Weber: “My Son Deserves to Have the Board of Ed Respect His Needs and Give Him What He Deserves in the School System”

From Daniel Weber: On Monday at the Board Of Ed meeting, SPECIAL ED was at the bottom of the agenda and the last group to present. The evening went smoothly for the other groups presenting, there were no technical problems with the overhead projection or PowerPoints, no virtual dogs barking in the background.Was it coincidental […]

Jenkins-Spangler: Do Aberdeen Principal’s Comments “Reflect a Deeper Held Belief that People with Special Needs Have Little Value?”

From Hilary Jenkins-Spangler: Apparently, Principal at Aberdeen High thinks he’s ‘retarded’… Dressed in a pink shirt with a fake pig nose, over the televised school announcements on Wednesday, Mike O’Brien said ‘I look retarded’. What exactly did he mean? When he said ‘retarded’ was he suggesting he looked like a special ed student with a […]