McCawley: “I Wish to Express My Disappointment that You Will be Hosting Another ‘Frog and Turtle Race’ at the Independence Day Celebration in Town”

From Vicki McCawley: A Letter To My Harford County Town: Dear Bel Air, As a local resident, I wish to express my disappointment that you will be hosting another ‘frog and turtle race’ at the Independence Day celebration in town. Every July fourth, in an effort to bring the community together, we find children gathering […]

Burbey: “Glassman Administration’s Common Sense Approach, has Brought Transparency and Trust Back to Our County Government”

From Ryan Burbey, President, Harford County Education Association: What a difference a year makes. Last year, our county budget process was obscured by controversy and mired in a lack of transparency. Our teachers, school employees, county workers and sheriffs sat on the outside wondering when or if Harford County Government would ever value their dedication […]

Garland: Show Support for Recently Deposed Homestead/Wakefield Elementary School Principal Hunsinger

From Patti Garland: To Citizens of Harford County, Many of you have experienced the kindness, knowledge, encouragement, professionalism and support of a very special elementary principal in our county. Actually, I call him Harford County’s very own living legend. He has been a principal at three different elementary schools in our county and has been […]

Kazimir: “Grave Concerns” about Declaring the Mt. Soma Property Surplus and Conveying it to Maryland American Water Company

The following letter was sent by Gina A. Kazimir to Harford County Executive Barry Glassman and each member of the Harford County Council. A copy was provided to The Dagger for publication: Dear Mr. Glassman and Members of the County Council: I am writing regarding Resolution 12-15, declaring the Mt. Soma property surplus and conveying […]