Paramore: “For the First Time in My Middle-Aged Life, the Possible Election of a Republican Candidate — This Republican — Actually Scares Me”

From Mary Paramore: My oldest son turned 18 just in time to vote in the primaries. He was a Bernie fan. Proud mama snuck a photo of him casting his first vote, one shaped by social media and youthful idealism. Fired up about his first adult act (Okay, second. Legally buying cigarettes was first on […]

Pasquetta McGrady: “I Want to Pass a Better USA on to My Grandchildren. Trump is Not Perfect…But You Know Where He Stands on Most Issues”

From Pasquetta M. McGrady: To The Editor: I am voting for Trump/Pence for President and Vice President of Our Great USA for many of the following reasons; The eight years of the Obama administration greatly raised poverty levels in all areas urban, suburban and rural. Taxes raised to pay for roads, health care, security (read:military) […]

Harford County State’s Attorney Cassilly Announces Retirement; “It is Time for Me to Leave”

From Harford County State’s Attorney Joe Cassilly: Dear Harford County residents and citizens of Maryland, It is with mixed feelings that I announce that I will retire from the position of State’s Attorney for Harford County effective 1 January 2017. I have deeply appreciated the experiences and opportunities that being a prosecutor for more than […]