Edgewood Woman Claims $2 Million Powerball Prize

From the Maryland Lottery:

(Baltimore) – Almerta Williams knows she needs reading glasses. But the 55-year old Edgewood woman isn’t getting them any time soon. That’s because her poor vision led to her title as Maryland’s newest millionaire.

When purchasing Powerball tickets yesterday for the record-setting $587.5 million jackpot, Almerta had trouble seeing the playslip. “I thought I played the numbers that matched the birthdays of my family, but accidentally filled in a wrong number,” she said.

Almerta and her family recounted the story to Lottery officials. “I incorrectly counted the zeroes and told my mom she had won $200,000,” said her daughter Brandie. “My brother said to check again and that’s when we realized it was actually $2 million!” They proceeded to call family members, including Williams’ other daughter who showed up at the house in her pajamas.

The visibly nervous Williams said she couldn’t wait to come in and claim her winnings. “I had trouble sleeping because I kept thinking I didn’t want to lose the ticket,” she said. “I slept with my purse!”

Williams, who plans to continue working as a custodian, has big plans for her Powerball winnings. “I’m going to buy a new house and an 80-inch TV,” she said. “I’ll also set aside money for my kids and grandkids, but I’m getting that TV!”

The lucky winner added the Power Play option for an extra dollar, which is how her second-tier prize doubled from $1 million to $2 million. The winning ticket was purchased at Herb’s Deli and Spirits in Edgewood.

Since its inception in 1973, the Maryland Lottery has awarded more than $19.8 billion in prizes to players and $12.8 billion in revenue to the State of Maryland. One of Maryland’s largest revenue sources, the Lottery supports important state programs and services including education, public safety and health, human resources and the environment. For more information, go to mdlottery.com.

from left to right: Sharonda Harden (niece), Shawnice Perry (daughter), Almerta Williams (winner) and Brandi Thomison (daughter)


  1. MIKE PERRONE JR. says

    I’m sure new friends and long lost relatives are coming out of the woodwork as we read this…

    • Steve Jacobs says

      So if they go to Vegas and don’t win any money, the lord didn’t bless them….right? But if they win money, then they are blessed.


      • gmoney says

        Iz play de lotterey ever weeks and swears iffin I win I be sharin de loot wit my church and the pasture.

        Iz just kant understood why de lord do knot bless me two….

      • Truth has spoken says

        People in Harford county are just plain racist and ignorant. I’m so glad I don’t live there. It’s like you people grew up in Selma. Unbelievable!

        • NeverCease2BeAmazed says

          PLEASE do not assume that all people of Harford County share these opinions. That would be the same as these posters believing as they do- unfair.

        • Not the Momma says

          You playing the race card? Last time I checked the entire population of Harford county didn’t comment on this topic on this specific article.

  2. says

    You probably should have hired a tax attorney and an investment banker before showing up at lottery HQ, but you can still do it, just don’t wait any longer! Congrats!

  3. Harford Resident says

    I would never stand in front of the media to collect. If they forced me to do so, I’d stand with my back to the camera, and probably take the $ via a trust. Big mistake on this woman’s part.

    • starrface says

      I agree with Old Skool. Now that cash is in hand, move the hell out of Edgewood before you get killed. What a scuzzy crime ridden part of Harford County. MOVE NOW!!!

      • NeverCease2BeAmazed says

        Scuzzy and crime-ridden? Wow….

        I have said it on here many times: the actions of a few select areas should NOT condemn the entire zip code!

      • Dont Look Down On ME says

        I’ve lived in Edgewood over 40 yrs. I have a nice house and have NEVER been a victim of crime. I dont live in Section 8 housing and the police rarely patrol my neighborhhod. Neighbors know everyone and we all get along. There are nice part of Edgewood and bad parts. Just like everywhere else.

  4. BrianC says

    I hope she doesn’t quit her day job. 2 million cash option: $1.2 miilion, 50% tax to US and MOM, $600,000 . New moderate house: 300K, now’ she’s got 300K left to blow. Hope she is smart with it.

  5. TRUTH says

    Now we know the answer to the question, “Does racism still exist?” It does in Harfordtucky. This is shameful. I pray that those of you who make these racist comments are not raising children.