Harford County Public Schools Superintendent Budget Hearing Dec. 6 in Aberdeen

From Harford County Public School:

Superintendent of Schools Robert M. Tomback will hold a budget hearing on Thursday, December 6, at 5:30 p.m. in the assembly room of the Center for Educational Opportunity (253 Paradise Road, Aberdeen).

The hearing will include a brief presentation on the process and timeline used to develop the school system budget. The Superintendent’s FY14 Operating Budget has not yet been developed. The public is invited to attend to provide input and share what they feel is important for consideration as the Superintendent begins to prepare his proposed operating budget for the 2013-14 school year.

Those who are not able to attend are encouraged to submit suggestions and comments to Budget@hcps.org.


  1. smart spending says

    It’s time the public understood the unbelievable waste in this school system… This year in a year in a year that we are “BROKE” the school system has done the following, put new more expensive LCD projectors in classrooms, replacing some that were working just fine, put whiteboards (glorified overhead projectors) in almost every single classroom, purchased student response devices (text messsaging for kids)… These are items simply dealing with technology not even getting into the positions that do not at all contribute to the learning of students such as, teacher mentors, model department chairs, a top heavy central office. It is time that someone started managing the tax payers money and rewarding those who impact our children and not allow money to be WASTED on crap. We are talking about millions of dollars in equipment and salary that is at best unnecessary. Harford County citizens and children deserve better.