Edgewood Man Found Lying in Road, Shot in Face; Suspect Sought

From the Harford County Sheriff’s Office:

[April 10, 2012, Edgewood, MD] — On Monday, April 9, 2012 at approximately 9:20pm, Harford County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call for shots fired in the 1900 block of Waltman Road in Edgewood MD. Upon arrival, deputies located a black male lying in the roadway with a gunshot wound to the face.

The victim was identified as Quentin Van Stepney Jr., age 27, of Edgewood, MD. He was transported by ambulance to the University of Maryland R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center by members from the Joppa Magnolia Fire Company. As of 1:00am on April 10, 2012, Stepney was listed to be in serious but stable condition.

The investigation is active and ongoing. Anyone with additional information regarding the shooting is encouraged to contact Detective Tom Walsh of the Criminal Investigation Division at 410-836-5408.

Anyone with information regarding the crime wishing to remain anonymous may report their information through the following methods listed below. Qualifying tips that lead to a conviction may be eligible for up to $2,000 in rewards.

Website/Email: Submit a tip online at http://www.harfordsheriff.org/wanted
Text message: Metro Crime Stoppers: Text “CRIMES” (274637) Begin the message “MCS,” then add the information.
Phone: Harford Crime Solvers: Call 1-888-540-8477


  1. Observer says

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    • citizen says

      they ain’t gonna show up because it ain’t news worthy. The little girl who was killed in Baltimore, God rest her soul, didn’t get the news coverage that Tavon is getting and she lived her. It’s a shame that people get killed or wounded and all they get is a by line in a press release.

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  2. says

    Rev Al and Rev Jesse have no interest on black on black crime…..no money to be made there! Hope the victim will be okay.

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  3. Cdev says

    Do you all know that the shooter is black? Or are you assuming?

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    • Mikemike says

      Guess you dont spend much time in Edgewood, around Waltman Road, do you?

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      • Cdev says

        Actually do. All the Fallston High School bumper stickers that come visit certian houses at odd hours for a brief period of time. Could easily have been someone who does not reside there!!!!! So are people assuming that. In the interest of full disclosure I know the victim in this case and am interested in seeing the shooter brought to justice but to assume physical charatceristics about the shooter when you don’t know is not a good idea!

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      • wow! says

        Wow! Nothing like profiling a region based on race. I live in the city…does this mean I live in a bad area? These things happen all over the country, even in the smallest towns. Violent crimes are overtaking neighborhoods, not because the neighborhoods are bad, but because of people are too afraid to stand up for what is right. The more you “profile” a neighborhood, the more you segregate the crime, allowing it to continue as you turn a blind eye. And believe me, Bel Air is not without its faults. They are just kept hush hush. Why not stand up for what is right and get involved with all communities in Harford County rather than profiling and bashing them. To be truthful, there is more crime in Bel Air, than in my neighborhood in the city. How is that for profiling?

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  4. Dave says

    Frustrating how they ask for information on suspects but NEVER provide a description. I called the tip line once because I knew the location of a wanted person. The call went to a voicemail and my call was never returned. What a joke

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    • outrage says

      that would be profiling and they can’t have every crime listed as a black male. Don’t know if the shooter was black. Was just watching the news and a white male was knocked out and stripped in front of the Baltimore circuit court building. Just imagine if it was the other way around. You would have the NAACP and every news organization calling it a hate crime and how deplorable. It was just a footnote on the news. Since when did crime become more important for people of color then people in general. My parents raised me to look at what a person does instead of the color of their skin, but the news and everyone else wants to paint a broad brush.

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      • Fred Flintstone says

        This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy. The news would never suggest that the incident in Baltimore was a hate crime. Everyone (I really mean everyone) knows that if the roles were reversed and a black guy was attacked by three white people it would be a completely different story and it would be national news not just local. You have to call it both ways. If a white preacher spoke about racial issues like Jesse and Al, he would be labeled as the most racist person in the world and the media would crucify him any time he tried to speak out on issues.

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  5. outrage says

    This is what the commissioner in Baltimore said:

    Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III, appearing on WBAL’s C4 program, said the attack on a 31-year-old Arlington, Va. Caucasian man appears to be nothing beyond “drunken opportunistic criminality.” The comment came in response to a caller who said if the victim were African-American and the assailants white, civil rights leaders would be descending on Baltimore and the attackers would be charged with a hate crime.

    Looks like he wants to keep his job. It amazes me that someone would make this comment without looking at the facts.

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    • Fact Check says

      It’s not the police commissioner’s call that makes it a hate crime, it’s whether the State’s Attorney (also white) wants to press charges as a hate crime.

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      • outrage says

        The police commissioner can classify this as a hate crime. Why can he say it was an opportunistic crime and not a hate crime. He just doesn’t want to lose his job. The state’s attorney is white, but can charge by indictment or bring charges. How can this happen and not be a hate crime? What about the crimes in Tulsa? Are those opportunistic crimes? Why are the people marching in downtown Baltimore for Tavon, but not for this guy? Seems things get turned around when race is involved. This guy was knocked out and stripped IN PUBLIC. and it’s a footnote and the commissioner looks like he is telling people about the weather outside. Hopefully, the SA will charge them with hate crime and make them pay for doing this. It’s time that Baltimore City starts getting convictions for serious crimes, instead of probation before judgement or stet or Nol Pros.

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  6. as always just me says

    I do blieve I said edgewood and aberdeen was the 2 worse spots to live in r visit. Well ppl texted saying that was bs let’s see a lady got robbed at train station now another shotting in Edgewood. Come on ppl get oUt go to meeting get red of the trash that’s piled up n boot them back to where they came from. Get out vote 4 bttter inforcements

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  7. outkasts says

    Edgewood has been a dumping ground for Baltimore’s section 8.If you do a court search on all these thugs,you can see that most of them have a record in Baltimore city.It may be possible that its related to a fight that happen last month in the same area?Its always the area south of route 24 near hanson road town house complex and apartments.

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    • just saying says

      why do you think the HCSO got out of the neighborhood? They moved further up the street. Guess that’s gonna make the neighborhood safer.

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    • TIRED OF IT ALL says

      De Facto Segregation at its best. This is like the North and South. Why didn’t Harford county allow some of the Section 8 recipients options in Bel Air. They INTENTIONALLY place ALL options along the 40 corridor. I live in Edgewood in a beautiful home. I hate this assumption that because you live in Edgewood you are a thug or a criminal. I do not assume that because you live in Bel Air that you are racist, small-minded and like chain restaurants. Guess What? I am not BLACK!!!

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      • Kharn says

        It is the landlord’s choice to accept or decline Section 8 tenants. Given that Section 8 only pays a percentage (75% of the monthly rate from what I remember), and the tenant is expected to make up the difference (but rarely does), does it make economic sense to put a Section 8 complex on expensive land in Bel Air, or on cheap land near Rt 40? Remember, you’re only going to receive 75% of the fair market rent, so your options are to build a real slum of a building in Bel Air(and thus have everyone in Bel Air all over you for being a slum lord) so you don’t lose money every month, or build that same building on cheap land near Rt 40, where you get the same check from the government per unit.

        Now some local/state governments are stepping into the fray with “mixed income” housing as a requirement of getting a building permit for multifamily dwellings. Mixed income housing is also known as decent apartment complexes that are required to have X% of units available for Section 8, while everyone else pays full price. If you are paying $1200/mo for a nice three bedroom apartment in Bel Air, do you want to live next to some Section 8′ers, who drink on the building’s stoop at 10am on a weekday, party all hours of the night and never seem to go to work? Remember, its almost impossible to evict someone for rules violations so you’re stuck with them as neighbors unless the cops find their grow op or a plate of crack cooking in the microwave.

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        • Cdev says

          To be fair you can find underaged drinking violations at some houses in Forest Hill on a friday night and the parents even buy the liquor!

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        • TIRED OF IT ALL says

          Here we go again with assumptions. I do not want any body living next to me who acts that way. I have to say this only confirms the public opinion about people who live in Bel Air. Let’s remember this is not the real 90210. Living in Bel Air is attainable.

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    • Armywife10 says

      Crime happens everywhere. It is not in just one area. Crime happens in white marsh, bel air, towson, cockeysville… EVERYWHERE. The more popular an area the more the police like to keep things hush hush. And its not just south of 24 in those townhomes. The person that this happened to is an innocent, hard working individual who doesnt go out to cause trouble.

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  8. Ugh says

    Crimes in other parts of the county are not reported on. The poster who said there are bad areas in Bel Air too is dead on. And CDEV, you are totally correct.

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    • Bobbie P says


      When was the last time someone was shot in Bel Air and it went unreported? When was the last time a drug bust occurred in Bel Air and it went unreported?

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      • Ugh says

        I remember not too long ago when a boy shot his father, and I know he was allegedly abused and that’s a tragedy, but if he had been in Edgewood he would have been labeled as a drugged out gangbanger who should be given the death penalty. Just look at all the people who OD’d in Bel Air who are painted as victims making bad choices– if they were in Edgewood it would be good riddance they deserved it.

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        • Bobbie P says


          Are you saying that the boy who shot his father went unreported? That is the question I asked you after you stated that crimes in Bel Air or other parts of Harford County except Edgewood go unreported. I again challenge you to back up your claim that shootings such as this article is about, go unreported.

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          • UGH says

            What I meant in the comment above is that it was framed in the media totally differently. If that had happened in Edgewood, even if the boy had been abused by his father, that aspect wouldn’t have been reported on. The boy would have been categorized as someone unworthy of our empathy or sympathy. The response to that event was that people set up a fund for the alleged murderer’s defense.

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          • Bobbie P says


            Well feel free to set up a defense fund for the person who shot this guy, or anyone else you think deserves it. By the way, I have not and will not contribute to the defense fund for the boy who shot his father. I hope they fry his ass.

            Just for the record, so we are straight on this, shootings do not intentionally go unreported. If the media knows about it, they report it. No matter where it happened in Harford County.

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          • Fed up says

            Maybe you ought to consider the frequency of these crimes in certain areas. The Bel Air shooting was thoroughly reported but was also very unusual for that area. Unfortunately, other areas have an obvious frequent violent crime problem. And be clear – the term “shooter” is widely recognized as a person who shoots for recreation, sport, or to hone skills on targets. We’re talking about criminals – assailants and murderers. Call them what they are, not what they are not.

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    • CDEV says

      One example of the dangers of profiling and uninformed profiling is the sniper hunt. When the police told us we where looking for a white box truck we all called in every white box truck we saw and as it turned out that was bogus info. This lead to lots of leads which got us no where and provided more time for the sniper to go to town!

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      • George says

        Wasn’t that based on witnesses at a couple different shooting stating that they saw a white box truck in the area? That happened to be coincidental, but it’s profiling.

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        • Cdev says

          Yes but it was not all scenes and it set up a profile that was inaccurate and caused everyone to fear box trucks.

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          • George says

            So, are you saying that if the police have witnesses who saw a particular vehicle at multiple crime scenes they shouldn’t pass that info along to the public?

            Regardless, I don’t see how the sniper case has anything remotely to do with this case.

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          • Cdev says

            It was relevant because as was suggested if we confine our suspect package to black males because we assume that it had to be a black guy since it happened in edgewood and the shooter is a white guy he could easily avoid being caught just like the box truck clue allowed the snipper to avoid being suspected for a while as everyone went looking for box trucks!

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          • George says

            No the two have nothing to do with each other. In the sniper case there were witnesses who reported seeing a white box at multiple shooting locations. In this case you have some uninformed Dagger Press poster saying they should be looking for a black male.

            Again, are you suggesting that if the police have multiple witnesses from multiple incidents reporting the same possible suspect information that they should not make the public aware of that information?

            The situations are not remotely similar.

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  9. Concerned Citizen says

    I knew Quentin when he was only 11 years old. Later, he came up to me smiling ear to ear– working for the school system and really excited to see me after all these years. It was so nice to see him all grown up and working hard, and I was honored that he remembered me. I’ve seen him twice since then, and he always stopped to chat, with a big smile on his face. I’m so saddened to hear of this senseless and violent act, and am holding Quentin and his family in my thoughts and prayers. Why ANYONE would ever think it is okay to shoot someone in the face– much less leave him laying in the road– is beyond me. And why ANYONE would think it was okay to remain quiet is a travesty. Living beyond this senseless act is likely to be an uphill climb for this young man. And, while I may not know the specifics of his life beyond middle school, I know that I hope and pray and dream for better things for all of our children– no matter their race, no matter their neighborhood.

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  10. Mad at everything says

    First @cdev
    I agree 100%.  Because of location, it’s assumed the perp is black, and no one else of any other race commits crime in the county.  People don’t want to believe that the more “privileged” young adults don’t frequent bad areas for things like drugs.  Facts are, they are some of the better to best customers to the trade.  Why?…  Because they can afford the more expensive street drugs.  It’s a well know fact that the more expensive street drug usage is found within the higher income areas of the county, not edgewood, havre de grace or Aberdeen.   Now @ as always just me, I live in Aberdeen, i find your statement offensive.  Have you or do you live in Aberdeen?  I’ve been here most of my life, it’s a pretty damn nice town.  It has it’s pains in the asses like any town but by no means is horrible.  What fantasy world do you live in to think, and I’m guessing here that you live in the coveted, squeaky clean crimeless northern part of the county (laugh, laugh) that this stuff doesn’t happen there?  Things do go unreported, to the general public @Bobbie P.  It’s a smear campaign sometimes when it comes to the 40 corridor.  A while back, if you probably won’t remember, jarretsville had a string of home burglaries numbering to almost 30.  You didn’t hear about that til they caught the bastard/s doing it.  See, if you have an area thats wealthy and you scare the wealthy people who live there(by reporting crimes, drug use and other negative activities) the wealthy people will move out…  That means property value goes down, money isn’t spent and other wealthy people lose money in that area.  Those people include influential people who lobby during election time.  I know a place in bel air (looneys) that has more issues than any bar Aberdeen has to offer on any day of the week, but it’s ok @it’s always just me, I’d prefer you’d stay in your sheltered fantasy than know the truth.  I hope skin tone or race isn’t playing a factor into your statements either, that would make you seem pretty shallow.
    @ Marc Eaton
    Solving a crime has nothing to do with making money, the officers and detectives assigned the cases don’t get paid per case cleared.  I don’t understand the statement, officers and detectives want to get the scum of the street, and do it for a crap style salary.
    You’re absolutely right.
    I did a 6 month internship with MSP 10 years ago.  We patrolled the northern and souther part of the county.  The biggest drug bust, possibly of the year, occurred in forest hill, I was with the trooper and helped with the search.  I’ll let you guess the details of the bust.  You’d be surprised if you’re into profiling.  

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  11. Bobbie P says


    You are too much. This article is about someone being shot. You state that it happens elsewhere in the county and goes unreported. I challenge your statement to prove it is true. You change the subject to something other than shootings, and add in a veiled suggestion that I am somehow a bigot. You are part of the group who always wants to suggest race as an issue when you can’t really prove your allegations. It is you who is probably a racist. Hell, there are burglaries in Edgewood and Aberdeen that go unreported by the media. No shootings go unreported!!

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  12. Mad at everything says

    @bobbie p
    One, I’m not a racist.  I’m the guy that for the past almost 10 years has devoted his life to making sure some jackass doesn’t harm you or your family.  Two, I’m well aware of what the article is about.  Three, I got no problem with calling things like I see um.  The day your in the s#*t and have seen what I’ve seen then maybe you’ll understand what the real world looks like.  It was stated that crimes go unreported and I stated to the public in the northern part of the county they do.  As far as a shooting goes, that’s a little harder to cover up.  I’m sorry if I got a little off topic but you have no idea what goes on in this county that you don’t hear about.  Spend one Friday night, hell one weekend in IPC at the detention center and see what doesn’t make the paper.  Do you know how many officer assaults go unreported to public at the DC?  You never heard of any of mine I can tell you that or the past several that have taken place recently.  What about the ones that have happen to me since I’ve been a police officer?  You’ve never heard about those either.   You honest to god don’t hear about everything, no matter how you want to justify the issue to yourself.  It happens.  Challenge all you like but here is a snipit of info… You will hear about someone getting shot in the county but, do you know how many shots fired calls are answered?  Easy answer nope.  By the way I’m biracial, black and white so I pretty much stand alone with how I see the world and race.  I’ve always had to be on the outside of each race so I’ve got a pretty good view of what true racism is. And this is a blog, I responded to several issues being discussed here, nothing was veiled at all.

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  13. Armywife10 says

    How about you people have a little bit more respect for the person that this happened to instead of bickering between one another about stuff that doesnt even pertain to this article?. This person that this happened to is a dear friend of mine and i am offended that you are discussing stuff that doesnt pertain to this at all. Grow up all of you. I live in edgewood, yes its not the best place in the world, but its not the worst either. It’s sad that there are these people out there that have nothing better to do but gun down innocent individuals. My husband and i have known Quentin for some time now, saw him everyweek. To see him in the hospital doing his best to fight through this is heart wrenching. ANYONE WHO HAS INFORMATION SHOULD DO THE RIGHT THING AND CALL THE POLICE. Do you people realize that its a possibility that these individuals are at the gas station in line with you or at the grocery store? Nobody deserves to be shot in the face and then left in the street to die. These criminals will be caught and justice will be served. My prayers are with Quentin, his family and friends.

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  14. Bobbie P says

    Does anyone know the current status of the victim? Has he been able to speak and identify his assailant(s), or any identifying information about them? If he has been able to do that would it not help to publish that information so the community can get better involved in assisting the police in finding the person(s) who did this.

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  15. Armywife10 says

    I know the current status of the victim and i do apologize unless you are a family or a friend, that is information we have opted not to provide out to the public. The detectives have the information then need and are persuing VALID leads. It is better not to publish that information to the public because that might jepordize the case against the assailants. I have studied criminal justice and the police will provide or post infromation that they find necessary to release to the public. FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS are asked not to share out information that might jepordize the detectives case. The police have witnesses and names, that is all.

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    • Bobbie P says

      When you say the police have the information they need, I am assuming that they know who did this and now just need to find them and arrest them. Good. Hope they find them soon, I wouldn’t want the suspects standing in line with me at the store!

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  16. Armywife10 says

    Me too. Unfortunately, I cannot give out anymore information. The last thing i want on my mind that is i provided out information that wasnt suppose to be made public and it jepordized the case. The only thing i can say is that its making great progress. THE horrible, faceless, heartless, person or people who committed this crime will be found, will be charged and will go to jail for a VERY VERY long time.

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  17. Resident of Waltman Road says

    I am still upset that this happened and I wish the young man well and hope that he will recover and be released from the hospital. I heard the gunshot and I called the police along with the rest of my concerned neighbors on April 9th. We did not let this go unheard and the police interviewed us all and we all gave up the information that we knew at the time. Seeing the young man in the street and helpless hurt beyond words and I prayed and dailed at the same time to help save him. It was a gruesome scene and a cowardly act of the shooter. Whoever did shot this man will not get away with this. My street is a relatively safe street and unfortunately,lately, it has been sought out for those who are not abiding by the law to do illegal activities. The police are aware of this and security is about to be heightened to stop this foolishness once and for all.

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  18. Armywife10 says

    @ Resident of Waltman Road

    PLEASE if you have anymore information or see any suspicious activity of the people that might have done this, please call the police.

    My husband and i are dear friends of the guy that this happened to. We visit him everyday. He is an innocent victim and i thank you for doing the right thing and calling for help.

    (per the article info above) The investigation is active and ongoing. Anyone with additional information regarding the shooting is encouraged to contact Detective Tom Walsh of the Criminal Investigation Division at 410-836-5408.

    Anyone with information regarding the crime wishing to remain anonymous may report their information through the following methods listed below. Qualifying tips that lead to a conviction may be eligible for up to $2,000 in rewards.

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  19. Armywife10 says


    A man and woman have been arrested and charged in connection with a shooting in Edgewood earlier this month that left a man seriously wounded and still at shock trauma.

    Phillip Anthony Mack, 26, of the 1800 block of Waltman Road in Edgewood, was charged Saturday and Malaika Kimani Cook, 21, of the 1300 block of Jervis Square in Belcamp, was arrested Monday, both on charges of attempted first- and second-degree murder, attempted armed carjacking, armed robbery, attempted theft less than $100, first- and second-degree assault and the use of a firearm in a felony violent crime.

    Both are being held without bond at the Harford County Detention Center.



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  20. Resident of Waltman Road says

    @ ARMYWIFE10

    I was just doing what was right, no need to thank me or anyone else. Just thank God that the young man is still alive. I saw the news today that two people were arrested and one happened to live on Waltman Road…how disgusting! This punk lived just steps away from where he shot the other man. What’s sickening is that the shooter was out walking around this weekend! I’m very upset that some residents knew who the shooter was and didn’t say anything…until now that someone has been charged. This punk has been walking free around us all as if nothing ever happened. I hope that they throw everyone involved under the jail and that they NEVER see the light of day again. Please tell the victim that the residents of Waltman Road wish him well, we are praying for him, and we are glad that he was able to hold on until help came. Take care and remain strong.

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  21. Armywife10 says

    @ Resident of Waltman Road
    Still, being there and responding the way you and your neighbors did, is so greatly appreciated :-) . Alot of people wouldnt have done the same. I do thank god everyday, we have prayed since this has happened, and the victim (our friend) continues to make improvements one small step at a time. It’s very disgusting to know how close he lives. I live right around the corner from waltman road, and its a scary thought that i might have been in the convenience store or the grocery store with him there and not know it. very erie. I agree with you, i hope they never see the light of day again. When i see him again, i will send your prayers and thoughts along to him. Everyone is so happy he held on til help arrived. Again, thank you and your neighbors for doing the right thing. Thank you very much, you take care as well. If i have any other updated information i can release, i will :-)

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  22. Moreorless says

    I live in the area the shooting occured, and while its unfortunate what happened to the victim, I want to know why he was there, why did it seem ok to come over at the request of someone who doesnt live in our neighborhood, and what was the intention of the visit? Of course I dont have the whole story, but I am sick of people coming in, or through our neighborhood with ill intentions. I am also sick of the aquaintances of the accused. The why, still needs to be answered.

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  23. Armywife10 says


    Ok for one… dont even sit there and try and pin this on the victim. My husband and i have known him for years. SHE called him to pick her up. period end of story. He did not go there to cause trouble, or do anything illegal. He went there because she asked for a ride. All these ill intentions fall on her, and the shooter. how dare you talk about someone who continues to fight for right to live EVERDAY. EVERYDAY is a struggle for him. UNLESS YOU KNOW THE WHOLE STORY WITH TRUE FACTS INSTEAD OF SPECULATION maybe its best to not stick your two sense in. This is how rumors get started. unless you know the facts, the true facts, then you shouldnt speak as to imply this was his fault. i am deeply affended in your comment and so his all his family and friends. Maybe you should be a little bit more considerate to the fact that HE IS THE VICTIM. its not like he is drug dealer, or a hard core criminal. He was being a friend, and look where it got him. in a hospital… fighting for his life.

    Well you know what, unless communities are going to have a security check point to enter the place you live, its still going to happen. people are still going to pass through, or hang out where they shouldnt. its just the life we live in.

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  24. Armywife10 says


    Dont get me wrong. i am not angry with you… and i apologize if it came across like that. I am angry at these individuals that did this to him. I see the victim, and it’s heart wrenching to see him laying in the hospital knowing there is nothing i can do on my end. Knowing this happened near where we all live. That we were walking around amongst them. Its erie, is discomforting. I am just angry… and i just want justice to be served.

    So i do apologize for my comment if i came across harsh, its just upsetting and it hits home when its someone you know and care about and has been a part of yourlife… like a brother.

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  25. Moreorless says

    @armywife10 It wasnt my intent to offend you or the victim. However as a resident I would like to know the whole story. I would like tobe aware of the kind of things going on in my neighborhood. People drive into our neighborhood all the time to pick people up just walking trhough, buy drugs, whatever, and I am sick of it. When you hear of someone getting shot in edgewood, the reality, is that its often drug or gang related. I actually was hoping this was the case, its even more unfortunate when its an innocent person, as its appears that this was. But another sad fact is that, because I dont know the victim, my concern is about the facts of what happend in order to be better equipped to protect my family and help keep my neighborhood safe.

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  26. Armywife10 says


    I hear where you are coming from, i would want to know what is going on where i live as well. From what the updated information has been released is that the victim was contacted by the malakai to pick her up. He arrived and that is when she got in the car and the other two approached the vehicle with the gun. Basically how i see, she set him up. From how its seen, it was a botched car jacking. The victim wasnt there to buy drugs or do anything illegal, but just help a friend with a ride. He goes to church, works hard and when he’s not working, he’s either home or with his friends at their houses. He doesnt drink or smoke. So in reality, this was not drug or gang related. In regards to other information, i am sorry but if the police have not released it to the public… friends and family are urged not to release anything else as the fact it might jepordize the case.

    Trust me, i hear you… I live near where this happened and its a scary thought. I have two kids and i would do everything in the world to protect them…. and i mean by any means necessary.

    If you want more information on how to keep your community and your family safe, contact the local police department and ask for more info… and report any and all suspicious activity. Either that or talk to your other neighbors about starting a neighboorhood watch. Each of these things can help prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.

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    • Mike Welsh says


      Neighborhood watch? How would a neighborhood watch have prevented what occurred? Are you suggesting a watch…Florida style!!

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  27. says

    According to Bane crime rates are as low as rates in 1975. Gang violence is down. Maybe he is as wrong on these statistics as he is on all of the other statistics he uses. Maybe money for building new buildings and pet projects should be used to add additional Patrol and Correctional Deputies.

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  28. Armywife10 says

    @ Mike Welsh-

    oh haha, i bet you think your somekind of comedian. that comment wasn’t funny one bit. i was just suggesting things that can be done… not saying it would have prevented what happened. Crime happens everywhere… this is just the way the world is.
    I am not going to humor you with a response of attacking you. But maybe you should just think before you speak.

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  29. IDIOTS. says

    How did it feel to assume everything you hear is true before one is convicted? Pieces of shit.

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  30. says

    The following post, “Edgewood Man Found Lying in Road, Shot
    in Face; Suspect Sought” http://ultrastudios.org reveals that you truly fully understand just what u r talking about!
    I personally definitely approve. Thanks ,Jenna

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