Police Seek Suspect in Armed Robbery of BB&T Bank in Fallston

From Maryland State Police:

On February 4, 2013 at approximately 9:29 a.m. Troopers from the Maryland State Police Bel Air Barracks responded to the BB&T Bank located at 1911 Belair Road, Fallston, Harford County, Maryland 21047 for an armed robbery.

The suspect was described a white male, approximately 5’10” medium build wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, black knit cap, black jacket, blue jeans and, rubber coated knit work gloves. The suspect displayed a note to the teller requesting money from the teller drawers. The teller handed the suspect undisclosed amount of U.S. currency from the teller’s drawers and coin vault. The suspect fled the scene on foot toward Milton Avenue and left the scene in a silver four door passenger vehicle.

Anyone with information on the incident or suspect should contact:

TFC R. Hagan #5497
Maryland State Police
Bel Air Barracks
Criminal Investigative Section
Phone Number 410-879-2101 ext. 316
Email – robert.hagan@maryland.gov


  1. K says

    I don’t know how any of these poor banks in Fallston are able to get insurance anymore. The number of robberies is astounding! At least nobody has been hurt so far.

  2. Amazed. says

    I don’t doubt that long ago the banks ran the numbers and determined that your safety, the safety of their employees, and the occasional loss of a few thousand dollars through theft didn’t justify the cost of armed security guards to serve as a deterrent to crime. They might argue it’s for your safety that no gun play will erupt, but if one bank has someone who might shoot you and another does not, which would you try to rob? Rest assured, the bottom line made the choice.

  3. Jay Bee says

    News Flash to all Bank Employees. How about as soon as a person with a covered face, mask, etc walks into the bank you push the alarm button. If this policy was in place most if not all of these masked bandits would have been caught. You could even put a big sign at the entrance that a masked person are not allowed in the bank and subject to arrest for trespass just in case there someone out there with a legitimate reason to be wearing a mask, health reasons, direct them to use the the drive in.

  4. Luther Lingus says

    Hey BB&T – how about installing some bullet proof glass at the counter before you get some poor bank teller killed!!! Also – where did you buy those cameras….. at Doller Tree!

    I have better cameras around my house.

    What bank in America does not have a full glass shield between the teller and the customer. All the robber needs to do is jump the counter and they have access to the whole bank.