UPDATE: Suspect Stabbed by Resident in Jarrettsville Armed Robbery

UPDATE: From the Harford County Sheriff’s Office:

On November 19, 2012 Harford County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the 1700 block of Paddock Court in Jarrettsville for a reported robbery and stabbing through 911.

When deputies arrived they located a male in the basement who was being held down by two males who reside in the residence. The detained male was bleeding from the stomach area from a stab wound that he sustained during a struggle that occurred between him and the two occupants. The injured male was initially treated by personnel from Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Co. and later transferred by MSP aviation to Shock Trauma for non-life-threatening injuries.

Preliminary investigation revealed that three males were visiting at the residence one of which pulled out a handgun and attempted to rob the occupants. A fight broke out between all parties involved and one of the suspects was stabbed in the stomach and detained by the two occupants until sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene. The other two potential suspects fled from the residence prior to deputies’ arrival.

This investigation is still ongoing pending the identification of all parties involved and review by the States’ Attorney’ Office.


  1. TR says

    Bet he’ll think twice before invading a home here in Jarrettsville again.

    Although he is lucky. He must have found one of the few homes without a shotgun. His entree into my home would not have been as cordial.

    • Read the article says

      He was visiting. It was not a home invasion.
      More than likely it was a drug party/deal gone wrong.
      Read the whole article before posting or try reading some other news source as well before posting inflammatory pro/anti gun drivel.

      • says

        To be clear: the Sheriff’s Office originally called the incident a “home invasion.” A subsequent release dropped that reference, now saying the men were “visiting the home.”

  2. Barbra walter's fake moustache says

    Hes damn lucky that he made out with only a stab wound instead of a shotgun blast right to the face.

    Any other part of cow-town he might have ended up in the woods instead of the headline of an online newspaper.

      • Barbra walter's fake moustache says

        What would you have done? Laid there in defeat? “Here you go kind burglar, help yourself to the fine amenities that my domicile has to offer. I also have extra money in a safe upstairs that I keep unlocked!”

        I’m not sure about you, but I enjoy all of my possessions, including those of no value and those that can not be seen. If someone was in my house that was not invited no belongs there, they will be dealt with accordingly.

        I may/may not blast the guy in the face with a firearm but he surely would have his skull cracked in by a blunt object at the least.

        • Read the article says

          I am fully in favor of you or me having the means and legal recourse to defend our homes and familes, but you do not further the cause by presenting the current outcome as being the unfavorable one. The robber was the only person hurt and was apprehended. What purpose does it serve to say he was lucky or I’d have shot him instead of stabbing him?

  3. Ron Jeremy's big tool says

    Don’t mess with a tractor man, five five five miles an hour, on my international harvester

    • Read the article says

      That is my biggest worry after the fact should I need to defend my family.
      Castle doctrine needs to be reinforced.

      • Steve Jacobs says

        Your biggest worry is defending your family and enacting castle doctrine? Wow, your life must really suck.

        Stop watching Fox news and living your life in fear dude, life is short and you’re gonna be dead for a long time.

        Now get out there and have some fun!

        Happy Thanksgiving!

        • Read the article says

          It simply amazes me at the number of people who cannot read and understand a simple sentence.
          I did not say it was my biggest and only worry.
          I said after the fact of a home defense situation it would become the biggest worry due to the impending legal consequences of an action enacted with just cause.

          Faux News Sucks and so do your comprehension skills.

  4. c'mon man says

    The only thing worse than reading about a stabbing in Jarrettsville is watching adults argue on the internet.