Neighbors Maintain Opposition to Regent at Stone House Project in Churchville; Urge Participation in Jan. 28 Community Meeting

The following letter was provided by a group of Glenville Road residents who oppose the Regent at Stone House wedding/event venue in Churchville, as well as recent media coverage of the issue: Yesterday, 1/23/2015, there was an article in the Aegis which clearly supported the owners of 517 Glenville Road, property setting for the proposed […]

Simpson: “If the Councilman is Too Frightened to Talk Directly to the People, He or She Should Resign”

From Omar J. Simpson, Esq.: Shocking…But Not So Shocking As a longtime, Edgewood, Aberdeen and Joppa residents have often been treated in a dismissive manner by local politicians. It is no surprise to me that the new Harford Council security policy was never discussed. Edgewood residents are often ignored and have policies acted upon them […]

Bel Air High School Student Gracie Brett: “The Dress Code Condones the Sexualization of Young Girls and Rape Culture”

Dear Editor: I am writing to bring light upon the controversy behind Harford County Public School’s dress code. Many students believe the dress code restricts females in making decisions about their image. Instead of teaching boys to not be distracted by a girl’s body, this code seems to suggest that girls instead should cover up. […]