UPDATED: Edgewood Man Rescued After Winters Run Crash, Four-Hour Entrapment

An Edgewood man was trapped in his vehicle on the banks of Winters Run for as long as four hours following a Wednesday morning crash, police said.

Michael Courtney, 21, of the 500 block of Goldeneye Court in Edgewood was flown to the University of Maryland R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center with “very serious” injuries, according to Harford County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Eddie Hopkins.

The crash occured sometime around 7 a.m. when, while traveling westbound on Winters Run Road approximately a quarter-mile from Singer Road, Hopkins said Courtney’s 2008 Mazda left the roadway for unknown reasons. The vehicle smashed through a guardrail, and plunged 60 feet down an embankment, coming to rest on the banks of Winters Run.

Courtney remained in the vehicle for several hours below the road, which often sees steady morning traffic. Eventually, Hopkins said a passenger in a passing vehicle noticed the damaged guardrail and spied Courtney’s car below.

Responders arriving on the scene executed a “technical rope rescue,” according to the county’s emergency operations website. Courtney was found in the vehicle passenger seat; while Hopkins said it was not clear why he was located in that seat, Courtney was believed to have been the vehicle’s lone occupant.

Courtney was treated by paramedics on scene and flown to Shock Trauma by Maryland State Police Medevac.

Winters Run Road was closed while Courtney’s vehicle was removed and county workers replaced the guardrail.


  1. Original Observer says

    Interesting, Kim: The link incorrectly uses a period, while the article gets it right. Like the S in Harry S Truman, it’s just an R in front of R Adams Cowley; it’s not an initial. And to concerned citizen, I offer this: To those of us readers with an editing bent, who are well familiar with the lack of proofreading in Harford County media (although I do notice, Aaron, that you corrected the title; thank you), it’s that important — as it is to anyone who works there. And BTW, cc, I was listening to this call all that morning on the scanner as the rescue effort was in progress. Think not that I’m unconcerned; in fact, it would be good, Aaron, if there actually were some follow-up on this story (as I see the site is still blasting this as BREAKING NEWS and UPDATED when this article is neither as of this point in time).