Chairman McGrady Announces Vacancy on Harford County Republican Central Committee

From the Harford County Republican Party:

Chairman McGrady Announces Vacancy on Harford GOP Committee

Harford County Republican Central Committee Chairman Patrick McGrady hereby announces a vacancy and is currently accepting resumes from any Republican Party members in Harford County interested in serving on the Committee.

A qualified applicant will be a registered voter in Harford County, a registered member of the Republican Party and will be ready to hit the ground running. Some of the responsibilities include contributing to voter registration efforts, fundraising, attending meetings of the Party, communicating with elected officials, and other tasks as required by the Bylaws of the State Party and the County Party.

The Committee is now accepting resumes from those who would like to interview for the seat. Please submit your resume to Chairman Patrick McGrady at

The deadline to submit your resume is Wednesday, June 13th. Interviews will be conducted at the regular Committee meeting on June 20th. We welcome you to submit your resume & look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s the mission of the Republican Party from the Bylaws:

Per the Bylaws of the Republican Central Committe of Harford County, Maryland:
Article II – Purpose and Mission Statement
The Harford County Republican Central Committee is the closest-to-the-people Republican Party organization in Maryland. Elected by the people in each Gubernatorial election, the Central Committee’s role is to the governing body and the official spokesperson for the Republican Party in Harford County: to cooperate with the Republican State central Committee for the State of Maryland and the Republican National Committee; to establish, operate and provide effective political organization for Harford County to work in concert with the official Republican clubs and organizations in the County; to secure the election of all duly nominated Republican candidates; to assist and coordinate Republican activities in Harford Couny; to engage in fund raising to support the activities enumerated above; to promote the principles, objectives, and platform of the Republican Party here in Harford County. Additionally, the Committee will establish and maintain a close dialogue with all Republican elected officials. Additionally, the Committee shall work in harmony with all other committees, organizations and clubs formed for the purpose of promoting the Republican Party in Harford County. It will be the duty and responsibility of the Committee to hold all elected officials accountable in case(s) when elected official(s) failed to act or acted in such a way which is deemed to be detrimental to the Republican Party and or the citizens of Harford County.

For questions, please contact Patrick McGrady at 410.357.1234 or email at The website for the Harford County Republican Party is


  1. runner says

    I would totally apply, but not with McGrady at the head of it

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  2. Pat H. says

    Runner – I second that.

    Why would anyone want to be part of the same group as McGrady. He is bad for the party and bad for Harford County. You just have to look at the family slum business.

    Good luck GOP.

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  3. Common Cent$ says

    Looks like “Mini Shady” is taking some heat! What in the world did he do to make you folks (Pat & Runner) “dis” him so severely?

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  4. says

    1. My family’s business is reputable in the community, and we practice what we preach, in accepting no Section 8 Housing vouchers in any of our housing units.

    2. The Republican Central Committee vacancy is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to win a majority in the State of Maryland, and push back against Governor O’Malley’s rule in Maryland.

    I encourage everyone to apply early and be prepared for a thorough interview.

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  5. Pat H. says

    Reputable? Did you mean slum?

    The Central Committee would be a great opportunity if stop pushing your Ron Paul nonsense and starting fulfilling your actual role. I think a leadership change is in order.

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      • Runner says

        Your comment telling someone to get a life is a perfect example of why you should not be the head. I sense total sour grapes after your defeat in Aberdeen. Be a bigger man and dont give in to the silly name calling.

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      • Cdev says

        As a member of the GOP in Harford County I find it unacceptable that our leadership is on here telling other republicans to get a life!

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        • mom says

          That is mild compared to the filth that has been spewed out. Do you also find it unacceptable that people are treating this site like a cheap porn novel? Like I said. Dust off your principles and check your politics at the door. Otherwise the stench of your hypocrisy will be evident from miles away.

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    • mom says

      What do you mean by Ron Paul nonsense? What bothers you the most? Is it the sound money and free markets? Perhaps its the limited government or adherence to the Constitution. Maybe you don’t value a strong national DEFENSE over imperialistic ambitions. Seems to me that somebody needs to retake Conservative 101. I think Mr. McGrady and Dr. Paul are exactly who the Republicans in Harford County and all over the country need to imitate. Perhaps you should dust off your principles and check your politics at the door.

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      • Fact Check says

        Ahhh, the argument that these folks are smarter than the rest of the Republicans that overwhealmingly rejected Ron Paul at the ballot box. But don’t worry, even though he was rejected by Republican voters soundly due to them disagreeing with his policies, we can still cause hijinks by capturing Super Delegates (very Liberty minded of a view) and try to capture the nomination at the convention. The will of the voter’s be damned, we know what it really means to be Conservative and will make it happen.

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      • David A. Porter says

        I’m a moderate, and I like Ron Paul.

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  6. MIKE PERRONE JR. says

    It will be interesting to see to what extent whatever level of anti-McGrady sentiment is out there translates into resumes. Or if the same liberty-minded sentiment that put 7 people on the Committee in 2010 will yield even more. I’d put my money on the latter…

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    • Fact Check says


      So your saying is that if the same number of people (I think it was greater than 23) that ran for the office, apply for the vacancy then there is no Anti-McGrady sentiment, but if there is a lower number of applicants (especially since applying is way cheaper than running) then there is an Anti-McGrady sentiment. I think that is a fair analysis set.

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      • MIKE PERRONE JR. says

        No… I’m talking about degrees of sentiment; not dealing in terms of “there is” versus “there isn’t”. I also wouldn’t correlate a lower number of applicants with a stronger anti-McGrady sentiment… I would think the more Republicans who oppose him, the more would apply to try to move the Committee in a different direction.

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        • Fact Check says

          But as you pointed out with the number of the people that won, the liberty minded members control the Central Commitee and therefore the selection of a new person. If you are not on board with Chairman McGrady then you wouldn’t get picked, so why would you apply in the first place?

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          • MIKE PERRONE JR. says

            For the same reason that Republicans bother to run in Maryland’s gerrymandered-to-be-competition-proof Democratic Congressional Districts, or for the same reason that I contact my members of Congress from time to time. There’s no way my opinion is ever going to influence their voting habits (I live in the competition-proof 2nd District), but at least I’ve gone on record with my opinions.

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  7. Wayne Norman says

    There were thirty seven (37) people who ran in the last primary election for the Central Committee. That speaks volumes as to the interest of Harford County in the GOP. It will be interesting to see how many of the 25 who were not elected, put in for the appointment. At least one of them, Larry Stancill won’t be. RIP Larry.

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  8. GOP Neighbor in Cecil says

    Seems to me there is an important element missing from this announcement – whose seat has been vacated and under what circumstance (death, resignation or removal). Inquiring minds want to know…

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  9. mom says

    The quality of discourse is below the standard I would expect to find in a boy’s middle school locker room. I am appalled that folks would drag a legitimate debate into the slime with these disgusting personal attacks. If you cannot argue an issue using facts and persuasion then you resort to the lowest kind of dialogue. I can only imagine the kind of leadership you would provide given this little glimpse into your character.

    Please stop now!

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