrity of Chuck Moore, who attended the press conference and dedication of Eagle 1 on December […]

Grieshaber: “Progressives like Mr. Bane Wish to Disarm the Citizens of Harford County…”

From Arthur Grieshaber: Jeff Gahler, Harford County’s next Sheriff! As a retired law enforcement officer myself and a former union president, it’s my professional opinion that Mr. Gahler is an upstanding and honorable law enforcement officer, Johns Hopkins University, Public Safety Leadership instructor, and Harford County citizen. Gahler truly believes that all law abiding citizens […]

Sen. Jennings: “O’Malley was Just about Thumbing His Nose at Beretta and Practically Pushing the Manufacturer Out of State”

From Sen. J.B. Jennings: BERETTA PUSHED OUT OF MARYLAND Certainly, it should come as no shock to the O’Malley Administration that Beretta U.S.A., a Fortune 500 company, is taking its $45 million investment and 300 jobs out of Maryland for the gun-friendlier state of Tennessee. It should be emphasized that Beretta is the sole manufacturer […]

Gahler: “I Will Not Enforce Any Unconstitutional Law that Infringes on the Second Amendment Rights of Harford County Citizens…”

From Jeffrey R. Gahler: Dear Harford County Residents: One of the most frequent questions I have been asked during my campaign for Sheriff has been, “What is your stance on the Second Amendment?” The short answer is that I am the only candidate for Sheriff in Harford County who supports your Second Amendment Rights. I […]