Del. McDonough: In Maryland, it is the “Radical Blue” Way or the Highway

From Del. Pat McDonough:

Most people would characterize Maryland as a Democrat-controlled state. They would be wrong. There is much more to the real political complexion of Maryland politics. The Democrats who reside in Dundalk, Middle River, and many counties have no connection to the type of Democrats who reside in Montgomery County. The Montgomery Democrats are philosophically “radical liberals.” They support big government, big spending, increased taxes, benefits for illegal aliens, gay marriage, and every other agenda on the left wing shopping list. Unfortunately, they control the balance of power in Maryland.

Maryland is now the “bluest” state in the nation, along with California. The Montgomery and Prince Georges County delegations to the Maryland General Assembly are running the show in Annapolis. The rapidly growing voter registration numbers in those two Washington, D.C. suburban counties create a tsunami of radical Democrat votes on Election Day. That huge wave washes away votes from the rest of the state.

The tyranny of the “super majority” rules the Maryland General Assembly. Although the GOP minority punches way above their weight with aggressive floor strategies, intelligent speeches and common sense amendments, all of their efforts are in vain. The “super majority” never seriously considered compromise or cooperation. It is the “radical blue” way or the highway.

The dynamic of the voting power in Maryland probably ensures there may never be another statewide Democrat office holder from Baltimore after O’Malley, Cardin, and Mikulski have moved on. The Baltimore area voters have become captive step-children to the massive voting power of the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Baltimore’s “radical blue” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake presides over an urban landscape beset by murder, muggings, economic stagnation and a dim future. She suffers no real opposition, except possibly from another “radical blue” political challenger. The diversity of electoral politics or public policy is non-existent in Charm City.

All doubt about this growing power was removed when the 7 questions on the ballot achieved a solid victory created by a deluge of votes from the D.C. suburbs. The problem is compounded by the fact that the two major press organs dominating Maryland, the Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post, both reflect the “radical blue” philosophy in their editorial and reporting practices. They are enablers, not objective journalists.

The consequences of this “radical blue” monopoly ensures that the people of Maryland will continuously be subjected to government debt, increased regulations and taxes, assault against business, uncontrolled spending, and a march toward the cliff. Maryland’s Triple A bond rating is already on the “watch list” and our state is considered at the top of the most business unfriendly places in the nation.

How do we overcome this growing disaster? It will not be easy since many of our most productive citizens are voting with their feet.

Good-bye millionaires, hundred thousandaires, small business owners, retirees, and other productive citizens who are becoming reluctant refugees from their beloved state. They still love Maryland, but the “radical blue” politicians find them to be only useful as ATM machines. Unless Washington, D.C., Montgomery, and Prince Georges Counties are thrown together to become the 51st state, there are few solutions available.

In the wonderful movie, “The Wind and the Lion,” the character, “Raisuli, the Magnificent,” played by Sean Connery, in despair uttered these words, “All is lost, things are spinning out of control, and nothing is as it should be.” Marylanders understand your pain, Mr. Raisuli.


  1. Daniel L. Skillman says

    Well stated. However, the long fall began even before the “Super Majority” of Montgomery/Prince George’s Counties. This state has unfortunately long been controlled by five counties and the city of Baltimore. People have for many years made such jokes as “The only thing wrong with Maryland is its proximity to Washington” and “We should have done the same thing as Virginia and taken our land back”. It has been like a creeping disease that has turned what was once “The Land of Pleasant Living” into “The Land of Forced Giving” and what was once “The Free State” into “The Fee State”. As you pointed out, it has left many people, including many native sons and daughters, with no other choice but to abandon their beloved Maryland as these mindless left-wingers turn it into something totally unrecognizable.

  2. Right is Right says

    Too many demtards in Maryland. I hope all you life long demtards who always pull the levers for the demturds get what you deserve. No job no money and no future. We can afford to move away from the pile of dung called Marymanland.

  3. says

    I worked in D.C. for 15 years, and I really got fed up with the people from Montgomery & PG counties. They are not true Marylanders. They don’t know much about the state as a whole, and care even less. When questioned, they say they are residents of the” greater D.C area”.
    I grew up in Western Maryland, and before we could graduate from elementary school, we had to be able to name all 23 counties and Baltimore City, and know the county seat in each. Also, we had to memorize any one of the four verses of Maryland My Maryland. D.C. types think this crazy. I couldn’t stand living with them, so I lived in Annapolis.


    Dyed Hair McDonough…….Why don’t you just pack up your case of cheap hair dye and out of fashion clothes and move your “radical right wing ass” to some other less intelligent state with lower taxes and more fat people per capita. I mean….you’d fit in very well. Seriously, get the hell out (before you become one of the “reluctant refugees” that you worry so much about in MY beloved “Radical Blue” Maryland).

    • Original Observer says

      Attitudes like yours are precisely what is wrong with Maryland politics right now. You’re personifying Del. McDonough’s “My way or the highway” mentality. It’s the MORE intelligent states that have lower taxes. And your fat@$$ comment about “more fat people per capita” brings NOTHING to the discussion. Typical leftist: When you can’t bring an intelligent argument, fall back on an ad hominem attack. We REJECT your mentality! We WILL be FREE MARYLANDERS!!

      • RADICAL RIGHT MIKE! says

        O.O., your opinion means nothing to me. Your side lost across the Nation (not just in Maryland!). Maryland IS the “Free State”, and always has been. Free to live where you want (mountains, bay, coastal region, etc.), free to work where you want (diversity of occupations with good pay), highest income per capita in the United States, best public education system of all 50 states, free to marry who you choose, free to drive on some of the best roads in the country, etc. Basically FREE! As I said earlier, if you don’t like it, you are FREE to get the hell out. But PLEASE, stop your damn whining! :(

        • Common Sense says

          @Radical Right Mike

          America lost when President Obama
          won re-election.

          The progressive social Democrats are
          hellbent on moving the U.S. to a European
          socialist model.

          • Because says

            You can try to find another country that shares your extreme asocial beliefs, but I doubt, even if they existed, they would take you.

          • Common Sense says

            Because nobody takes you seriously.

            Why Because you are like most
            progressive social Democrats
            doomed to economic and financial

            Because your version of an economy
            robs the wealth of others to support
            those who won’t support themselves.

            Because you want to perpetuate
            a permanent under-class who will
            forever be subjugated by their

            Because you want an equality of
            outcome so everyone has the same
            standard-of-living no matter how
            low the standard has to be to achieve
            your sense of fairness.

            Because we have no animus or
            hatred for you.

            Because we despise your
            bankrupt ideology.

          • Common Sense says

            Because this something you won’t understand.

            IT DOESN’T PAY TO WORK

            It is now more lucrative – in the form of actual disposable income – to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work. This is graphically, and very painfully confirmed, in the below chart from Gary Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (a state best known for its broke capital Harrisburg). As quantified, and explained by Alexander, “the single mom is better off earning gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045.“


          • Because says

            Common Sense. Did you ever care for someone besides what your own tired selfish rhetoric suggests?

            I’m glad I put you through all that effort so I can just come back questioning your compassion and selflessness.

  5. The Chief says

    It’s evident from the reply of both sides that a more readical approach to mending the ailing state of the state needs to happen. Politicians from local, state and federal levels tend to prolong their stay and become complacent with their arguments. Dems mindlessly voting the way Mike, Mike and Martin want them to and the GOP complaining about it while keeping their ratings high amongst the frustrated audience that will listen. I’m sure if there were a limit to the amount of time you could spend in the position, it might actually create an urgency to accomplish something. Here’s a novel idea, stop talking about the problems and show action towards your solution. What ever it may be, take ownership of it and make it happen. I’d rather get a 10 page manefesto of your ideas and plan of action in the mail then a glossy slick with sound bites and posed pictures asking for your vote. Delegate McDonough is a prime example of this. While I’m sure he’s done some things for his constituency, he’s best known for highlighting the faulty positions of the Dems and the weakness of the GOP as a result. Don’t bring us a problem, bring us a solution.

  6. Ned says

    “There are few solutions available,” indeed. Typically, in a democracy, a majority of people will have a majority of votes.
    If Del. McDonough really has a problem with the idea that a majority of delegates (backed up by a majority of the voting population) can pass legislation that he doesn’t agree with, he should probably leave the business of politics.

    • B says

      A majority of people can still make the wrong decision, as is clearly the case with the spending problem our government has.

  7. says

    You are all aware that Maryland’s tax rates are pretty middle of the road when it comes to comparing us nationally, correct? I think it was 16th in the nation, per capita, last year. Also, republicans of the county, I understand not spending a lot, and this is a lot of what Barack Obama has proposed, but you’re generally too blind to see most of it. You know the rich were taxed more during your patron saint Gipper’s term? Also, your party is *still* pretty backwards when it comes to trying to fight for the rights of women [equal pay, listening to their own choices, etc], and the LGBT community. But you’ll defend it with your “traditional” beliefs. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the disenfranchised remain as such.

    • Arturro Nasney says

      Gee, finding out that we are not as bad off as people in 15 other states is great. It’s kind of like being told you have the clap and not syphilis! The per capita tax you quote is only income tax. The other “fees” and taxes, however put us in third or fourth place, depending on who’s numbers you use.