Burbey: “Without Your Advocacy, Harford County Public Schools Will Attempt to Once Again Short-Change Our Teachers and Cut Valuable Programs”

From Ryan Burbey, President, Harford County Education Association: The time has come for HCPS to make prudent cuts to its bloated bureaucracy. The time has come for HCPS to put students and teachers first. In FY 2017 central administration cost over $15 million. That is over $400 per student enrolled in HCPS. In FY 2012, […]

Harford County Chamber of Commerce: Mandated Paid Leave Bills “Severely Detrimental to the Business Community of Harford County”

From the Harford County Chamber of Commerce: Editor: The mandated paid leave bills currently being considered in the Maryland House and Senate (HB 1 and SB 230) are severely detrimental to the business community of Harford County. The Harford County Chamber of Commerce represents 800 local businesses; over the course of this year’s legislative session […]