Del. Szeliga: Sen. Miller’s 70% Gas Tax Increase Outrageous


Today, Maryland Senate President Mike Miller is proposing to raise the gas tax by 70% to $.40 cents per gallon. “Maryland families simply cannot afford this huge gas tax increase. It’s unreasonable and perilous to raise gas taxes this much, especially during tough economic times,” said Delegate Kathy Szeliga (Baltimore & Harford Counties) in reaction to President Miller’s gas tax idea.

Under the proposed bill, Maryland’s state gas tax will increase from $23.5 cents to $.40 cents per gallon and will be the 5th highest in the nation. Miller’s proposal also includes language to create two new mass transit bureaucracies that will have wide authority to raise property taxes, condemn private property and borrow money.

Yesterday, Senator Miller called House Republicans who oppose his gas tax proposal, “Neanderthals,” and “obstructionists.” In response to his comments, Delegate Szeliga tweeted, “Yabba-dabba-do, Mr. Miller,” further commenting that she hopes to obstruct and stop this massive 70% increase in the gas tax and government expansion. In response to Senator Miller’s jabs at Republicans, Delegate Herb McMillan added, “Even a caveman can see that it’s stupid to raise gas taxes when there’s no guarantee they’ll be used for roads.”

The House Republicans rolled out their transportation plan that protects transportation funding, aligns spending to favor highways and roads, and restores all the funds that have been taken from the Transportation Trust Fund. The Republican plan evoked the “Neanderthal” comments from Senate President Mike Miller who favors his own solutions for Maryland’s transportation problems found in SB 830 being heard today in the Senate Budget and Tax Committee.


  1. native says

    Miller and O’Malley are out of their minds. Kudos to Delegate Szeliga and all of those who stand up against this crap. When are people going to learn that bureaucracy and tax hikes are all that this administration knows? GIGO

  2. Dilligaf says

    Miller and O’Malley don’t care about large gas tax increases. They are rich, fat cat politicians who have made a fortune off of being whores in Annapolis and selling themselves and their votes to whatever special interest is offering to pay!

  3. Lin says

    I think it is a GREAT idea. If you want to drive, then get a gas efficient vehicle, carpool, etc. – or else pay. Personally, I think increasing cigarette taxes 1000% and also taxing other societal problems such as obesity and firearms are the way to go

    • better than you makes more money says

      That won’t be an issue for me, but I propose a tax/fee per post on internet news media sites.

    • Amazed. says

      I suppose it’s OK to propose taxing things YOU find annoying into oblivion – until it’s something YOU enjoy in the cross-hairs then I suspect the opinion might change. I already drive a fuel efficient vehicle and live within 8 miles of work but oddly enough I’m not excited about paying more for gas because the Maryland Assembly is headed up by incompetent, insulting, out of touch bureaucrats. I despise gas hogs but that’s not what this is about.

      • Lin says

        I enjoy alcohol, but I think it should be taxed heavily and am willing to pay. I like the convenience of driving and a large home, but I think they should be carbon taxed heavily and am willing to pay. I hate smoking and firearms. Obesity – disgusting.

    • clown bigt says

      Umm, how would a gas tax not effect you? Do you not work? Is the government taking care of all your needs?

      How about we tax fuel efficient car owners because they aren’t paying enough than less efficient vehicle owner? Sounds good.

  4. Amazed. says

    What saddens me is that I cannot envision what it would take for Miller’s and O’Malley’s base to abandon them… what does it take? It seems they could both waltz into the average Maryland Democrat’s home tonight, shoot the dog, eat the cat and beat the kids and the loyal Democrats would say “Thank you kind sirs, we’ll be out there supporting you come next election… come back and screw us anytime!” They must sit around laughing about it. And before I get the “just leave Maryland” comments, its already in my plans… I won’t be retiring in the state I was born and raised in because of what people like this have been allowed, no, encouraged to turned it into.

        • Pavel314 says

          Sorry, red state. They seem to have the colors reversed; usually one associates red with communist regimes like Maryland or Michigan or the Soviet Union but for some reason the commie states are considered blue while the free states are red.

  5. HYDESMANN says

    The citizens got what they wanted by electing Miller,Busch and O’Malley. Higher taxes (remember when they raised the sales tax 20% and the beer tax a few years ago), more gov. intrusion in our lives (bicycle helmet laws, soda size laws,ice cream and cake laws,just kidding) and more stupid laws that only a professional nitwit can dream up. Of course we have millions to give to Illegals so money should ‘t be a problem. And there is the death penalty. Our Gov. would have us sentence the Newtown murderer to a hard life of unlimited basketball, free gym privileges, free health care,cable tv and free internet. Thus life goes on in the Peoples Republic of Maryland,

  6. HACo Native says

    I think we should tax “Lin” for speaking because you are a complete idiot!!!

    Any person with a brain in their head knows this tax is absolutely appalling!

    • RTFU says

      Either that or for those who live near Northern VA, they have actually cut the gas tax to our south. Should help out the local businesses down there, right?

      The taxes in this state are getting out of had. The tolls are absolutely ridicilous ($5 for a bridge? WTF?)

    • Wait a minuet! says

      PA is only 10 “minuets” (a slow graceful dance in 3?4 time characterized by forward balancing, bowing, and toe pointing) away from me, too, although I hadn’t really thought of timing it that way before.

      😉 I know, it was just a typo, but it made me chuckle!

  7. HYDESMANN says

    Instead of building windmills way out in the ocean I propose we use the hot air coming out of Annapolis to energize Maryland. Then we can tax the General ASSembly for excessive pollution.

  8. Uninformed says

    I really enjoy the comments on The Dagger when they are full of beneficial conversations and reasonable thoughts; comments that help provide information in addition to the article and help people make informed decisions.

    That is to say – I have never enjoyed comments on the articles.

    But please, continue to call other people names, and provide strawman arguments to back your positions. But maybe every once in a while take a step back and think about actually entering thoughtful commentary instead of the standard vitriol.

    • trollman says

      Post on topic discussion of the parent article? Where have you been the past 15 years?

      Welcome to the internet.

    • Alex R says

      I’m sorry, Uninformed, but some of the people of this state are so fed up with all of the nonsense coming from Annapolis that vitriol is all they have left. If you don’t enjoy the comments then you have an alternative. I don’t enjoy being called a Neanderthal by the legislative leadership just because I happen to disagree with their proposed raising of the gas tax. Here is my reasoned comment. An increase in the gas tax hurts who the most? Let me tell you who. The very people that the Lib/Dems say that they are trying to help, the economically disadvantaged. I call the Lib/Dems arrogant hypocrites and liars and I have good reason to do so.

  9. Keesha Jackson says

    My Dear Alex,

    In the past I have seen you quote quite appropriately from Animal Farm by George Orwell. May I offer another quote which reminds me so much of the leadership of our legislative and executive leadership in Annapolis. “Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  10. Jaguar Judy says

    Perhaps the 9th commandment of the animals could also apply to the Liberals and Democrats including all of their followers. Is it true that Mr. O’Malley’s middle name is Napoleon?

  11. Lin says

    Do Tax the heck out of: Gas or anything with a carbon footprint proportional to its use (Mcmansion, SUV, etc) , tobacco, firearms, obesity, alcohol.

    Reduce taxes on: Income! 20% flat tax for ALL (even on unemployment benefits!)

    Critical need for Term Limits for Congress and Supreme Court

    • Localguy says

      You do realize that if you really want to reduce ‘greenhouse’ gases, stop breathing – your moisture laden breath does more damage to the atmosphere than my F-150. I’d suggest you work on taxing breathing, but I suspect the mafia in Annapolis is already working on that one.

      • Because says

        Imagine the positive impact that fewer mouth breathers like you driving F150s would have on the environment. The absence of ignorance and arrogance and Carbon Dioxide could turn this place into a paradise.

        • Common Sense says

          Because plants can’t grow without carbon dioxide.

          Because carbon dioxide is not poisonous.

          Because psuedo-science is anthroprogenic global warming.

  12. Bel Air Fed says

    A senate president with the senate office building named after him. A governor with a god complex – how good for us all when he is king. Frying is to good for them. (personal opinion of course)

    • W.T.F.? says

      By helping to protect the environment, they are helping to prevent us (and the earth) from “frying”… hypocrite!