Harford County Chamber of Commerce: Mandated Paid Leave Bills “Severely Detrimental to the Business Community of Harford County”

From the Harford County Chamber of Commerce: Editor: The mandated paid leave bills currently being considered in the Maryland House and Senate (HB 1 and SB 230) are severely detrimental to the business community of Harford County. The Harford County Chamber of Commerce represents 800 local businesses; over the course of this year’s legislative session […]

Boardman: “I Hope More Democrats Will Support the Hogan-Szeliga Measure and Make Fair Elections a Reality in Maryland”

From Krist Boardman: Surprise! I am supporting Delegate Kathy Szeliga and Governor Larry Hogan in their legislative effort to form a non-partisan commission to address the gerrymandering mess that is in Maryland politics. This comes from a Democrat (me) who is a member of the Harford County Democratic Central Committee (I am not speaking for […]

Boardman: “Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler Won’t Back Pay Increases for Deputies Unless He Gets a Whopping Pay Increase for Himself”

From Krist Boardman: Now we have it in black and white: Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler won’t back pay increases for deputies unless he gets a whopping pay increase for himself of 20 percent amounting to $23,688 more per year starting in 2019, if he is re-elected. Apparently he’s been having trouble getting by on the measly […]

Boardman: “Helton Continues to Remain a Controversial Figure in Harford County Politics”

From Krist Boardman: Despite advancing age (nearly 80) and a string of election losses that would make even William Jennings Bryan envious (he lost three presidential elections), Harford County’s ex-State Senator Arthur H. Helton, Jr. is gearing up for another encounter with Harford voters in 2018. Just recently he and sidekick George Harrison announced their […]

Burbey: “We Must Stop the Flight of Underpaid and Over-Worked Teachers from Our Schools”

From Ryan Burbey, President, Harford County Education Association: On October 27th the HCEA Representative Assembly voted unanimously to present a specific list of budgetary recommendations to Superintendent Canavan. On November 21st, HCEA sent these recommendations to both Superintendent Canavan and all the members of the Harford County Board of Education. You can read the HCEA […]