Maryland Watch: Adults Are Overrated

Harford County Executive David Craig fits a specific niche in the 2014 Republican Primary for Governor. He has been billed as “the adult in the room,” trying to show successful governance of a medium sized county while utilizing common sense solutions that don’t stray too much to the right to be considered a “wing nut” but not a tax and spend liberal by any stretch of the imagination (and those that imagine it haven’t spent enough time in Annapolis or a Democratically controlled County to appreciate it).

Prostitute-hiring Frederick County Commissioner Blaine Young is going after the hard right, although describing himself as a “good ol’ boy”, he might have some difficulty getting the more libertarian minded Republicans’ votes. Larry Hogan, a former Ehrlich Administration would be the most likely face of establishment Republicans, while also cementing his status as the anti-O’Malley (even though O’Malley will not be on the ballot in 2014). And that leaves David Craig with a little bit of room to capitalize on.

But the maturity angle, and being the adult, didn’t seem to be on display when he was interviewed by the Daily Record a few weeks ago about his plans for running for Governor. Instead he decided to lash out at his Republican delegation to Annapolis saying “I probably will not send any state legislation over [this session]. My state delegation is totally inept. They are totally fearful of doing things… As soon as one member of my House of Delegates takes a stand on something, the other says, ‘Well I’m not going to do it, because he’s opposed to it, or he’s in favor of it,’ or whatever.”

Lashing out at the delegation doesn’t quite seem like the adult in the room anymore to me. And it shows he’s not able to do the heavy lifting required to do legislating in Annapolis as Governor where the personalities are much bigger than Rick Impallaria and Pat McDonough (ok, they’re probably the same size ego but the Democrats down there actually have power). The Ehrlich years should have taught everybody that the challenge in Annapolis is dealing with the legislature, and voters were extremely turned off by the constant fighting and bickering between the two parties (sound like any other races?).

Under normal situations, you would expect the County Executive to have the backing of his local Republican elected officials when he makes the leap forward to try to be Governor, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I guess one of them must have stood up behind Larry Hogan and now the others are too fearful to do anything else. Hogan was popular in Annapolis to the Republicans, it was his job to give jobs to politically connected people, as outlined by the legislative hearings that the Democrats called him in front of.

I know it must be really depressing to be a Republican looking at the General Election races in Maryland and seeing the sweeping victories for the Democrats. That’s why the idea of having a General Election nominee where the race will center on a candidate that admittedly hired prostitutes or a candidate that was at the center of a $100,000 settlement for wrongful termination would leave many in the Republican Party longing for an “adult in the room”.

But I guess we will still be longing while Craig goes on another junket to Las Vegas.


  1. Chris says

    Perhaps Mr. Craig’s State Delegates need someone who leads by example; I have not seen much fight from the CE against Annapolis either. When given the chance to join the rural counties in their stance against Plan Maryland, Executive Craig chooses instead to just send an aide to listen and report back. We need a candidate that will stand for fiscally conservative principles. He’s worked so hard to be seen a moderate, he’s become as palatable as a cup of lukewarm coffee.

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    • Extrema says

      Heaven forbid we have a ‘moderate’ anywhere in political office. If it makes you feel better Craig is just a crony politican in a moderate’s clothing.

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  2. native says

    The two-party system in this country is broken. Both parties are led by people who are so stuck on being in charge, they fail to get anything meaningful or fruitful done. I don’t agree with either platform, and neither one is being fiscally responsible. Voting nowadays is like choosing between death by firing squad or death by hanging.

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  3. Phil from Joppa now in Bel Air says

    It may be a sad commentary on reality but unless the Democrats in Maryland put up another KKT type candidate for governor they will win. Nancy Jacobs just proved again how delusional it is to think otherwise. Peter Franchot, Tony Brown, or Doug Gansler will be the next governor. Mr. Craig could go back to Havre de Grace politics, or maybe try to unseat one of the stae delegates or just retire to his beach home in Delaware. Maybe he and Barry Glassman will just “switch” jobs, unless MaryAnn Lisanti or Dion Guthrie have something to add to the upcoming races.

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    • Kevin Michel says

      I have been a democrat since I started voting, but of the list you gave, the only one of those I could ever vote for is Doug Gansler. Common sense, moderate and a successful prosecutor. Based on the current list of republicans, David Craig rises to the top pretty quickly. However, it is early yet, so maybe a moderate republican with real skills will come from left field to challenge. If not, I really think whoever the democratic candidate is will be the next Governor.

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  4. Mike Jones says

    I can’t believe he actually thinks he has a chance, he won’t even win harford county. Bye Bye Craig !!!!!

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  5. retrainbrain says

    This is a subtle re-run of a combination of a few prior Martin Watcher stories. Yawn… The link here goes to Craig, but appears in the way it is written goes to Young. What happened to the real Martin Watcher? Geesh…

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    • Martin Watcher says

      Every time I mention young I will mention the prostitutes because every time the Democrats mention young they will mention the prostitutes.

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      • retrainbrain says

        The story is poorly written. It states: “I probably will not send any state legislation over [this session]. My state delegation is totally inept.” after discussing Young, then hyperlinks a quote by Craig. Maybe you just weren’t following a logical order in writing. That is what is misleading.

        Remember that occurred 17 years ago, when he was very youthful and took the bullet for others. It is good to see that you care not about his record, but seem to find only one occurance that causes you grief or envy.

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  6. concerned says

    Ironic that today this topic comes up talking about Craig, when all he has really done is run his mouth and waste tax payer dollars. But I did find a very interesting article today in the Baltimore Sun titled “Terminated Harford County Employee Sues County, Claims She Was Fired For Opposing County Exec’s Candidacy”. This article puts a much different light on Craig and Co. I would consider it a good read.

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    • Martin Watcher says

      I just want a candidate with no baggage. Apparently that is too much to ask for. Remember when the rumor was Romney would pick Petraeus as a VP. We at least dodged that bullet.

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      • retrainbrain says

        Every human has baggage, if you dig enough. Maybe you should focus on record, since you have a one trick pony in your beef with Blaine Young.

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    • BBC says

      This is nothing compared to the number of employees Lionel Bane has shown to the door either by termination or forced resignation due to supporting someone else for Sheriff.

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    • concerned2 says

      I couldn’t find the article you reference. Can you post a link or cut and paste the article for us to read?

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    • concerned says

      see my new post which shows the link and the story itself copied from the article with the original reporters from the Aegis…..

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  7. Kevin Michel says

    If David Craig is going to sell himself as the adult in the room, let him take on Wal-mart in Bel Air. He doesn’t necessarily have to win, but he needs to get in there and fight with ALL the political tools at his disposal to get them to renovate in Abingdon rather than locate to Plumtree. This would show a profound sensitivity to issues of unrestrained growth int the Bel Air area, a recognition of the public concern over the negative impact of the project, and the diplomatic skills to deal with a fractious democratic legislature in Annapolis. If he thinks his delegation is a problem, imagine how frustrated he would be after ne legislative sesion as governor. Come on Mr. Craig, lets see if you can have a positive impact on this issue, then this democrat will actually get behind you and help push.

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  8. Mike S says

    The only public official known to have associated with Potter’s business, then-Alderman Blaine Young, acknowledged in June 2001 that he had hired some of the women to dance at parties.(from the linked article)
    That’s all it says about Young’s “prostitute hiring”. While I don’t condone prostitution, it is a victimless crime, merely a business transaction between two consenting adults. Are we supposed to believe that is worse than someone firing county employees who support another candidate for county exec,or someone who gave jobs to politically connected people?

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  9. Concerned female voter says

    Prostitution hurts society. We are all its victims. The women involved are often coerced or forced by a third party to participate. They are often drug addicts, and they may spread diseases to unaware spouses or partners of the client. Families may break down, which affects the married people, their children, employers, neighbors, etc. Maybe there are worse crimes, but prostitution is not without its victims.

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    • retrainbrain says

      It was no different than going to the local club, watching male dancers. Seriously, there were no victims. The women were making money off of supply and demand. This is typical for bachelor parties or bachlorette parties and no different than women who strip to pay for college, which is perfectly legal in many states.

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    • retrainbrain says

      Seriously, there were no victims. The women were making money off of supply and demand. This is typical for bachelor parties or bachlorette parties and no different than women who strip to pay for college, which is perfectly legal in many states. There was a local bar doing the same thing with male dancers, at this time.

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  10. Loud Mouth says

    It was Craig that forcibly got the John Archer school completely removed from any list for future renovation and placed his thumb on the children that go there in order to score political favor. I hope Karma places it’s thumb up David’s Asspirations.

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