Gahler: “Unfortunately for President Impallaria, the Classification of ‘Correctional Officers’ is an Area Where Sheriff Bane and I Agree”

From Jeffrey R. Gahler: November 1, 2014 Dear Harford County Residents: It was brought to my attention today that President Impallaria of the Deputy Sheriffs Union recently mailed an advertisement that demeaned the correctional deputies of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office. At issue with President Impallaria is the fact that the deputies assigned to the […]

Betz: “Bane’s Claim of ‘Prior Information That I Was Leaving the Agency’ is Inaccurate, Not Possible, and an Untruth”

The following letter was prepared earlier this summer by Harford County Sheriff’s Office Lt. (Ret.) David Betz and distributed to deputies regarding statements made about Betz’s promotion prior to his retirement. The letter was provided to The Dagger for publication via a third party, but its contents were confirmed by Betz as genuine. A clip […]

Sen. Jennings: “Vote to Save the Transportation Trust Fund”

From State Sen. J.B. Jennings: Starting Tomorrow, Marylanders will have a chance to vote yes or no on referendum Question 1. The question prohibits the state from borrowing monies from the Transportation Trust Fund for non-transportation purposes, unless the Governor declares a fiscal emergency and the transfer of funds is approved by 60% of the […]

Haladej: At the Harford County Detention Center, “Where Did the Integrity and Sanctity of Human Life Go on Jan. 25, 2013?”

The following letter was sent to The Dagger by Teresa Haladej, the mother of Norman Miller; Miller died following an apparent suicide attempt at the Harford County Detention Center in January 2013. It is published here in its unaltered form; for The Dagger‘s independently reported feature story on the incident, or to comment on this […]